Battery Saver Apps for Android

5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phones

One of the essential qualities that we look for in a smartphone is the long-lasting battery. Everyone wants to have a smartphone that enables them to remain active for an extended period of time and assist in day-to-day tasks. Long battery life has always been a serious concern of mobile phone users. Keeping this need in mind, mobile phone manufacturers continuously make efforts and introduce smartphones with longer battery life.

To save battery consumption, some mobile phones come with built-in battery savers that help reduce unnecessary battery consumption by different applications. For those mobiles that do not have such a feature, there are many battery-saving applications out there on the Google Play store to improve Android phones’ efficiency. But before checking out on those beneficial apps, first, have a look at some simple tips to improve battery saving in your Android phone.

Battery Saver Apps for Android

Battery saving Tips:

  • Do not keep apps stuffed in your phone if you do not use them. Uninstall them immediately to free up some space and prevent excessive battery consumption on apps running in the background.
  • Whenever possible, keep the brightness of your phone on a lower level. Although it is challenging to keep it a minimum sometimes, especially when you are in sunlight, it is better to do this when you do not need too much screen brightness. It will have a dual effect. Firstly it will lower your battery consumption by consuming less energy with dimmed brightness. Moreover, it is suitable for your eyesight.
  • If you want to expand your battery life, then you must avoid playing excessive games. Most of the gaming applications need more power to run and thus result in more energy consumption. Play them when you are free and near a charging source.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data whenever possible because cellular data consumes more energy as compared to Wi-Fi connection. Save your cellular data and battery power at the same time by switching towards a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Turn on battery-saving mode on your Android phone if it is available. This feature is specially designed to alert the user regarding applications that drain out the battery the most. Moreover, they force stop apps running in the background to save the battery if it has dropped to an alarming level and also alert you to charge your phone. Usually, it stops background apps, lowers screen brightness, and sometimes reduces CPU clock speed when battery saving is required.

We have prepared a list of the five best battery-saving apps for Android phones. Let’s check it out.


The app regarded as the best for the purpose of saving battery consumption in Android mobile phones is Greenify. It is a popular battery-saving app. It is available free on the Google Play store. The app achieves its desired objective by identifying apps that are resulting in repeatedly waking up your phone. After determining it manages them not to do that often. It is equally beneficial for root and non-root devices.

If you want better functionality, then opt for root. Doze and Aggressive Doze modes power some modern features of the app. These modes are only functional when they are opened. Although the app offers all features without any cost, there is an option to donate $2.99 to develop at your disposable. This power-saving app helps writers of nursing assignment help to make the best use of Android.

GSam Battery Monitor:

Another popular battery saver app on the list is the GSam Battery Monitor. It does not work automatically for battery saving by taking specific measures. Instead, it informs you about apps that are draining the battery. Then it is up to you to utilize that information efficiently to improve battery performance.

The information with which the GSam battery monitor provides you may include sensor and CPU data, wake time and wake locks. Although it is available for rooted and non-rooted devices, you can improve its performance by giving an ADB command. The ADB command provides GSam Battery Monitor with access to more data and control over the device. 

Avast Battery Saver:

Avast Battery Saver is one of the best battery saver apps for Android phones. The developer of the app, Avast, has a brand name in the market for developing trusted security applications, and therefore this app is prioritized by customers. This app enables you to lower battery consumption by providing you with some valuable features. One of those features is task killer.

It serves the purpose of getting rid of the apps running in the background. You can control the activities and functions of the app by using the master switch. You may turn it on when needed and turn it off when not. Another exciting feature in the app is the smart technology calculator. It calculates the actual life of your battery, considering various factors.


The next app on the list is Servicely which is only functional for rooted devices which stops the background running services for saving the battery. This prevents rogue apps from consuming excess battery due to synchronization and also destroys their sync. It manages the apps that are useful for you, but you do not want them to get sync every time. Its performance enhances if used with wake lock detectors.

By using this tool, your mobile’s performance and efficiency may get affected, such as delays in delivering notifications, so you must think carefully about when to use this tool and when not. This app is available free on the Google Play store, and you can buy a pro version for extended features for $3.49.

Battery Doctor:

The last but not the least app on the list is the Battery Doctor. This app has a user-friendly interface. It helps you save the life of your battery like a professional doctor. It provides you with an excellent option to optimize based on app type to handle and manage each app’s performance individually. This app supports around 28 languages and provides you with multi-lingual in-app support. Some other valuable features of this app are power-saving profiles, energy saver and battery monitor. The power-saving profiles can be scheduled and defined automatically.

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