Want to Have Business in Abroad? Consider These Countries to Get Easy Work Visa

Get Easy Work Visa

Are you planning to set up your business in abroad? Then be prepared to swim into the pool of visas. Of course, leaving your own country and settling in the other is not an easy task, it takes time, a lot of investment and courage.  The best way to secure your work visa is through being an employee of the company which sponsors you but if you want to start your own business without any corporate support then there are more steps to take.

Different countries have different rules; some make sure that you have enough in your pocket so that you can afford your living, somewhere it’s easy to get visa for those who are below 35 and so on. But if you want to make it easier here is the list of countries which provide a less complicated path to attain your work visa.

Best Places to do Business in Abroad

1.The Netherlands

the Netherlands

Looking for a suitable place to start up your business in abroad? Netherlands is the best place for you. Not just because you will have the resources but this country willingly offers you to visit the place and initiate your business. The Netherlands is looking for foreign entrepreneurs and scientists to generate new jobs, brands and work opportunities through their start-up.

You can apply for one year residency in the Netherlands during which you will be mentored by a local mentor. After one year you can decide whether you want to extend or not. You can then apply for standard self employed permit that will be available through Dutch American Friendship Treaty.

2. Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand

Americans aged between 18 to 30 get a fair chance to work in Australia with work visa of a year. If you want to start your business in abroad, here you have to stay at least 6 months with your employer and then set up your business. In New Zealand one must have NZ$4200 and a return ticket to home before getting a work visa.



Cambodia is one of the easiest countries to get a work visa, where you get a long term business visa and can even revise it indefinitely without getting sponsored from any company. However you will have to apply for the work permit to get the work visa. Many sources say that the country is not that strict about the business in abroad permit but the rules can change anytime.



If you are a freelancer you can put Germany in your list. Getting work visa here is not easy but if you are an artist you can apply for the ‘artist visa’ that permits the freelancers to settle in Germany and be self employed. Of course you will need money and a lot of documentation before attaining the visa. You can even become a student as countries like Germany and Finland invite students through graduate programs. You will have to apply for the visa after enrolling in the school.



Canada is a beautiful place to start your business in abroad with. Beyond scenic destinations there are ample job opportunities too. UK citizens get a work visa of upto 2 years along with the access to all the holiday destinations of America.



The best thing about getting work visa in Ireland is that there are no age restrictions. The only issue is in getting 12 months work holiday authorization. For receiving this work visa you need to pay a certain fee with a proof of return ticket with you. If you do not have a return ticket then you must at least have the money to book one. Once you are clear with all the things you get the work visa. Workers who do not fulfil these rules need to apply for the general permit that is a bit tough to get.

Ample of Opportunities

These were a few countries that can allow you work for a certain time frame and can even open doors for you to start your own business. Foreign countries have ample opportunities to hone your skills, what is needed is a bit of effort and dedication. Getting work visa and business visa is a tedious task in many countries but these countries welcome you to join their workforce and contribute to the development.

Starting a business with a defined plan and investment in abroad not only helps you to grow but also provides wide opportunities to the native of that place. As mentioned above countries like the Netherlands offers ample and flexible work visa to foreign nationals because they are in search of such people who have great and effective ideas which can help them to increase employment for their people.

Getting work visa is comparatively easier than getting business visa. It’s just that you have to work a little more with even more efforts to find out the right way. Rules and norms are there for every country but still there are some which are a little flexible in extending the work or business visa, but rules can change anytime according to the government of that particular country.

Be aware of laws

You need to be aware of the laws of that place wherever you are thinking to settle ultimately. Consult immigration attorney, or counsellor to let you know about the pros and cons of settling abroad because they have the right idea of every type of situation that can occur in these cases. Be it financial issue, house or business concerns, they can guide you in every way.

So, before deciding something big, be careful and confident because this step of leaving your country and starting from the scratch in the other can be risky. Beyond initiating your own business there are possibilities you might get something extra and knowledgeable. Learning should never stop; hence, reaching out to foreign lands is a way to learn a lot of new things. But once you are clear and have a definite plan to start all over again it’s the best time to take off and explore the new place to the fullest.

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