7 Best Tourist Spots In St Petersburg, Russia

Tourist Spots In St Petersburg

Inside this St Petersburg Travel Guide, it is possible to locate the must-visit locations in St Petersburg. However, if you’re not the very first time at the northern capital, have seen it or wish to understand the town from the other side, then you need to check this Guide into hidden jewels in St Petersburg. It’ll reveal to you non-touristy locations in St Petersburg and unofficial sights to find.

Tourist Spots In St Petersburg


Once discovering the town, do not miss the chance to see one of the very odd and non-touristy locations in St Petersburg — the Seven Bridges or even Semimostye, the way locals call it. It is famous one of the citizenships from the magnificent view that opens onto on Seven Bridges. It is believed that each of the fantasies created here will probably come true.

To create your wish come true, you want to picture and consider your desire and examine the bridges at precisely the same time. Locals guarantee, your passion for sure will come true. You will have an opportunity to test it!

The Seven Bridges Point is just at Pikalova Bridge, and remaining there, St. Nicholas Cathedral ought to be in your left hand.


Petrograd Side is among the very excellent districts in St Petersburg. To sense its distinctive atmosphere and watch its beauty, you want to walk around taking a look at the arches, windows, bay windows, road lighting, houses in the form of wells, comfy parks.

The fascinating sights to See at Petrograd Side:

The cabin of Peter the Fantastic, the initial construction of St Petersburg

Austrian square, in which I would advise you to see houses number 3, 16 and 20

St Petersburg Mosque, among largest mosques in Europe


Vaska, diminutive of Vasilievsky Island, is a prominent place and trendy tourist place. It includes many famous attractions such as the museum of the Kunstkamera, the Menshikov Palace, tons of significant historic buildings. But not all of the tourists understand that in the event you would like to feel the disposition of this island and visit Vasilievsky Island through sailors’ eyes, you ought to turn to some road.

I would advise that you explore all the historical region of the island. Here every single house is intriguing. Look to the lawns that remind anglers of their shape, see the Catholic Peninsula with gloomy Madonnas and angels, and visit a free concert at the St. Michael’s Lutheran Church that you may locate on Sredny Prospect 18.


Do not miss a chance to watch St Petersburg on the roofs. It is an unusual approach to look at the famous monuments and areas from a different standpoint. Now to walk on the ceilings obtained legal, it is simple to book a spot in many city’s rooftop excursions.

The only search in Google”rooftop tour in St Petersburg”, and you’ll see heaps of these. Or it is also possible to discover a number of those rooftop excursions in Airbnb. The typical cost goes about 10-20$ per individual. Visit Southwest Airlines Reservations and find amazing deals on vacation packages & get cheap flight fares to Russia.


It is among the earliest and most well-known roads in St Peterburg, one of the taxpayers, rather than all thieves giving due attention. Here you may discover lots of mysterious and beautiful apartment houses in addition to exciting courtyards. By way of instance, at house number 64 lived in Russia Grigory Rasputin. Walking in the lawns of houses 31-37, you’ll end up one of the historical figures and people of XIX century painted onto the walls.


Would You like to teleport out of St Petersburg into China? It is likely to do should you go to the Chinese Garden of Friendship. This location is a miniature replica of the Shanghai Garden of Joy, a present for Saint Petersburg’s 300th anniversary by Shanghai city. Locals love this place and rather frequently come here to break from the bustle of town.

Here you may observe the Wall of the Dragons, like a tea service at the pagoda of friendship and admire beautiful plants and stone brought directly from China.


Five corners is a name of intersection which joins Zagorodny Avenue with Razyezzhaya road, Lomonosov road and Rubinstein road. This is flying a distinctive atmosphere that will cause you to become lost in time and watch Saint Petersburg from the other side. It is lovely to bring a cup of java to a few of the regional cafes and enjoy a stunning perspective on Five Corners.

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