Custom Printed Retail Packaging – Essential for Growing Brand Recognition

Custom Printed Retail Packaging
custom printed retail packaging

Have you ever wanted to be the brand that gets all the customer’s attention in the supermarkets? If so, then customized boxes can do the trick for you.

Why is retail popularity so significant?

The way your products are packaged is what the customers notice when they first see them at retail outlets. It is what makes up an image in consumers’ minds and inspires their future buying choices. Customers decide, on the spot, whether they like your products or not judging purely on their appearance. Shabby and dull-looking boxes stay on store shelves longer than the items packaged specifically to impress target customers.

The term ‘retailing’ literally means selling and businesses try to out-do each other to do it better than others. In addition to all the tedious marketing campaigns, it is the packaging boxes that make physical contact with the customers and entice them to make a purchase.

custom printed retail packaging

The retail industry stood at $ 24 trillion in 2018 and has only moved significantly upwards since. Not only is this industry a dynamic and fast-moving one, but is also the largest private-sector employer in the U.S. This shows the magnitude of demand in the industry along with the severe rivalry among sellers.

The markets are dominated by meticulous selling activities involving spending highly on promotions. A trust-worthy companion to befriend is custom printed retail packaging. These are boxes that make the brand easily recognizable among the other vast choices. As retail trade happens through multiple channels of distribution, it is important to make the brand a customer hotspot.

Create a distinct quality

People span across brands to finalize their selection. In their quest, they consider numerous factors as important to the brand they pick. It is necessary to realize that customers only buy a product once they find it interesting enough to worth having a look at. What shifts the customers’ focus is the outer packaging design and the box type in which the product is presented.

Research finds that customers give considerable weightage to personalized packaging. That is, they want to see a distinct brand personality on the boxes of the products they are looking for. If you as a seller are successful in grabbing this opportunity then it’s all roses from here. The customers pledge loyalties to such brands that have a recall value and select them for all purchases henceforth.

So much is the level of rivalry that customers are being kept in the center for everything; be it researching new products or advertising them. Brands are being challenged to personalize their branding like never before. Today, it is all about upping your game in terms of captivating the greatest amount of customer curiosity. The task is to create an interesting and efficient shopping journey that will keep consumers glued-on.


Some of the reasons why custom printed retail packaging works include:

  • Differentiates the brand from thousands of manufacturers that are also vying for customers’ attention. According to a leading portal, one-third of consumer choices are based solely on the packaging.
  • Enticing colors sways customer buying habits. Shades play an important role in generating interest in the brand.
  • Generates a high-grade marketing campaign by promoting the brand name and logo to reach a wide audience. Branded products are easily recognized and help the customers remember your products every time they shop.
  • Ensures that the products reach their destinations in a protective way so customers can get satisfactory value for money deals.
  • Customers value the products more if they are packaged to give a premium feel, compelling them to repeat their purchases.

The power of effective packaging

It is a fact that on average customers scan store shelves in less than 20 seconds, making it imperative that the packaging impresses them in that time frame. Only smart design can win the game for you. Communicating in those 20 seconds through engaging packaging will put you on customers’ favorite list of items. An effective packaging design supports the intended brand message and plays a big role in attracting consumer attention.

Manufacturers often perform pre-tests that help in determining how the design or boxing helps in increasing visibility of the brand and getting encouraging packaging is a step forward in this direction. Give a strong reason to customers for buying your products by presenting your brand in custom printed retail packaging. They are obtainable in all custom forms.

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