5 Advantages Of Buying Second Hand Bikes Over New Bikes

Buying Second Hand Bikes
Buying Second Hand Bikes

Buying a premium motorcycle within an affordable range is undoubtedly a tricky task. A well-designed purpose-built bike can make things enjoyable, whether it be a regular commute or long road trips! However, not all of us can afford a brand new two-wheeler within our limited income. New models cost higher, and the on-road prices can cost over a lakh or two for premium bikes. Thankfully, the second-hand vehicle market has got us covered in this dilemma! Bike lovers can now shop for second-hand and used vehicles at affordable prices and in good condition.

India hosts one of the largest markets for two-wheelers. The craze for bikes is real in the country, and the second-hand stores successfully meet the increasing demands. In addition to the traditional sales, online portals are also making a gateway for buyers to buy reliable products. One such popular online platform for buying used two-wheelers is BeepKart. It sells the best and high-quality refurbished bikes and scooters from top brands. One can go through the specifications of every listed bike and choose the one that best suits his needs. Also, there are many benefits of buying a second-hand bike. Let us have a look at some of the top advantages buyers can reap from their purchases.

Buying Second-Hand Bikes: Topmost Benefits

The benefits of buying second-hand bikes are multifold. Buyers should look at these aspects before purchasing to understand why used vehicles are advantageous. Also, BeepKart ensures every buyer reaps all these benefits and more.

In-Budget Purchase

The deprecated value of used bikes decreases its cost in the market. A 6-month old bike will also cost much less than a brand new one of the same model. However, the second-hand vehicle market is highly volatile since prices vary largely. So, one must choose a reliable source to ensure paying a justified amount. This way, one can make an in-budget purchase and afford to buy his favourite bike.

No Additional Costs

The showroom price and on-road price of every vehicle differ due to the additional costs that are mandatory to pay. Taxes, registration costs, RTO charges and convenience fees, etc., can hike the price considerably. These charges do not add up to second-hand bikes. Buyers need to pay a lump sum amount. Also, with these purchases, bargaining is possible.

Low-Cost Insurance Options

Insurance premiums are based on the market value of a vehicle. This rule applies to two-wheelers as well. So, when one buys an old bike that has a depreciated value in the market, he will pay lower insurance premiums. This aspect also saves money in the long run.

Better Returns On Valuation

The rate of depreciation of a vehicle slows down after the first 4-5 years. In general, this rate prevails around 40-50% per year for new vehicles. Therefore, if one sells a second-hand bike, he is likely to get better returns as the value will not depreciate below a certain range. With BeepKart, getting the justified value of old bikes is easy with its assured buy-back service.

Get Extra Goodies

Vehicle parts like foot stand, rearview mirrors, bike stand, tank pad, seat covers, etc., are post-purchase installations. One has to buy these parts and pay for them separately. With old bikes, these parts are pre-installed. So, there is no need to pay any money for these goodies.

Tips To Choose The Best Second-Hand Bike

All these benefits can multiply if one uses a detailed screening process to verify the valuation of the bike. Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while making the purchase.

  • Choose a reliable portal like BeepKart which lists the best second-hand bikes and scooters. With its additional features and services, one can make the worth of money spent.
  • Classify the bikes as per their use and functionality. If it is for a regular commute, it is better to check the mileage of the vehicle.
  • Go through the inspection report and other details mentioned on the portal. It is also essential to check the last servicing date, insurance details and paperwork of the bike.

The Bottom Line: Choose A Reliable Portal

Buying old two-wheelers directly from the owners or unknown third parties can cost more than making a purchase online. Yes, BeepKart sells second-hand bikes and scooters at justified prices. It is one of the leading online platforms to provide this facility. It also provides additional features like assured buy-back service, three free services and much more. One just has to go through all the details carefully to make a profitable deal!

All these benefits can be maximised by choosing a reliable online platform like BeepKart. One must classify his purchase by understanding the purpose and use of the bike. Going through the model information and inspection summary of every refurbished bike can help make an informed decision. Keep the love for two-wheelers alive with well-serviced second-hand bikes!

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