How To Choose The Perfect Water Filtration System For Your Home?

Water Filtration System
Water Filtration System

Water is the source of life. Water especially drinking water is indispensable for survival. Having water for you and your family that is clean and fit water for drinking and cooking is the most basic necessity. The tap water that we get in our houses is not always as clean as it looks to be, it has many chemical impurities, mineral contamination, microbes etc. 

Toxins make their way into clean water through old uncleaned pipelines, rural seepage, sewers, synthetic substances, and pesticides, polluting both ground and tap supply water. Since water is an essential requirement of our regular day to day existences, the individuals who are consuming polluted water for a longer time might be putting themselves in danger.

Danger can be of gastrointestinal uneasiness including constipation and sickness by bacterial infections in the gut and sometimes into more terrible diseases. Clean water is not only important for health but also from the point of view that these health hazards may cost you a lot. 

Before you start looking out to purchase a water purifier online, you should first analyze the toxins present in the water of your region. Your nearby district health centres can share neighbourhood water reports with you. Or you can also, search for nearby water reports through the Environmental Working Group’s online Tap Water Database. 

With a huge number of choices available while buying water filter online customers are regularly baffled and not able to make the right choice when purchasing a water purifier for their homes. It is a significant choice as it includes guaranteeing the wellbeing and prosperity of our families. So how would you approach choosing the best water purifier for your home? We will take you through a few steps to help you make the right choice:-

Water Quality-check

Research for the source of the wellspring of your tap water and get it tested for hardness, saltiness and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels. On the few chances that the TDS levels are under 500 ppm, the water is consumable; however, on the other hand, if the degree of total dissolved solid impurities is past 1000 ppm, the water is perilous and undesirable. Distinguishing the resource of your tap water is the initial phase in picking the best water purifier for your home. 

  • Region water TDS midpoints should be around 200ppm 
  • Groundwater TDS should range between 200 to 500ppm 
  • Borewell water TDS should be normally more than 500ppm 

Filtration Technology

Depending on the quality and source of water, you can look for a range of water purifiers. RO (Reverse Osmosis) cleansing innovation turns out best for water with higher TDS levels of more than 500ppm. RO purifier technology filters out heavy metals, particulates, minerals through particular porous films and gives decontaminated clean drinking water.

In case TDS is under 200ppm, you can pick UV (Ultra-Violet) filtration innovation which can eliminate pollutants and impurities while holding back key minerals. For a TDS level between 200-500ppm, we suggest utilizing a RO filter with UV technology, that can add the fundamental minerals, for example, Calcium and Magnesium back in the RO purged water. 

Capacity limit

Analyze your family’s everyday water utilization to comprehend the necessary limit of your water purifier. In places where there are incessant power changes, purifiers with high water stockpiling function admirably. 

  • For 2-4 individuals we suggest a capacity limit of 5-8 litres 
  • We suggest Capacity limit of 8-10 litres For 4-6 individuals 
  • For in excess of 6 individuals, a capacity limit of 10 litres is suggested 

Extra security highlights

While choosing a water purifier, search for more developed features and the usefulness of the product according to your needs. For example, we know that water filters are a fundamental requirement of water refinement however, we frequently ignore it buy a water filter not fit for cleansing our region’s water and we end up drinking unclean water.

Consequently, it’s pivotal to transform them as and when they are not fit or if the filter system is not effective. Many water purifiers have Double cleansing locks that caution you 15 days before the channel expiry and auto-shutoff. The filter cuts off the water supply if the channel isn’t changed regardless of caution.

This ensures 100% unadulterated water in each glass of water. You can choose such features according to your requirement while buying a water filter online for home.

Administration and support

Water is refined through different filter channels that need upkeep regularly. While purchasing a water purifier you ought to consistently think about the quickness of administration, maintenance and generally speaking upkeep cost. While the best thing for the water purifiers is having an AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost).

Many companies providing RO filters are not charging much additional cost and rather it is included or it’s a small amount. You can choose products that give you better features and AMC plans and good prices. Thus, you can save more on yearly expense while leveraging issue free client assistance with your RO water filter.

Choosing the right product is important but if you are not aware of the basic technologies of RO systems, you will not be able to make the right choice. 

So let’s take a Quick Overview of Filtration Technologies 

There are numerous technologies of water filters. After all factors are considered and estimated like the water quality of your area and your requirement, it’s ideal to know precisely which toxins you wish to target to remove with your purifier. The following are only a couple of the technologies available to eliminate impurities in your tap water.

Water Softener 

This technology aims to lessen levels of calcium and magnesium in your faucet water. Soft water is good for better digestion and also the external health of humans like skin, hair etc. 

Mechanical Filters 

These remove any toxic chemicals through an integrated filter system and is even more effective than reverse osmosis, it guarantees clean water.

Carbon Filters 

These filters are helpful in the removal of natural contaminants and synthetic substances like- (VOCs), benzene, and radon. 

Manganese Iron Reduction Filters 

It tends to be added with a carbon filter to lessen iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from the water. 

Designs of Water filter for Home

Ledge Water Filters: Pitchers, Dispensers and Faucet Mounts 

Ledge water filters are the least expensive starter water filter and are a phenomenal decision for nuclear families and leaseholders. They expect practically zero establishments and can filter out a wide scope of poisons including, however not restricted to: chlorine, lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, zinc, (VOCs), benzene and radon. 

Under Sink Water Purification Systems 

Under sink water filtration frameworks offer the broadest assortment of filtration alternatives, permitting mortgage holders to filter the impurities found in their water supply. 

Very much like they sound, they are developed cleansing water from the tap through a secret gadget under the kitchen sink. Nearby water pushes through the framework, cleaning it and afterwards administers through a more modest, separate water outlet is poured in the sink. 

Most sink water purifiers utilize a carbon block channel with alternatives to add extra channels for silt, minerals, explicit poisons and water relaxing. These frameworks are the awesome decreasing focused on poisons found in your water and will not influence family water pressure. 

Turn around Osmosis Water Filtration Systems 

These frameworks are the lone water filtration framework guaranteed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to diminish fluoride, nitrate, lead and copper in water. 

Turn around assimilation water cleansing has taken off in fame because of its capacity to hinder poisons different channels can’t.

You can list your requirements and choose the perfect water purifier for your home using this guide.

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