5 Tips For Designing Beautiful Custom Rigid Packaging And Boxes

Custom Rigid Packaging
Custom Rigid Packaging

Custom designing can take its toll if not done properly. This area scares new and existing businesses alike. The need to present the product of your hard work precedes all other segments. All business functions are meaningless if you falter in giving the customers an impressive packaging that resonates with their sensibilities. Custom printed rigid packaging and setup boxes are an effective step in that direction. It makes your premium products look even more valuable with a superior appeal.

Rigid stock is a favorite for packaging luxury items. It emits class and provides good support for the products. These are robust paper-based boxes consisting of increased thicknesses chipboard, wrapped by special decorative features. They are used for commercial as well as gift boxes due to the premium feel around them.

The goal for brands today is to achieve an above satisfactory unboxing experience to target buyers that help in establishing a strong brand image. Numerous designing options can be obtained using these boxes that are generally not supported on general boxes. Such boxes are commonly used to package various valuable items like:

  • Premium chocolates
  • Jewelry pieces
  • High-end cosmetics and perfumes
  • Board games
  • Exclusive food items
Custom printed rigid packaging and setup boxes

What makes these boxes even more outstanding is their ability to be constructed as desired. Every box dimension and facet can be organized for the brand’s benefit. But what is the key to better box appeal? You need to employ distinct packaging of rigid stock to be able to generate the marketing properties out of them. There are some tips that experts abide by to churn out executive boxes. These are:

First: Decide on the thickness

First things first. The base needs to be determined to construct the ideal box type. Thicknesses define the durability and support that the box offers. However, it should also gel together with your planned costs. Professionals can help you out in obtaining cost-effective boxes that are the right formation of price and sturdiness.

Your boxes must be able to travel from point A to B with ease and minimal damage. Make sure that the boxes also have exceptional designs that make it impossible for potential buyers to ignore them. You need to be practical about your packaging and determine the kind of products you need the rigid material for.

For instance, delicate items need a more supportive base than jewelry or food products. Retailing your products need packaging that carries the brand identity for creating the highest impact. Your custom printed retail packaging must adhere to your basic guidelines in terms of brand identity and motto for customers to attach a satisfactory level of reliability with it.

Second: Communicate impressive brand values

The packaging should be made a part of your overall marketing drive. Ensure that the boxes speak favorably for your brand through positive appeal and well-structured content. It is not possible to design the packages every fortnight, there has to be a certain thought process that must construct a viable promotional material for display on these boxes.  They provide the biggest canvas for painting your brand image so make sure that you do it well. Tailored packaging boxes offer ample room for every type of content and communication desirable for brand recognition.

Customers react better to a good brand story. Custom printed rigid packaging and setup boxes directly engage customers and are prone to sell in greater quantities. You need to state relevant info for customers to take a serious interest in your offerings. Why? Because no matter how attractive your boxes are, if they fail to connect with the intended buyers, the whole purpose of designing can go in vain. In short, it has to be fit for the task.

Third: Choose the branding elements diligently

Rigid material symbolizes a superior product line. Thus, it is often used in the market for exclusive products where hundreds of rival brands thrive. How can you cut through that? The boxes can be your best bet! They consume buyers by providing a visual pitch and aid in fostering brand recognition. For this reason, brands often make their logos the center of attraction of their packaging designs.

Thinking out of the box would help you overcome all obstacles to achieve a smart packaging box that allures customers at all retail points. They must not think about alternatives when they see your packaging and this can be realized by styling the boxes in line with your products’ functionalities. A box of delicacies would appear different than a watch packaging and so on. Too much noise on your boxes can also backfire. The secret is to keep a balance of aesthetics and customer demands to generate the optimum box that promotes branding like no other.

Fourth: Put forward your USP

The markets are overflowing with homogenous items. To stand apart, you need to determine what makes your brand and items distinct from others. The packaging can be of great help here too. Rigidness can bring a lot of opportunities to the table. Your personal touches can elevate the way customers think about your brand. For new entrants, this could a survival tool that they mustn’t let go of!

Artworks are not everybody’s cup of tea. This is why outsourcing helps. You can have your intrinsic details be incorporated in your box designs without spending a fortune or eons to create. Some simple clicks can get you there with total contentment. Whether it’s a specific theme, graphics, or catering to certain customer demographics, every design and box type can be crafted paring any hassle.

Fifth: Be remembered pleasantly

The whole purpose of presenting your brand delightfully is that customers can remember the unboxing feel and order again. The moment of anticipation when someone approaches your boxes to open them is a great time to draw attention to your marketing tactics.


The many tips and tricks of assembling your custom printed rigid packaging and setup boxes can help with reaching an unbreakable grade of trust with your consumers that stay with them forever.

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