10 Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women
Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women

Plastic surgeries are increasing becoming coming among men and women worldwide. People opt for such procedures because of various reasons, including want to improve their cosmetic appearance, correct a congenital defect, reconstruction of parts after an injury or burn. There are many cosmetic and plastic surgeries that are widely opted by women. With the advancement of surgical technology and better success rates, plastic surgeries have become even more popular.

However, many cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurances and might be very expensive for some people, especially in the Western countries including the USA, UK, Germany and many more. Plastic surgery is a cost-effective for these patients as the top hospitals in the country offer affordable medical packages to the international patients. This enables them to save a significant amount of money without compromising on the quality of treatment. 

Here is a list of 10 of the Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women:

1. Liposuction

In this surgical procedure, the fat from specific areas of the body is suctioned out to help achieve a slimmer and toned body. There are mainly two types of liposuction that are frequently used:

Tumescent liposuction: This is the most popular type of liposuction. In this, a solution of saline mixed with a drug that constricts blood vessels and a numbing agent is infused into the target area. The fat along with liquid is then suctioned out of the body using a cannula, a small hollow metal instrument. 

Ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL): In this technique, the ultrasonic energy is used to melt the fat which is then suctioned out of the body. There are more risks with UAL than tumescent liposuction, such as the risk of internal and external burns and longer surgery time.

2. Breast Augmentation

This is a surgical procedure for enlargement of women’s breasts. It is a very popular procedure among women. Breast augmentation can be done for various reasons including enhancement of aesthetic appearance, restore the breast after surgery (mastectomy), or to make symmetrical breasts equal in size. This surgery is also an option for women who did not have proper breasts development during puberty, a condition called congenital micromastia. The surgery can be done with fat transfer or breast implants. There are several kinds of breast implants, but mainly categorized as silicone implants or saline implants. Most women need a recovery period of one or two weeks to return to normal activities. 

3. Rhytidectomy

A facelift or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that helps get rid of the wrinkles and sagging skin on the face that occur due to aging. In a facelift, the skin of the face is tightened to give it a more youthful appearance. The surgeon gently pulls skin tighter, smoothens the deep lines, and minimizes the sagging, wrinkles or folds. A facelift is often combined with other face procedure, such as eyelid shaping, forehead lift, or skin peels to enhance the complete appearance of the patient. 

4. Abdominoplasty

It is commonly referred to as a tummy tuck surgery. In an abdominoplasty, excess skin from the abdominal area is removes and the remaining skin is tightened. This surgery is often opted by women who have excess skin after pregnancy or after losing significant weight through a bariatric surgery. It gives the stomach a flat and toned look. The ideal candidate for this procedure may not have excess fat deposits in the abdomen but there is too much skin hanging from the abdomen. 

5. Blepharoplasty

Also known as eyelid surgery, it involves removal of excess skin and tissue to make the area around the eyes appear youthful. Chronic puffiness or wrinkling in the lower eyelids is typically reduced during this procedure which gives them more youthful appearance. Under eye bags or fat pads under the eyes can also be removed in the lower eyelid surgery.

6. Breast Reduction

This type of plastic surgery is sometimes covered by the insurance, as the benefits go far beyond the cosmetic appearance. Women with very heavy or overly large breasts often face problems such as experience chronic back pain, poor posture and difficulty in finding clothing that fits. The surgery may aim to reduce both the size and weight of the breasts which helps relieve back pain and improve posture. It can be a permanent solution for disproportionate breasts. Most patients are able to return to work within two weeks after the surgery.

7. Rhinoplasty

This is commonly known as nose job or nose reshaping surgery. It aims to form or sculpt the nasal structures to make it look more proportionate with the rest of the face. It may involve reducing the overall size of the nose, narrow down the nostrils, remove the hump or bump on the nose, refine the nose to give it a more pleasing appearance.

Rhinoplasty might also be done for medical reasons to improve breathing in the case of a deviated septum. After the surgery, there will be bruising for some time, but it will fade over the next week.

8. Breast Lift

This surgery aims to restore the youthful and firm appearance of the breast by removing the sagging or excess skin from the poorly shaped breasts. A breast lift involves the repositioning of the breast to provide a perkier appearance. 

9. Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is a procedure that results in fuller-looking lips. This might also be achieved using non-invasive methods such as injectable dermal fillers to increase lip volume, shape, or structure. 

10. Forehead Lift

As a facelift, a forehead lift surgery aims to improve the facial appearance. In this, the skin of the forehead is pulled tighter and wrinkles are removed to smooth creases. This procedure helps correct drooping eyebrows, furrows in the forehead, and frown lines. 

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