The Popularity and Growing Success of Designing Custom Men’s Clothes Online

Designing Custom Men’s Clothes Online
Designing Custom Men’s Clothes Online

The widespread progress in technology over the years has led to numerous innovations and sophistication in nearly every field, from personal communication to even managing business. For example, conventionally, people used to buy the clothes offered to them in retail stores, but now people can shop for clothes online and even custom design them.

The rapid advancement in technology has allowed business companies to offer a wide range of customization options, which were not possible a decade ago. Custom-made products and accessories were available, but it was considered a niche category due to the amount of effort and resources needed to make them.

The Concept of Customization in the Clothing Industry

But today, customization has become easy and affordable for nearly everyone. The fashion or clothing industry is growing exponentially and one of the many industries taking full advantage of technology to offer customized clothing and accessories to customers.

Of all the numerous types of clothing, ‘t-shirt’ is one piece that will always remain popular no matter how many new fashion trends come and go. Custom t-shirt printing trend increased at a staggering pace and is expected to cross $10 billion by 2025. Celebrities wearing t-shirts with social message or caption has led to significant popularity of custom t-shirts.

Apart from celebrities, some famous social media celebrities and personalities are making their customized clothes and other accessories that people can buy from their online stores. Digital technology has allowed people to design and order custom clothes using their personal computers, laptops, and even smartphones.

Many retailers and popular clothing brands have developed innovative applications with value-added features that allow custom design clothes with only a few clicks. Shopping from retail stores allows a person to touch and feel the clothes they want to buy, which is not possible with online stores, but people now can select the fabric, design, style, and color.

The Steps to Follow When Designing Custom Clothes Online

There are few e-commerce stores offering a simple process to design mens clothes online, including various types of clothes such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, casual shirts, hoodies, and fashion accessories. You can either send your exclusive design or allow the clothing company to guide you through the design and delivery process.

First, you will be asked to see through a range of available custom designs and then select your favorite fonts, imagery, pattern, texture, and fabric. You can personalize the clothes with intriguing logos, graphics, social messages, and quotes. Apart from ordering clothes for yourself, you can even send the creative and custom clothes as gifts on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation day, and farewells.

Cost of designing custom men’s clothes depends on the type of clothes and the number of customizations. The customized options vary according to the type of clothes; for example, if you get to personalize t-shirts, then you have to select

  • Type of fabric cotton, polyester, or rayon
  • Style such as the round neck, V-neck, or ringer
  • Branding options include an inside label, outside label, and sleeve print
  • Printing technique
  • Color of the t-shirt and size such as small, medium, or large

Select Best Design

If you have a creative design of your own, then there are skilled designers who can refine your design and add subtle touches to it. But you can always select a design from a portfolio of artwork. Once the design is selected, then you need to select one option from the customized options.

Once the design and custom features are selected, a mockup or demo design of the t-shirt will be made and sent to you for approval. You have the option to accept the design or ask for changes. The best thing about custom designing online is that you do not have to search from different online stores, and only one website is best for the selection and design of clothes.

You have the luxury and convenience of choosing the type of clothing, along with size, style, color, and artwork. There are two options for printing: direct garment printing, which is used for high-quality clothes, and screen printing, which is used for bulk orders.

The Growing Popularity of Online Custom Clothes

Business companies can also make custom clothes online to design t-shirts and hoodies with company logos, a fantastic promotional and advertising tool. Modern printing technology ensures that water is not wasted and the ink is properly pasted on the fabric.

You get easy payment options from cash on delivery to online payment through credit cards. There is a refund policy that allows the exchange of goods or return of money in case of any damage or wrong delivery. It takes from 2 days to a week from the design stage to production and delivery to your doorstep.

The trend of branding is growing rapidly, and custom t-shirts and other men’s clothing is the ideal and most cost-effective solution. Printing a social or company logo or motto helps to build a brand perception in a more casual way. You may not find the trending design for the t-shirt or sweatshirt, but you can easily search on the internet. There are many websites displaying both traditional and modern styles in clothing.

Working with Different Elements

You can go with a particular theme and concepts relating to the theme. There are many logos designing websites offering to let you design a custom logo for free. You can work with different design elements, such as shapes, lines, illustrations, and images. IT can even be tried with different color combinations and pick the best one. You should consider not only the color of the logo but also the color of the clothes or t-shirts where the logo will be applied.

With the help of technology now, you can custom design jackets, suits, caps, shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts and exude your own creative side. Make your own design or modify the existing ones. You can also fuse traditional and modern styles and introduce a new trend. You have the luxury and ease to use amazing tools that help focus on the minute details of designing a t-shirt or hoodie.

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