6 User-Friendly Tools for Online Graphic Design

Tools for Online Graphic Design
Tools for Online Graphic Design

One of the most notable jobs for corporate communication of a company is undoubtedly graphic design. At first, the eyes of users are on the visual line of a company.

The more attractive and attractive it is, you are gaining ground in the attention of users, prospects, and future clients. Of course, they also depend on your products or services to definitely capture their interest.

You would have professional tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and many similar graphic design ones. However, its cost is unattainable for the pockets of many entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, some wish to delegate this function precisely to a graphic designer but also do not initially have the necessary resources to pay for their services.

Then comes the solution to all these problems through spectacular online tools whose final product is of high quality for the objectives set.

This post shares these six easy-to-use online tools, which are used to make graphic design in different areas such as logos, posters, infographics, designs for social networks, in short.

Top 6 graphic editors to use online


It is a tool that has improved a lot over time. It also has different characteristics from the others. With FotoJet, you can edit photos, create graphic designs and make photo collages with the Drag and Drop system. You can resize images, remove background from images, add photo filters, add text to photos, and process your photos for a perfect look.

And, of course, the common features of a powerful online graphic editor. FotoJet also has other artistic tools and very useful resources for your projects. You can choose between two plans that suit your needs to go further with your creativity. You can use it for free or upgrade to a Plus plan.


Canva is one of the most favorite tools, very easy to use. But not only that, Canva has countless formats that you can use for free. Obviously, the premium version is much better.

In Canva, you have at your fingertips for free, but if you want to get it with a monthly payment, just start by comparing the benefits of Canva:

Try it, and then you will be amazed by all its functionalities. Remember that Canva has its mobile version, something very prominent these days.


The ease of designing spectacular images with this online tool, DesignCap, enters the scene again. It has an intuitive design, with all the possible categories they are looking for to surprise your visitors.

Graphics of social media, marketing, and events, among other areas, are covered with this software.

Try its free version, but the premium version of DesignCap has many professional features and sees all these benefits.

  • Unlimited templates
  • Unlimited stock icons
  • Photos (unlimited)
  • Unlimited modules
  • High-resolution PNG and PDF exports
  • 1,000 image uploads
  • Save up to 1,000 designs

Try this tool and speed up your creative process. At the moment, this tool does not have its mobile version.


It is another fantastic tool. It resembles Canva, but with many designs, professional, creative, and striking for today’s rhythm.

Crello also has beautiful animations that will surprise your users or clients. Check out the benefits of the premium version:

  • More than 30,000 graphic and animated templates
  • Instant access to 140 million stock images
  • Thousands of fonts, plus you can upload your fonts, photos, and designs
  • 500,000 premium images
  • 32,000 videos and animations
  • You can create teams to collaborate on design

Give Crello a try, and see how great this tool is for easy design. Remember that you also have a mobile application.


When it talked about logo design, the first thought that comes to the users’ would be DesignEvo. It has a complete set of editors, and fancy resources like templates and icons, so you can quickly cone your works.

This tool is exclusive in designing logos. And, as it is a template-driven graphic software, so you can use its massive templates and design to do your logo projects.

See the benefits:

  • Low-resolution files (JPG, PNG)
  • High-resolution files (JPG, PNG)
  • Transparent png
  • Edit and redownload
  • Lifetime support
  • Ready to print
  • Vector files (PDF, SVG)
  • Download font files
  • Copyright ownership

Something super important is that it has its mobile application.


It is another fantastic editor for designing logos and a whole corporate line. Designing your logo has never been more comfortable with Logaster.

With Logaster, you can instantly create your corporate style, make your Brand, start with logo creation, and get other design elements in a few clicks. There are many companies worldwide that entrusted their corporate graphic line to Logaster.

The plans here are different. Each kit has its value, depending on the goal you have in mind, but its price is very affordable, and the benefits are innumerable.


What do you think of these six online graphic design tools that are very easy to use, practical for entrepreneurs, and very useful when it comes to getting ahead with your project without the need for expensive programs that can only bring you headaches.

Imagine only with PhotoShop, you have to pay between 20 and 30 dollars a month, you also have to search for images on other paid or free platforms, but only the act of searching, copying, or downloading. In some cases, you have to register, in short, a whole process and waste of time.

PhotoShop has superior functionalities to the online software mentioned above. Still, if you are not familiar with this tool, it could also be a real headache until you find tutorials or know what the different elements it has are for.

When you don’t know Photoshop or any other tool in this style, it really becomes very complicated. First, that’s why this post recommendation with these online graphic design tools. When you already use them, you will realize that they are straightforward to use and very practical when promoting your business online.

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