7 Reasons To Have Custom Mobile App

Custom Mobile App
Custom Mobile App

Today most of the businesses from the coffee shop at the corner to the beauty spa down the lane have their own custom mobile app. The reason for them using a mobile app – enhanced customer experience and great sales. Even a study by Criterio says that conversion rates on mobile apps are 3X higher than mobile websites. In short, a mobile app is a ticket to success. 

This experience and the craze of mobile app technology are not just limited to retail businesses. If you’re in the education industry, the chances are that you might know about education mobile app development. Even many in the healthcare industry opt for medical & healthcare mobile app development. They say that it’s easy and convenient for the patients and them to stay in touch 24*7.

But have you ever asked why you need a mobile app, that too, a customized one? You can use a mobile app builder and launch the app within hours. So, why is there so much fuss over custom mobile apps?

Let us find that out!

1. Personalized Experience

No business is similar. Even if you’re selling the same product, the chances are that your USP or the way of working are different. It can be anything. When you go for custom development, the mobile app would provide flexibility and cater to your business requirements. 

For instance, you’re in the educational sector and need an app. There is a readily available solution that provides a good amount of features, including a teacher module. You may consider it is the right option, but what if it doesn’t allow teachers to add notes, quizzes, and videos? 

What if that’s one of the essential features you want in your learning app?

That’s where custom learning app development would have the upper hand. You can talk to the development team and specific all your requirements, budget, etc. You can include every tiny feature in your dedicated app. 

2. High Engagement

One of the important features of custom apps is that it encourages people to share it with their friends and family. If combined with an appealing user interface, it makes them interact more with the app. 

For instance, medical and healthcare mobile app development would allow patients to monitor their health themselves. They can check their blood sugar level, weight, blood pressure level, cholesterol level, heartbeat rate, etc. If the app consists of a CMS, they can read articles on maintaining sugar level or weight loss.  

The education industry can use apps to make learning easy for students. Interactive games like word formation, spot the difference, puzzles can unleash students’ creativity. 

Custom apps are built with a user-friendly interface and attractive design. Here, you can ask the developer to customize the experience just the way your user needs. 

3. Streamlined Process

If you’re in healthcare and thinking of medical & healthcare mobile app development, you should go for it without a second guess. A custom app will streamline your entire operations. Patients can book an appointment from the app, manage their payments and bills, prescriptions, reports, health status, etc. 

Admin staff can view the patient record. Instead of checking in the register or going through the papers, they can view all the data on their screen. They can find the data of a specific patient or a doctor instantly. Doctors can manage their appointments, critical surgeries accordingly. They can plan their schedule, and based on it, the availability could be shown to the patients. Staff would know beforehand about the doctors’ availability. That means there won’t be rushing here and there in case of emergency. 

Besides, you can leverage technologies like IoT, AR/VR to enhance the overall experience. For instance, doctors can get the patients’ vital parameters through the smart devices connected to them. 

The same applies to other sectors.

4. Communication Ease

Apps help build an easy communication system. While buying a gadget, customers can read the reviews and feedback. They can even talk to the executives if they need any guidance. 

In the education sector, students, teachers, and parents could collaboratively work to improve the students’ performance. Teachers and parents can communicate and chat through the dedicated space. Parents can check their child’s attendance, assessment reports, remarks about the child, thereby promoting transparency. 

The healthcare industry means patients can communicate with the doctors regarding health issues or for some tips. 

The reason to go for a custom app is that you can get these features integrated into your app. Chatbot, live support, in-app messenger, etc. Perhaps, this option won’t be available in the readily available solution.

5. Better Customer Service

The success of business depends on its customer service. If you make your customers feel special, they are likely to return. 

The rule applies to all industries. As an institute, if you don’t provide better education and services, you may face dropouts. Similar is the case for healthcare. If you make patients wait for long and don’t provide them with their health information, you won’t see them again.  

What if you don’t receive better customer service? Perhaps, the server is down, or there’s an error in the readily available app you chose. At that time, all you can do is try to resolve it on your own. Not everyone knows how to code! You may call a technician and get it resolved. But that means you will have to spend extra. 

However, with a custom solution, you could avail 24*7 customer service. The development team would handle all the issues, and you don’t have to pay a penny. 

Also, they’ll help you update the app from time to time. For a ready-to-use solution, the updates are pretty uncertain. 

6. Increased Conversion and Sales

You can integrate AR and VR into your custom mobile apps to enhance the overall experience. Retailers can provide customers with 3D visualization, try-on features to enhance customer buying decisions. 

One in the education sector should go for learning mobile app development because it would make it easy for teachers to share notes and updates with students. Also, AR-enabled teaching would make learning more productive. The better would be the engagement and quality, the higher would be the enrollment count. 

As for healthcare, mobile apps would eliminate the long queues. Patients can take appointments and visit instead of wasting hours. They can settle their bills instantly, and that means they would come back again. 

If customers are back, so are the profits!

7. Flexibility, Convenience, and Security

You don’t want an app to mainly sit on the AppStore. You want an app that helps you grow, right?

Ready-to-use solutions don’t provide these capabilities. On the other hand, custom apps are built considering the scalability factor. You can easily integrate different extensions, add new features, and even customize the front-end. 

Most important, mobile apps are susceptible to security attacks. Unfortunately, canned solutions are not quick to come up with top-notch security features. Custom mobile apps, on the contrary, are sure to provide you with high-end security.  


Custom mobile apps have numerous benefits such as resource efficiency, easy maintenance, increased visibility, etc. It can maximize your business experience. But for that, you need to make sure that your developer creates excellent UI/UX. Other factors such as the app’s performance and security should also be taken care of. 

And in case, if you want to build an app yourself, choose mobile app builder. This extension will give you the flexibility to build your custom app. Or you can always look for an experienced mobile app development company. 

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