19 Things You Mustn’t Ignore To Avoid Serious Home Damages

Avoid Serious Home Damages
Avoid Serious Home Damages

A lot of people don’t think about this, but your house is much more than just a structure. If you think about it, your house is what keeps your family safe as well as being a place where you will relax and create new traditions with your loved ones. That is why people often do everything in their power to protect their homes and keep them in pristine condition. But there are many homeowners that don’t know what to keep an eye on in order to avoid any home damages from happening. If you are one of those people, here are things that you should never ignore in order to keep your home a safe space. 


There are so many pests that will cause serious havoc on your home. They are usually found in small dark spaces like attics. There can be a variety of creatures that you can find nesting such as bats, wasps as well as rodents. In order to protect your home, make sure that all your crawlspaces and vents are covered with a wire fabric or hardware cloth. 

An Old Sewer System

There is nothing that can destroy your home other than having a flood. That usually happens when there is a problem with your pipes or the sewer system. If you want to avoid any damage to your floor and even your electrical system, the best thing is to ensure that your sewer system and all of your pipes are changed when they need to be. You should determine the age of your pipes and see what needs to be changed before any damages happen. 


Just like pests, having termites can cause some serious damage. That is because they can form a colony and destroy your home’s structural support as they are eating wood. The best way to ensure that your home is termite-free is to make sure that you have your annual pest infestation inspections. 

Cracks In The Foundation

One of the biggest things that you should never ignore are cracks in your walls. If you see gapping, pitting or busking in your foundations you want to call a professional immediately to take a look at them and repair it. The key is to react immediately instead of watching and it gets worse. If you wait, the cracks will expand and you will have to worry about more than just the cracks themselves. 

Air Leaks

If you didn’t know, air leaks happen because there are doors or windows that are sealed properly. If you can feel a breeze when everything is closed you are probably dealing with an air leak. Make sure that you fix any drafty windows or doors because you are wasting energy as any health or cold air will go outside. Another thing that can happen is your windows and doors breaking if they get slammed shut.

Yard Hazards

Another thing that people often ignore are yard hazards. If you live in a place where there are a lot of thunderstorms or even hurricanes or tornadoes, it is important that there are no hazards just lying around your yard. Make sure that all the trees are trimmed, and that your landscaping is made out of materials that are softer such as dirt and mulch rather than rocks or gravel. 

Mould and Mildew

As we all know, mould and mildew are horrible for your health and a lot of people are allergic to it. That is why having it in your home is unacceptable. But it can also be a great sign of something more serious. That is why you need to call a professional to come to treat the mould and inspect for any issues. 

Missing And Broken Shingles

A lot of people don’t realise that you need to inspect your roof regularly and see if there are any missing shingles or some that are broken. It is so important because if you don’t replace them you can have leaks as well as mould. If you don’t act on it fast you can be facing a lot of wall damage if it is the rainy season. 

Clogged Gutters 

One of the integral pieces of your home’s well being are your gutters. That is because they control the flow of any water and protect your whole house as well as the landscape. When they are neglected, they can turn into a nightmare and cause some serious damage. That is why you need to ensure that you get your annual gutter repairs. It will not only make your home a safer place it will also make the exterior look more appealing. 

Excessively Dirty Chimneys

No one’s chimney can be spotless, but if it is excessively dirty you can cause chimney fires. As no one wants to lose their home to a fire you will want to clean the chimney at least once a year to get rid of any buildup. 

Bad DIY Projects 

We all love doing DIY projects but when we take on a project that is beyond our abilities that is how disasters happen. Once you have done your DIY project, always ensure that it is done properly, don’t just ignore any signs because they can cause major damage to your house and you will have to pay more than you originally would have to pay in order to fix the issue you have created. 

Get Rid Of Any Dust

Even though a lot of people don’t think that dust can cause that much harm other than people being allergic to it, not dusting can be quite dangerous. Make sure that you don’t let any dust accumulate as it is acutely a fire hazard, especially when it is in outlets or devices. That is why you should never ignore dusting especially behind electrical devices. 

Unpacked Batteries

This is definitely something that people don’t think about, but leaving your batteries around the drawers or on a shelf can cause serious damage. That is because they can start a fire if they get too hot or if they are next to something.  

Range Hoods

Just like dusting and cleaning your chimneys, not cleaning your range hoods can cause fires. That is why you should regularly clean your range hoods and don’t let the gunk accumulate. 

Indoor Smoking

Even though this is not a surprise to many, smoking indoors can cause some serious damage to your home. It will not only cause a fire, but it can also harm your air conditioning as well as stain everything. If you can always try to smoke outside or stop smoking completely.

Always Remove Dryer Lint 

Dryer lint is a silent killer. That is because it is extremely flammable and it is easily forgotten about. When you let lint build up you are making your home an unsafe place to live in. Always make sure that you clean out the filter after each cycle to avoid any fires. 

Be careful Around Laptop Batteries

Just like regular batteries, not taking care of your laptop battery can cause serious damage to your home including harming the one who is using it. When you are using your laptop, always make sure that it isn’t overheating because that will cause the battery to light on fire and even explode. Always make sure that you aren’t leaving your laptop covered under blankets or having the vent covered.

Be Sure That You Are Using The Right Light Bulbs 

Because it used to be a serious hazard, nowadays there are low-powered light bulbs, but if you use too high of wattage you can still cause a fire in your home. That is why you should always make sure that you are choosing the correct wattage so your lamp doesn’t overheat and cause a fire. 

Reduce The Number Of Extension Cords That You Are Using

Something that not a lot of people will realise is that when you are drawing too much power through one circuit you can actually cause a house fire as well as mess up your installations. That is why you need to make sure that all your extension cords are evenly spread out throughout the house and that there are no appliances that are purged in and not being used. 

As you can probably figure out on your own, ignoring issues and hazards will only lead to worse things. If you want to prevent any major damage to your home, always ensure that there are no hazards and that you are repairing things when the problem appears and not waiting to see what will happen. 

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