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Microphone for iPhone

The best iOS microphone improves our sound quality, even if for entertainment or personal reasons only. Nowadays, they make mics for everything, even external devices, to improve the awesome sound quality that Apple has been unable to fix on iOS smart devices (is this a little tricky?). That does not sound negative, but we can all be honest – if you do anything other than phone calls or record voice memos that others hear, then you need a better microphone. 

Given the popularity of iOS smart devices especially in terms of music production, podcasts, reports, YouTube videos, interviews, vlogs, and other advanced applications, it is important that we have at least sound close to studio-quality so that we can not seem unprofessional, right?

Fortunately, more and more microphone manufacturers are introducing a new set of iOS Microphones” Even better, it’s also affordable.

Finding best wireless microphone

One thing that is very clear is that finding a better Lavalier wireless microphone is not an easier task, and requires more research. We did the hard part ourselves and now the only way is to choose the right part based on your needs. Since our main theme is finding the best Lavalier wireless microphone, it’s basically the choice that you want according to your needs.

If you are more comfortable with Lavalier Wired Microphone, you should go for it. In other cases, you should buy this type if you want a lavalier wireless microphone.

Basically there is no difference in quality whether you purchase a Lavalier Wired Microphone or a Lavalier Wireless Microphone. Both types are perfect for you. You should also monitor the budget, as Lavalier microphones are available in different price ranges. Just make sure you have enough budget to accommodate Lavalier microphone with good technical specifications. Another important factor to consider before purchasing a better Wireless Wireless Microphone is its design. There are many defective microphones on the market with the very poor build quality.

So you need to look for a microphone that lasts for at least a year or two with perfect sound quality so you can easily follow your daily tasks.

Microphone for iPhone

Zoom iQ6

If you know us well, Rode is one of our favorite microphone manufacturers. When we found out that they were joining the club using iOS microphones, we had to see what was. The microphone has a built-in A / D illumination conversion and a 30-pin connection.

The XY stereo structure of the microphone itself is a mechanism we are excited about – basically, two-directional microphones spaced 90 degrees apart, with different variations in sound pressure per microphone for increased clarity and less space. This allows you to capture a relatively large recording area.

 In addition to the high-quality sound and microphone structure, the Rode i-XY comes with several accessories. You will get foamed windshields and a zip cover, especially

suited for travelers and / or sensors. Even better, they have their own registration app, so you have to use the standard software that comes with iOS. Although it is not very crazy, it is more suitable for recording and viewing audio. This is called the Rode Rec. This is our first choice for a list of the best iOS microphones, although a little more expensive than most others, you get what you pay for. With Rode i-XY, you can usually record up to 24-bit / 96k sound quality, giving you the clarity of most USB microphones.



Here’s another iOS XY microphone (one of the most popular versions of is microphones), but about half of the aforementioned i-XY cost. Zoom plays a big role in the recording game and is also interested in video is known as Best Wireless Microphone for iPhone.

 Zoom iQ6 is one of the best models on the market, with Lightning connectivity, and it small enough to fit in your pocket, the MIC GAIN volume control disk and some LED lights to let you know if you record or not. They also have a special headphone jack (which can also be used as a line out) to facilitate monitoring. They also have their own registration application.

Microphone Professional for iPhone

Microphone Professional for iPhone

It is an excellent Lavalier microphone with great dimensions on all levels. With the Lightning Surface, it has been explicitly developed for iPhone 11, 11 Max, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 8, 8 Plus, 7, iPod, and iPad. What I like about this microphone are its strong build quality and durable cables. I also find it very useful to record in mono or stereo. Setting sensitivity and size to call is also an advantage. You can also connect

headphones to the connector for reliable real-time monitoring. Don’t be fooled by the pictures if you want to hide your tie or at least make it less visible. The microphone personally is much smaller. Comic CVM-SIG has almost perfect ratings, and right!

The sound quality is undoubtedly excellent. It does a great job of clearly expressing your voice as if the person was directly in front of you and not a video. I also love the way a high pass filter. In some situations, it will definitely be useful at some point. The Comica CVM-SIG microphone is ideal for suppressing background noise and wind. In general, I recommend this Lavalier microphone for interviews and vlogs.

Lapel Lightning Mic for iOS Device

Lapel Lightning Mic for iOS Device

Another good Lavalier microphone is equipped with a flash interface. It has an omnidirectional polar pattern, which means it picks up sound around the microphone.

The cable is about 5 feet long and is suitable if you want to shoot close-up videos. This microphone is a simple plug-and-play configuration that is easy to use.

Again, there is a different connecting microphone with sound quality that is much better than the price. Like the previous microphone, Yichuang has a frequency response from 35 Hz to 18 kHz. The sound quality is balanced, balanced between all frequencies andnpure. You will not feel any cracks, hum, or constant noise.

The disadvantage of this microphone is mid to low build quality. With Yichuang you should be very careful because the material is a little cheap. I recommend this microphone to those who do not travel much with it. If you are traveling with your Lavalier or are generally inaccurate with your equipment, I recommend skipping it.

Although this did not happen to us, there are also many claims that the Lightning port can be removed easily. However, customer service usually solves the problem right away.

BOYA Lavalier microphone

BOYA Lavalier microphone

Finally, the BOYA Lavalier microphone is another good choice for iPhone 11, 11 Max, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 8, 8 Plus, 7, iPod, and iPad. Although it's a little more expensive at around $ 70, it definitely has its reasons. For those who need a reliable lavalier microphone with a Lightning connector and need a lot of space, Boya is the right way.

The length of the wire is 20 feet. This definitely gives everyone more space than most applications. Another thing that I like is of reliable durability. This microphone is made up of important metal parts and a hard cable designed for durability and travel.

The sound quality meets the expectations of a more expensive microphone for the clip, which means it is very good. It is clear, sharp, and detailed without distortion.

Unfortunately, the microphone has little noise. The best thing for me was to register with fewer gains than the subsequent increase. Overall, the BOYA Lavalier Lavalier microphone is a great option. Strongly recommend.

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