7 Effective Ways to Deal with Excessive Sweating

Deal with Excessive Sweating
Deal with Excessive Sweating

Many people usually have hyperhidrosis. A condition that makes you sweat from different parts of the body, including your hands, recurrently. It may make you insecure, for example, when you are called for an occasion or a job interview, and you start sweating on your hands. For this reason, many people have been researching how to get rid of sweaty hands.

That is why I decided to come up with this simple article on how to get rid of sweaty hands, which is easy to read and understand. I will give you the most simple and detailed ways other than invasive methods such as surgery. Hence you will be able to find a solution to your sweaty hands immediately after reading this article.

Causes of sweaty hands

Before looking at how to get rid of sweaty hands, we must look at what causes sweaty hands. Sweaty hands usually come from heated sweat glands, which make one sweat excessively, thus leading to hyperhidrosis. It is not connected to any physical activity.

It makes your hands sweaty whether the temperature is optimal or not. Hyperhidrosis condition is said to be hereditary, and hence you should not worry about it. Because it will never interfere with your medical health. However, the conditions may be a clear indication that you are suffering from;

  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Infections
  • Low blood sugar
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Menopause

If you have more symptoms apart from sweaty hands, you need to contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Ways of getting rid of sweaty hands

The best seven ways that you can use to get rid of sweaty hands include;

1. Washing your hands

Cleaning your hands more frequently is the first most useful way you can use to get rid of sweaty hands. It will help in cooling your skin and preventing unwanted sweats. You should not use detergents such as soap since they may dry up your skin and raise sweating. However, you may apply them when your hands are very dirty.

It would be best to reduce your palm dampness by properly drying your hands with a towel after washing them. It will help in the removal of any excess moisture on your skin surface.

2. Maintaining sufficient water levels in the body

If you are suffering from sweaty hands, then staying dehydrated may be the best for you. Meaning, you should take a lot of water to cool your body by reducing the temperature. It also helps in the reduction of stress and extra sweaty hands.

3. Removal of moisture from your hands

There are some powders which you can use to get rid of sweaty hands. Good examples include; chalk, baby powder, etc. The powders are meant to moisturize your hands by absorbing excess sweat from your palm. After applying them, you will feel the dryness and coolness of your hands

4. Avoid stress

Stress may be a great cause of sweaty hands. Whether emotional, physical, or social stress, it is usually advisable to keep them off since they may lead to various complications. You can also contact the nearest therapist of your doctor to help you with what to do. 

However, you may perform activities such as yoga, meditation, a new exercise routine, etc. To help you get rid of stress. When you do this, it will be a great way of doing away with sweaty hands.

5. Having a towel or cloth every time

A towel or a cloth can positively contribute to getting rid of sweaty hands. You may use it in wiping your hands whenever you feel like you are starting to sweat excessively. The towel will be able to absorb moisture, thus making you obtain the best outcomes.

6. Application of an antiperspirant on your hands

An antiperspirant is usually vital in the daily control of underarm sweat. However, it can also be a better way of dealing with sweaty hands. Before applying it, make sure that you have dried your hands with a towel or a cloth. You need to apply a smaller amount.

7. Steer clear of greasy lotion

In some cases, knowing the best lotion to use may be quite challenging. It would be best if you only used the lotion, which makes your hands dry. However, it would be best to keep off lotions made from petroleum jelly since they will wet your palms, thus leading to excessive sweat.

Summing up

The above seven ways mark the best methods on how to get rid of sweaty hands. You should try them and see if they suit you. However, you may choose medical attention if the condition persists and if there is no other change after using the procedures discussed above.

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