App Development : Step by Step Guide for Beginners

App Development
app development

App development is a powerful tool that businesses use to promote their products and service. You can find a vast number of different app designs to solve your everyday problems and also use for entertainment purposes. In fact, there is an app for everything. If you’ve any great idea to develop an app here is your easy step by step guide to do so. 

Step 1: Goal Setting

Before you jump into actual app development it is crucial to know what you want to do and how you’ll going to achieve your goal. Clear vision about your android or iPhone app development is mandatory if you want to accomplish your idea. Ask yourself questions like, how my app will impact the audience? Does it help them to solve real-life problems? Or how much my app will be useful for users? 

Step 2: Concept Designing

Once you set your goal, next is to transform your idea into a visual platform. Create a rough sketch of your idea on paper, as this will help you to create the interface and also your teammate can get a better understanding of how your app gonna work.

Step 3: Market Research

The better you know the market the more easily you can make your position. Thorough research is a must before starting the developments. Search about your competitors, how they work, their strengths and weaknesses, what are the latest market trends and what mistakes they made in the past and try to avoid them.

Step 4: Wireframe

In the next step, you’ll design the wireframe of your idea. It will help to get a clear picture of your app concept by creating a protocol or visual mockup of what your app does without facing the verbally communicating struggle with others. Along with wireframe development, you need to create a storyboard for your app as well. Storyboard work as a guideline for your app screens. 

Step 5: Appraise your Backend

Once you are done developing your app wireframe and storyboard next you can define backend structure. It will give you a clear picture of your server and database. 

Step 6: Get feedback for your Prototype

Now is the time to take authentic reviews from your friends, family, and experts. It is important to get honest feedback, this way you can correct if your app lacks somewhere or they stuck while resolving that problem. You need to resolve all the problems occur in your prototype to avoid any corrections during the designing stage. 

Step 7: Developer Account

At this stage, you have to work on your backend structure. Your app development company needs to set up the database, server, cloud storage and API for your app. register your developer account as some platform takes several days to approve your account. You can register your app for a lifetime just by paying $25 to Google and Apple charge $99 annually. 

Step 8: Start Designing your App

Your app developer will design individual screens called “skins” which is a high-resolution format of the prototype. You must incorporate all the feedback given by users so that the high-end users can have a better user interface.

Step 9: Testing

You are almost done creating your app, next, you need to test its durability or working ability. By testing, you can find any bugs, errors, crashes and missing features that later can cause you serious problems. Find them and fixed them before launching your app.

Step 10: Beta Test

Another test to make sure your app is perfect in every aspect and ready to launch. Beta Test is an important step in the android and iPhone app development process as it endeavors real-time testing. Once you are done with the beta test, the final step is the release of your app in the market. 

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