Consuming Eggs to Reduce the Risks of Diabetes

Consuming Eggs

Have you ever known that the diabetes is not a disease in itself? It’s rather a state of health that can really be prevented and managed. Eating specific foods and adopting some hygienic lifestyle are the basis of this prevention. And eggs are part of these beneficial foods.

Consuming Eggs

Eating eggs to reduce the risks of diabetes: facts or fakes?

The British Journal of Nutrition has published that according to a study led by some British scientists and doctors, the fact of consuming one or more egg per day contributes to the reduction of the diabetes by 60%. Other searchers from China have conducted surveys on 8,000 participants in order to repudiate or verify this theory.

So, the China health and Nutrition Survey has studied the blood glucose of these participants. Those who consume regularly eggs increased the risk of diabetes but those who ate less are merely diabetes-free.

Those who are used to eating most eggs are less active and are keen on consuming fat and animal protein, which increase their cholesterol level and their risk of diabetes. But those who include vegetables and physical exercises to their diet already rich in egg develop less risk of diabetes.

To explain this, the nutritionists suggest that this is the choline that is found in the egg yolks that is responsible of the oxidation and the inflammation. To boost its benefit, the chemicals in the egg white hinder the carbohydrate absorption.

As diabetes influence the LDL and HDL balance in the body, it’s important to consume low saturated cholesterol food. And the eggs are the top on the food with less rate of fat.

Is egg nutritional?

If you wander if eating egg can be enough for your diet, remember that it is a dense food that is full of nutrients beneficial for the health. For that, notice that if you eat a large poached egg, you consume a high amount of protein, fat, carbohydrate and calories.

Within its yolk, you can dig healthful fats, vitamins (A,D,E, K, B12, antioxydants), minerals, copper, zinc. As it gather also choline, you help involving your body process like memory and mood. Remember also that it has a great role during pregnancy as it has a huge impact on the fetal brain development.

So, even if you are not suffering from diabetes, you can take profit in consuming it every day. It brings strong muscles, brain health, energy production, eye health, weight loss and maintenance but also skin health. Though, it is an available and inexpensive food.

When and how consume egg to prevent diabetes?

Generally, you can eat up to 7 eggs per week (1 egg every day) per day in order to prevent your risk of suffering from of diabetes. In fact, apart from carrying the usual nutrients for your body, it also helps you manage the weight, fortify the heart and boost the immunity. Three major signs of health that pours the risk of contracting diabetes.

All types of eggs are concerned with that health-care. In fact, whether you decide to eat fresh egg or Igreca powdered egg, you can bring in all the essential nutrients that it gathers. Remember that as they are low-carbohydrate food and very poor in glycemic index score, they remain a healthy source of protein for people suffering from diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes, make sure to eat eggs every day. You can fry, boil or poach it. You can also include it in your salads; eat them as a substitute of meat or for your baking plates. The essential is to include it as much as possible in the diet. 

The best ways to introduce eggs in your diet

If you want to incorporate eggs to your diet, there are no precise recipes you should follow. However, you can prepare the eggs by using different ways. For instance, you can make hard-boiled eggs, poached egg or scrambled egg, Eating eggs is very healthy

You can also prepare a soft boiled eggs, a sunny side up eggs or a scrambled eggs. Within these different preparations, you can make sure to appreciate eating eggs every day, for all your meals. A quick and smart way to maximize its consumption for your health’s sake!

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