Why are Custom Printed Brochures Important For Branding?

custom brochure printing
 Custom Printed Brochures

Most people would agree that over-indulgence in digital marketing has strained customers’ enthusiasm and interest in brand promotions. The repetitive and lack-luster branding techniques do not have much influence over customers’ buying decisions and often end up as a waste of time and effort. Consumers demand innovative tools to grab their attention and divert focus from other choices. If you are a seller trying to pave your way in the market by adopting creative and fresh promotional tactics, then this article is sure to help you out.

While the importance of digital branding cannot be denied, one would agree that it has led to a fierce battle between brands by stirring up an intensified competition. Consumers are so much exposed to these that they find it harder to focus on a particular brand and constantly scroll through advertisements. In such a situation, custom brochure printing can save the day by churning out artistically created pieces of brochures that give a breath of fresh air to buyers.

These are advertisements printed on paper or cover stock with the apt business details required to generate the highest amount of interest among potential clientage. A recent study shows that 80% of people who go-through a brochure tend to visit the business and about 90% become more brand-aware by reading flyers. This reflects the importance of brochure distribution and makes them a must-have marketing tool for every brand.

custom brochure printing

Here are some reasons why these are better than online advertisements.


This is useful for all businesses but particularly for new startups and small-scale enterprises, such mode of brand promotion falls light on the finances than expensive digital platforms or billboard hoardings. You also have the option of working with professional designers to craft brochures that go well with your budgets. A lot of businesses use such brochures at trade shows, seasonal offerings, exhibitions, and more.

Consistent branding.

If you wish to leave an indelible mark on consumers’’ memories then maintain the style of your branding matters the most. Having a recognizable brand image displayed through all modes of promotions makes the brand easily spotted among peers. Brochures go with customers and stay with them longer than digital ads. This enhances the possibility of customers getting to know your brand better and recall it whenever they come across it at retail stores.

Focused approach.

These brochures are created keeping your precise requirements intact. You can communicate with potential buyers and give-out the exact details you deem important for convincing them to choose your brand over others. All the info educates readers of your products and positively creates a memorable image in their minds. Diligently printing and proofreading the final copy can eradicate chances of errors and help grab the right audience with a powerful display of brand details.

Reach your target clientage

Advertisements may go unnoticed and have no assured way of affirming that the potential consumers have seen them or not. With brochures, manufacturers can ensure that the right audience has been delivered the message by physically handing-over or posting the brochures to their addresses. The material enables people to refer to your brochures when they are looking for the right product.

In-depth detailing

Brochures give liberty to print in as many descriptions as you wish. Brands do not have to adhere to set standards and norms and have the freedom to design them any way they desire. There is no character or length limitation when you pick a professional brochure or flyer for your product promotions.

Various distribution channels

There is only one way to view an online ad, but numerous ways to get flyers distributed.  They can be given out at all points of contact and can be incorporated within several business activities including the following.

  • Place them inside the order. Brochures and leaflets are often found inside packaged orders. This makes it convenient to cross-sell and inform customers about the latest updates efficiently.
  • Distribute them at official business presentations. The brochures can be placed inside letter-size file folders to give a wholesome branding feel, maximizing the marketing efforts.
  • Handout these on open days. If feasibility allows then organizing an open day can be of dual benefit. One is that you can increase brand awareness by carefully planned presentations and can ensure that attendees have something to recall the event with by making brochures part of the activity.
  • Display them at check-out counters. Customers waiting in queues can instantly notice attractive-looking flyers and feel encouraged to pick up and read them. It helps to directly convey all-important brand info and reach interested consumers quickly.

The liberties brands can avail of with custom brochure printing are uncountable. The brochures surely hold unending potential for branding that can be tapped into for elevating brand recognition. The more innovative the brochures are the greater number of eyeballs they will attract. Which is, after all, the basic purpose of all marketing drives.

Making them enduring

Flyers or brochures, as stated earlier, are tangible marketing assets that help to ensure that the right customer demographic is reached for branding. Customers do not mind keeping engrossing brochures for future referrals, unlike digital ads that disappear in a jiffy. With credible and authentic printing, these brochures are sure to inflate brand awareness and entice customers to be loyal to your brand when going on their next shopping trip.

Make these more visually grabbing by employing a range of captivating illustrations. The brochures can be styled with a range of graphic and hand-made images that help consume the readers better. Additionally, details like the shop locations can also be incorporated through graphical representations. Moreover, these brochures are a powerful platform to let customers learn about your unique brand logo and signature so they can relate to it at all retail points.


Brochures are a great way of brand marketing that fits well in your finances and reach the audience in many ways. Effective designing can help you take your brand to new heights with relative ease.

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