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Most Popular Websites to Buy Discounted Gift Cards Online

buy discounted gift cards online

What’s better than a gift? A gift card and what better than a gift card is to get the gift card at discounted prices… Yes, they are certainly are something that makes them quite popular in the digital era. Not only you can redeem them online, you can use them in stores too to buy all that you want at great deals. All the top retailers offer the gift cards which you can get on several websites which bridges the gap between them and you and offers you to buy discounted gift cards online.

Where to buy discounted gift cards online?

Here are some websites that offer you to buy gift cards that too at discounted rates:




This gift card website is among the most popular discount gift card sites which offer the users with gift cards for more than 1000 retailers. The registration with Raise is compulsory to find the exciting gift cards. After registration, you can browse all their offers and can easily compare the discounts offered. The best feature Raise is devised with is to show the actual price of every listing along with the price you can avail along with discount you can get (along with gift cards, it surely has solved the problem of people having trouble with calculations, this is one of the best gifts they can offer, isn’t it?).

Buy gift cards online from Raise which is available in both the forms, which are physical gift card along with e-gift cards. The former can be sent to your listed address and the latter is where they send you the certificate code of the gift card via email. Most of the e-gift cards can be redeemed online but, you can print some of them and can actually use the same in store.



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If you too are a big fanatic of online shopping, you are probably aware of all the benefits of eBates. It is one of the most popular cash back shopping sites. Using these sites which are reward focused in their nature is a great way to shop, as well as to earn cash back on even the purchase of the gift cards.

T is one of the best platforms to avail the cashback from several thousands of retailers along with leveraging the discounted gift cards. Unlike most of the sites, it will not ask you to pay a fee or to redeem your points; eBates got a certain amount of commission from retailers for every customer and they share the part of it with the customers as the cashback (how generous).



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It is actually the pooling of gift cards from several top retailers including Wal-Mart and Macy’s. The users can find a great collection of gift cards offering them huge discounts. Buy discounted gift cards online from Cardpool wherein you can purchase e-gift cards, the ones which can be redeemed online along with Physical gift cards. The latter is shipped to your listed address and it took almost 3-7 working days to be delivered. The good news is they don’t charge any additional shipping fees (ways to go, girl, to save money on it too, you are a pro).

Not only that the site also offers its users the benefits of “refer to a friend”. Under this, all you have to do is to enter your friend’s email id along with your own listed id for Cardpool and a message referring them about the site and send and TADAAA…you can get $5 (not bad).

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny

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The granny’s love is unconditional and probably the most extensive as she definitely won’t let you settle for anything less than the best. Likewise Gift Card Granny won’t let the users settle for anything less, it offers the gift cards with the best-discounted deals. With several million visitors per years, Gift Card Granny is serving its users with the best since 2009 (pretty much the age of the granny in digital space).

Not only that it provides the users with absolute ease and is available as the extension top browser along with a mobile app (saving you from all the hassle of typing the email address for browsing). You can simply buy discounted gift cards online from here which makes it one of the best places to buy gift cards owing to the flexibility it offers as per the convenience of the users.

Moreover, if you are a tentative user, it offers you with all kinds of rewards and reward points which can be redeemed on the website (the regular user is the favourite of Gift card Granny and you know the benefits of being the Granny’s favourite). Not only that (we told you it won’t let you settle for less) it alerts you of all the great deals on your favourite brand so you won’t ever miss grabbing all you want at great deals.



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We know the name probably confuses you with a social networking site, yes we are talking about the same but most of you are not aware Reddit has a SubReddit too which is known by the name of Gift card Exchange which is one of the great platforms to exchange gift cards. It is one of the best platforms wherein the user can sell their unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash. You can buy discounted gift cards online from other users which surely serve no purpose for them but is totally worthwhile for you.

Saving the users from frauds, Reddit empowers you to check out the repo of the trader (the person selling the gift card) so that you can assure yourself and determine whether the other person can be relied upon to buy a gift card from. Also, the platform offers you with a comprehensive guide that ensures the whole process is easy and authentic for users.

So next time before proceeding for online shopping, give a check to buy discounted gift cards online with these sites and who knows which gift card you stumble upon to buy all you want at the rates you want to pay.

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