How to Choose the Best Vietnamese Pho restaurant?

Best Vietnamese Pho restaurant

People who are regulars in a Vietnamese restaurant know precisely what to order and what to expect, but those who have never been to a Vietnamese pho restaurant end up searching for pho soup near me or pho restaurant near me on their browser.

If you plan to visit a Pho restaurant or a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time, it might be overwhelming for you. You should follow the standard protocol searching the Pho restaurant, but few points will help you determine if the Pho restaurant is good.

Best Vietnamese Pho restaurant
Pho restaurants

Tips and Tricks to choose the best Vietnamese Pho restaurant:

1.    Make a list

First, you should make a list of all the restaurants that appear on searching pho soup near me or a pho restaurant near me. You can also ask the regulars to the Vietnamese restaurant to suggest to you the names of some good restaurants. Your friends and families can also help you find a few good pho restaurants in your area.

2.    Check the ratings

After preparing your list, you should check the pho restaurants’ ratings you plan to visit. You can check google reviews for the starters. By doing this, you will get an idea of the price. Best foods served in the restaurant, etc. You can easily decide which restaurant you want to visit.

3.    Look for a little bit of funk in the flavor.

The first rule of Vietnamese cuisine is that when you eat the dish you order, your senses should go “Umami.” Vietnamese cuisine is more than just being sweet, sour, salty, or spicy; it is savory. In Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce is the creator of Umami. It is used in more or less all the non-vegetarian dishes.

You should ask the restaurant if your ordered dish has fish sauce in it. Unless you are a vegetarian, you should direct the restaurant to add fish sauce to your dish.

4.    Your Pho should be steaming and hot.

Pho is the most loved Vietnamese dish in the world. It is not just savory but has many health benefits associated with it. Pho is rich in protein, fiber and is gluten-free. Pho has various broth for you to choose from, like chicken broth, pork broth, tofu broth, seafood broth, and beef broth. You can also choose your garnishings like basil, cilantro, veggies, or chunks of meat.

Pho is one of the best and safest options to try at the pho restaurant. You should always order a steaming bowl of pho because the cold one will just taste bad.

5.    Don’t get confused by the summer rolls.

If you are new to Vietnamese cuisine, you will likely get confused with the summer rolls. Unlike the name suggests, summer rolls can be eaten any time of the year. Like spring rolls, in the case of summer rolls, the name does not dictate the season in which it is eaten.

Summer rolls are rolled steamed snacks that can be eaten anytime during the day.

6.    Check the Menu

It is always wise to check the menu before deciding on any restaurants. The rules of checking the menu are simple; there should not be way too many dishes exceeding two pages. If any of these two rules are not fulfilled, then the restaurant might not be that good.

7.    Ask if they serve vegetarian dishes or not.

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the few Asian cuisines that cater to a meat lover and a plant-based diet person. But there can be cases where a pho restaurant might not have various vegetarian dishes to offer. You should ask the pho restaurant if or not they offer vegetarian dishes. If that is a yes, you should ask for the best sellers.

8.    Enjoy the experience

You should not get intimidated by the menu or the Pho restaurant’s ambiance. You should enjoy the experience and food. Many people get intimidated while ordering. You can always ask for assistance from the waiter. If you feel shy to ask for assistance, look around the restaurant and see what others are having. The dish that the majority have ordered is often the best seller of that restaurant.

Trying new cuisines is always an exciting and unique experience, especially when the cuisine you are planning to try is a utopia for health enthusiasts. Vietnamese cuisine is a wonderland for rice lovers. Most of the Vietnamese cuisine dishes have rice in them, even the Pho is made using rice noodles.

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