6 Trendy Korean Bangs To Rock This Summer

Trendy Korean Bangs

Korean culture and fashion are trending these days. It started with Ramen, and then k-pop, and now their short hair with bangs are becoming a huge influence on younger generations. Korean bangs hairstyles are on top of the trend attracting many women globally. Popular k-pop stars are sporting feminine bangs hairstyles on stage that suit many occasions and seasons.

Seriously, Korean bangs hairstyles are not just for the stage! They can go perfectly with summer. With all the heat in summer, it may not be easy to flaunt thick and long hair, but Korean bangs are mostly light paired up seamlessly with short and medium hair. Here are six trendy Korean bangs to rock your summer days.

Baby Korean Bangs

The Hairstyle That Is Trending in Korea Now – | Asian bangs, Long hair  styles, Hairstyles with bangs
Korean Baby Bangs Hairstyle

Baby bangs emerged only a few years back, but the innovation is a pure masterpiece. It is the best possible way to achieve an adorable look. While it looks adorable, it helps women to cover their foreheads. Baby bangs are an easy solution to conceal your forehead without committing fully to your bangs. This is a pretty simple hairstyle for summer – you can use baby hair to frame your face. 

Follow these steps to recreate Baby Korean Bangs

  1. Brush your hair back with a comb.
  2. Part your baby hair or bangs to the right and left at the center of your forehead (or wisp your baby hairs to achieve a cute airy look.
  3. Use a curler if you want to add a little bit of volume.

Cute Curtain Bangs 

Trendy Korean Bangs
Cute Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs are a great style to begin your hair bang journey! Curtain bangs are a charming Korean hairstyle that gives off a young vibe. With bangs that fall across the side of your face and a center parting. The face-framing curtain bangs aids in achieving a slim look!

Follow these steps to achieve Cute Curtain Bangs

  1. Gather a section of hair in the front that you want to use as bangs. 
  2. Create a center parting by dividing the section of hair into two equal parts.
  3. Grab a part of bangs from the corner of your eyes. Do the same for another part of the bang. 
  4. With a pair of scissors, cut the strands at the forehead much shorter than the sides. The bangs at the center should be the shortest, and then they should be cut arched, finally connecting with the longer side fringe. 
  5. Curl the longer face-framing layers to achieve cute wavy tendrils.

Curly Hair Bangs

Trendy Korean Bangs
Curly Hair Bangs

Curly hair may not be a thing for every Korean, but when they do it, they own it! Korean celebrities have exhibited how to achieve a feminine look with curly hair. The style is also a sassy switch from the same old straight hair bangs. It brings a new look full of dimension. This style is a perfect way to flaunt your hair on a hot summer day. Just having curly bangs brings a chilling vibe on hot summer days. 

Follow these steps to achieve curly hair bangs

  1. Determine the hair bangs that you want to curl.
  2. Hold a small section of hair from your bangs and curl it inwards. You can choose the size of the curls depending on your preferences (stretch the curls to create loose waves or scrunch them up to achieve tighter, long-lasting curls.
  3. Create loose waves to the face-framing layers on the sides – these wavy Layered Hair combine well with curly bangs.
  4. Rearrange your curls when you are done curling your bangs. 

Korean Choppy Bangs

10 Female Idols Who Look Insanely Good In Short, Choppy Bangs - Koreaboo
Korean Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are resurfacing as one of the most distinctive Korean hairstyles. This is the hairstyle to choose if you want to look younger by a few years! Korean choppy bangs come in a variety of styles to suit various looks. To give them a high-fashion, trendy vibe, cut them straight and thick. For a bold and funky style, opt for slanted choppy bangs. Cut it short for a playful style, or let it fall over your brows for a polished and classy look. The choppy cut is ideal for short hair with bangs, but these Korean ladies show that long hair can go well with choppy bangs too!

Follow these steps to recreate Korean Choppy Bangs

Step 1 – Decide where you want your fringe to begin and comb the hair forward to create a parting 

  1. Brush your bangs forward with a comb.
  2. With a pair of scissors, cut your bangs vertically. If you are not good with scissors, consult your stylist to cut choppy bangs.
  3. Make a slight variation in the lengths of your bangs. Otherwise, your choppy bangs might appear blunt.

Light Airy Bangs

Pin on Hair
Light Airy Bangs

You may mistake the Korean airy bangs with wispy or see-through bangs. Well, it is okay because they are pretty much similar. This style is the most common among Koreans. Light, airy bangs are meant to be the one for summer, without a doubt. The look says it all – yes, it is for summer. Honestly, it might be challenging to keep them in place, but it is okay to let them flow left and right in the breeze.

Follow these steps to recreate Light Airy Bangs

  1.  Gather all the hair that is in the center of your forehead. Don’t take too much hair – take a section that is right between your eyebrows.
  2. If you already have the desired length, apply hair serum and separate them into small sections with your fingers. 
  3. If you need to cut, use a point cutting technique (cut your bangs vertically) 
  4. Airy bangs look great on straight, wavy, or curly hair. So, if you want to improvise, do it.

Long Hair with Bangs

23 Korean Bangs Hairstyles That Are in Vogue
Long Hair with Bangs

Long hair with bangs is ideal for women with round faces. Longer locks create an illusion of a slim look while the bangs accentuate your beautiful facial features. If you have shorter bangs, it might not go well with your long hair. If you think your bangs are short, invest in a bangs hair extension to balance the length. 

Follow these steps to recreate Long Hair with Bangs 

  1. Gather your bangs in the front over your forehead.
  2. On one side, create a slight parting and sweep it towards the other side.
  3. Sweep your bangs, creating a slight angle to achieve a perfect side-swept look

Sweeping your bangs will spice up your style a bit, but you can style it straight, wispy, or blunt as you like.


These 6 Korean bangs are a must-try for your summer days. If you are confused about how to spend your summer, flaunt these gorgeous Korean hair bangs. You may not be a Korean fan, but there are things to learn from them when it comes to hairstyles. 

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