Modern Mushroom Growing Farm Equipment – Why is it So Important

Mushroom Growing Farm Equipment

Anyone who has come in contact with this business will certainly agree with the statement that only a well-invested and equipped mushroom growing farm will produce the right harvest and will be profitable. So, what equipment should we pay attention to when we plan for the first purchase or modernization of an existing mushroom growing farm?

Mushroom growing farm shelving

The main equipment of a mushroom growing farm is, above all, the shelving. Made of aluminum alloy, to the specific size of the Customer’s growing room, they retain their properties throughout the service life of the mushroom growing farm, ensuring adequate light dispersion in the growing rooms, which increases the quality and speed of harvesting.

Growing nets

Shelving system, the most popular system for growing mushrooms, also requires proper selection of growing nets. High quality nets will ensure durability, eliminate contraction and expansion processes, guarantee proper airflow, high level of hygiene and full properties for up to 15 years.

Mushroom picking lorries

An electric lorry for picking mushroom from the growing shelf is a guarantee of higher earnings. It will speed up the harvesting of the mushroom, increase the yield in the same unit of time, make picking from the bottom shelf of the shelving easier and increase yields per square meter of harvest.

Lighting of a mushroom growing farm

Mushroom growing also requires permanent lighting, resistant to water and steam. Lamps for a mushroom growing farm should meet the IP68 waterproofness condition. This will ensure trouble-free operation and eliminate the cost of servicing, and thus the need to purchase new lamps.

Climate control

Controlling each stage of the mushrooms’ growth, by controlling the climate of the mushroom growing farm, is unquestionably an opportunity to increase yields and obtain a homogeneous harvest. In addition, we save energy on ventilation, heating and cooling, without lowering the quality of the mushroom.

Irrigation system for mushrooms

Climate control is not the only important thing. It is also important to control the watering process. The automated system mounted under the shelves of the shelving is a guarantee of optimized watering throughout the growing period. It will ensure the homogeneity of the harvest, thanks to precise irrigation and sufficient water per square meter of yield.

Growing tunnel covers

The high-quality material with which tunnels are covered plays a significant role, if we take into consideration its vitality and how it’s preserving its properties. By choosing higher quality growing tunnel covers, we get from 10 to 15 years of good functioning, with no penetration, damage due to prevailing weather conditions or hole formation.

Mushroom scales

High quality battery-powered scale is a must have for a modern mushroom growing farm. It provides precise weighing, has an easy to clean design, is stainless. By choosing a battery-powered scale, we also eliminate the need for charging and possibility of damage to the cable or plug, gaining a fully portable and cost-effective device.

Mushroom picking knives

High quality, durability, proper handle shape and stainless-steel blade are the characteristics of a good mushroom picking knife. By choosing good quality mushroom picking knives, we choose high durability and long service life without potential damage.

Modern, high-quality mushroom growing farm equipment is essential to enable the mushroom growing farm to earn more in the long term, thanks to homogeneous and high yields, lower production costs and efficient harvesting. Good quality equipment which meets all standards, modern, from proven and experienced manufacturer GROWTIME, is an opportunity to reduce fixed costs and generate suitable profits from a mushroom growing farm.

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