15 Actionable Ways You Can Combat Aging Today

Combat Aging
Actionable ways you can combat aging today

Aging is something you can never stop. But, when it starts showing on our face and on our skin, that’s when it creates a problem for us. No one can stop you from growing older, you will. But, you can hide the signs of aging with the help of some of the combating techniques in the present world. Skin aging can be reduced and combated as well.

It is a biological process that is a bit complex. It includes a combination of endogenous and exogenous factors in the aging of the skin, in normal language some internal factors and external factors are responsible for skin aging today. Our lifestyle, habits, diet, and many other factors contribute to aging. But, don’t worry, the effects of aging can be slowed down.

Have you noticed the fact that health, beauty, and nature are considered as the prime factors representing the overall well-being? This is the reason behind the fact that now there are thousands of new strategies evolving every day to combat aging in some way or the other. Skin health is also considered an important factor in deciding the personality of a particular individual. In this pandemic, skin health is as important as carrying Hand Sanitizer to yourself.

No one wants aged skin, wrinkles, grey hair, cognitive health, and such things in his/her life. Everyone desires to always look like a young healthy gentleman. Our skin becomes thinner and drier as we grow older, but there are now some techniques through which you can easily reduce their effect. In this article, we will be discussing some of the actionable ways to combat aging today. Let’s first know some key points on the effects of aging.

Effects of Aging

Aging is inevitable, you have to face it once in your life. There are many effects which aging carries along with itself. Here are some of the effects of aging you can face day-to-day.

1. Fine lines and wrinkles

These are the first signs of aging you have to face. This is because of elastin and collagen fiber present naturally inside our body. Fine lines and wrinkles are often the most concerning signs of aging in both males and females. Your skin becomes loose and elastic which subsequently results in wrinkles.

2. Skin Dullness

This is also the most prominent sign of aging. The natural glow on your skin disappears as you grow older. This results in dull, lifeless, elastic skin. The natural moisture present inside our epidermis slowly disappears, which also makes your skin dry, and further even duller. If the skin is young, it renews itself frequently, but as we grow older, it becomes difficult for the skin to renew itself.

Tip: Wear a Face Mask to save your skin from external suspended particles.

3. Uneven skin tone

Certain patches start appearing on some areas of your skin because of pigmentation. This is because some parts of our skin start releasin g more melanin which is responsible for the skin color. This uneven skin color all around the face, makes you look even older.

4. Dry skin

As mentioned previously, as we grow older, the epidermis starts losing its stores moisture. This makes the skin look dry and duller. The natural glow of the skin is only due to this natural moisture, and when the moisture retention power of skin decreases, it makes skin older and stale.

5. Age spots and paper-thin skin

Well, yes this is also due to the effects of aging. Your skin starts releasing its stored fat and visibility of tony body vessels becomes common. If you are overexposed to UV rays, this can give you a blotchy look which contributes to an aged appearance.

6. Visible Pores

When you grow older, pores become enlarged and the skin starts losing its elasticity.

7. Rough Skin Texture

When you grow older, the texture of your skin starts changing. Skin that was once soft and touchy will now be rough and porous. The dead layer will accumulate all around which will even give you aged skin.

Prime Reasons Before Aging

Here are some of the prime reasons before the aging of our skin.

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Irregular and lack of sleep
  • Overexposure to UV rays of the sun
  • Cold weather
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Unfit body
  • Over usage of skin products

These were some of the prime reasons before skin aging.

Actionable Ways to Combat Aging

There are several actionable ways that you can imply to slow down the aging process. The sun plays an important role in deciding the health of your skin. If you are over-exposed to the sun’s UV rays, then your skin is most likely to undergo aging fast and early. Apart from the sun, there are various internal as well as external factors that decide the health of your skin majorly. Here are some of the ways which you can follow to combat aging.

1. Prevention from sun’s UV rays

As previously mentioned, the sun plays an important role in deciding the health of your skin. If you are over-exposed to the sun’s UV rays, your skin will continuously lose all its natural moisture, glow, and texture. Exposure to UV rays makes skin porous, dull, and pigmented. Sun protection is essential to maintain the natural glow on your skin. There are various shades and sunscreen, available is varied SPF which majorly blocks sun’s harmful UV rays.

Wear long full sleeves length clothes, a hat or cap, goggles, and other such accessories whenever you are heading outside on sunny days. Sunscreens that are water-resistant, SPF 30 or higher, and broad-spectrum should be considered as a priority while buying because they protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays in the most decent manner. Now, in today’s modern world, there are clothes also which have the capability to block the sun’s UV rays, they are marked under the UPF label.

2. Avoid excessive use of skincare products

Excessive use of skincare products, sometimes makes your skin vulnerable to aging. You never know which skincare product will suit you and which will not. Stop using skin care products that cause burning or give itching sense. The prominent use of such skincare products will make your skin look older than usual.

Just get to know what suits your face, if you are successfully able to hack this code, then you will automatically look younger. Choose something light, something decent, and not something damn heavy. Using heavy skincare products can give you major scars on your skin, which you will never forget. Hack the code of your skin, choose skincare products accordingly and that’s all that you have to do.

3. Say NO to Alcohol

You might not know the fact that alcohol is rough for our skin. It not only absorbs most of our skin moisture but also makes it porous. Consumption of alcohol makes the skin drier and damages it permanently. So, it is essentially advised to stop the consumption of alcohol for your skin health. This will make you look older and dull. Alcohol contains some compounds that initiate the aging of cells inside our body.

4. Apply self-tanner

Every time you are overexposed to the sun, you are in a vulnerable stage to damage your skin. Excessive exposure to the sun can tan your skin, which automatically will look older. This will boost your skin aging. You can nullify this effect after using proper skincare products, or a self-tanner. You better make your skin dark, rather than exposing it to the sun’s UV rays, because it is even more dangerous.

5. Stop Smoking

This factor also plays a major role in deciding the aging of your skin. Smoking is not only injurious to your lung’s health, but also for your skin’s health. It makes skin dull, dry, sallow, and porous. Smoking quickly randomizes the aging causing cells and boom, you look older than your age.

6. Reversing brain aging

When you grow older, your brain also starts becoming older. You start forgetting things, you will see a reduction in cognitive skills as you grow older. Due to aging, certain areas of the brain shrinks, which interfere with the connection of nerve cells. Their major areas are generally related to learning and memory. But, there are ways which you can implement to reduce the effect of aging on your brain. You can either consult any doctor or you can read any related article. The best thing which you can do to reverse brain aging is to take a proper diet including every nutrition, plus, solving puzzles daily.

7. Avoid repetitive facial expressions

Whenever you are making facial expressions, you are moving and contracting your underlying muscles. If you repeatedly perform this activity, there are chances that the skin muscle becomes loose and unable to regain its stretchability, imposing aging. These expression lines can also become permanent if you contract your inside muscles for consequent years. So, it is advised to stop making facial expressions more often.

8. Eat a healthy and a well-balanced diet

A healthy and well-balanced diet comprising every nutrient can slow down the process of aging going inside you. Few studies show that eating a nutritious diet can help in preventing the damage caused to our skin due to external factors. You should know which diet to take and when.

Studies show that a diet that contains sugar, carbs can accelerate aging. So, it is advised to lower the consumption of food that contains sugar and carbohydrates. Contact any healthy specialist or diet specialist, which will make a diet chart for you, which will contain all anti-aging food.

9. Exercise can change things upside down

Well, yes. If you are exercising daily and burning your calories, then you are improving the blood circulation which will automatically prevent aging. It is not that you have to do heavy weight exercise for anti-aging, moderate exercising can also help you. Exercising daily not only boosts your immune system but also gives skin a more youthful appearance.

No one wants a badly organized body, so work hard to organize things in your body. Exercising not only proves beneficial in anti-aging strategies but also helps in various other problems like sleeping, being non-active, and many more.

10. Hydrate your skin regularly

As you grow older, the skin starts becoming drier. Moisture is essential for your skin health. There are many moisturizers available in the market which contains certain vitamins that help in hydrating skin as well as help in preventing aging. You can buy any moisturizer you want, but always keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin becomes vulnerable to many skincare problems.

11. Drink water as much as you can

Drinking enough water is the all-round solution to all the problems you are facing inside your body. To drink water not only hydrates your skin but also removes dirt from inside your body. Drinking 3-4 liter of water can keep your skin young, healthy, and glowing.

12. Cleanse your skin gently

Frequent scrubbing your skin can irritate your skin harshly. If you are persistently using such skin care products that irritate your skin, then you are fastening your skin aging. Gentle wash from a smooth face wash or with bare water can help in removing excess oil and dirt from the inside of your skin. It will also not irritate your skin, plus will be more beneficial from harsh skincare products. It also depends upon your skin, if a certain skincare product is suiting your skin or not. So, precisely choose what fits best for you.

13. Wash your face twice a day

Whenever you sweat or come from outside, wash your face as soon as possible. This will remove all the dirt persisting on your skin smoothly. If you are wearing a helmet or anything which irritates your skin, wash your face with bare water and rinse it with a soft towel.

14. Proper sleep

Proper sleep also helps you in slowing down the process of aging. Right Sleeping patterns rejuvenate your skin health and give it a boost.

15. Worried about wrinkles?

Well, yes if you are worried about those wrinkles on your skin, you can follow these ways to prevent them. Prevent your skin from the sun, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking, use moisturizer daily, clean skin gently, avoid alcohol, and drink more water.

Here are some of the ways which you can imply in your daily routine to combat aging. There is a tendency to think that aging is an inexorable process, but it can also be hampered by genes. There is nothing you can do about that. Aging is a natural phenomenon. Follow these tips and tricks to slow down the process of aging.

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