6 Great Off-Beat Destinations in Himachal Pradesh for Solo Travelers

Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

The trend of traveling alone has been on a constant rise in recent years. Among the traveling community, many popular ‘Instagram Travelers and bloggers post about their solo adventures and about the challenges they have faced on their journeys. Social media has made people more aware of the fact that traveling alone safely is very much possible.

Also, solo travel is a very unique experience and most popular among the introverts among us. However, there are people of all age groups who are always intrigued about solo travel possibilities. Some people might not think Solo Travel is a good idea for having fun. Most people travel in groups to feel safe and also to engage in some social activities while they are traveling. 

However, solo travel options are plenty in India but it is still not for everyone. This is because people who prefer to socialize might find themselves getting bored throughout the trip. Before you choose to travel solo make sure to understand if you are happy in your own company.

Solo Trip to Himachal

The gorgeous state of Himachal Pradesh is always blooming with natural beauty. It is an ideal holiday destination for adventure tourists, honeymooners, large groups, and solo travelers alike. If you are planning a solo trip to Himachal, it is a good idea to know what activities you would be engaging yourself in. 

In the following list, we have compiled the top 6 destinations which are great for solo travelers. These destinations include places where you can enjoy a variety of activities suited for all kinds of travelers who are taking a solo trip to Himachal. The below-mentioned list includes many offbeat destinations that are perfect for a solo traveler. These destinations are some of the best solo trip places in Himachal Pradesh which are lesser-known to regular tourists.

Following is the summarized list of some offbeat destinations which are perfect for a Himachal solo trip.

  1. Barot Valley
  2. Tirthan Valley
  3. Pabbar Valley
  4. Karsog Valley
  5. Daranghati
  6. Jibhi

Some of the above-mentioned solo travel places in Himachal Pradesh might not be easy to travel to. But visiting these places might bring you the experiences which can be some of the most memorable journeys of your life. If you wish to get in touch with your travel agent, then there are many Himachal tour packages you can book to make your journey easier.

Some people might not consider traveling by booking Himachal travel packages as a Solo Trip. But still, there might be some extreme trekking destinations that might require some assistance from a guide. If you have never trekked before and are not sure if you can acclimatize yourself well, then it is probably a good idea to book any of the Himachal tour packages that can take you to your dream destination safely.

Here are the best solo trip places in Himachal Pradeshin detail.

1. Barot Valley

Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

View of Barot Valley (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Although Barot has gained significant popularity among the trekking and camping community of travelers, still it is considered an offbeat destination for many. This place is a secluded destination and is a great place for a solo traveler who is wishing to escape the concrete jungle of the city.

Barot is around 65 kilometers away from the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Barot is situated along with the Uhl river which is part of the famous Beas river. The river is popular for its trout fish. 

Travelers engage in trout fishing which is then cooked and eaten. There are several fish farms you can find along the banks of the Uhl river. Several tour operators offer camp-based accommodation which includes meals and other activities such as trekking and fishing. 

Barot is a beautiful destination surrounded by green fields and forest areas full of cedar trees. Taking a long walk in the surrounding areas are created for the self-reflection for introverted individuals. This serene destination should be considered if you wish to escape the general tourist crowd during your solo travel to Himachal Pradesh.

  • Nearest Airport: Bhuntar Airport, Kullu
  • Best time to visit: Summer months of April until June
  • Activities: Trekking, Camping, and Fishing

2. Tirthan Valley

Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan River (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

This beautiful destination is slowly gaining popularity among tourists from all over the world. This gorgeous valley is situated near the river of Tirthan and surrounded by the beautiful landscape which includes the Great Himalayan National Park. 

Although if you contact a tour operator you might find Himachal travel packages to Tirthan Valley quite easily. But as far as the regular tourists are concerned, Tirthan Valley is still considered a secret tourist destination. Tirthan valley is roughly around 550 kilometers away from Delhi. 

Tirthan Valley has many Eco-tourism projects that are going on due to its location near the Great Himalayan National Park. Many non-governmental, as well as governmental bodies, exist to make sure that nature is preserved as much as possible. The rich bio-diverse land is great for photographers and bird-watching enthusiasts.

If you are a solo traveler, Tirthan Valley is perfect for you as it gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are many tourist activities available in and around Tirthan Valley. To make your Himachal solo trip exciting, you can engage yourself in the adventure activity of river crossing which is done using a safety harness.

Also, you can visit the famous Jalori Pass which is great for trekking as a solo traveler. And lastly, you can visit the mesmerizing destination of Jibhi which is a great place to relax in the lap of nature. Many cottages are built in the Victorian architectural style. Jalori Pass is a must-visit destination near Tirthan Valley. 

Tirthan Valley is one of the best solo travel places in Himachal Pradesh to truly relax amidst nature and enjoy the blooming flowers in the Spring season. 

  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh Airport
  • Best time to visit: Summer months of March until June
  • Activities: Trekking and River-Crossing

3. Pabbar Valley

pabbar valley

Grassland in Pabbar Valley (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Your Himachal solo trip would be incomplete without visiting the enchanting destination of Pabbar Valley. It is a secluded destination not known to many tourists who visit Himachal Pradesh. Pabbar valley is also known by Rohru. There are two ways to reach Pabbar Valley. One route is from Dehradun to Chakrata and then to Rohru. The other one starts from Shimla to Theog and then to Rohru.

Pabbar Valley is famous for its panoramic beauty which is a great experience for solo travelers. If you are planning to do solo travel to Himachal Pradesh, then Pabbar Valley should not be missed at all also one of the must visit place in Shimla. 

Chansal Pass is a great place to visit near Pabbar Valley as it provides a beautiful trekking experience through the best of nature’s views. Trekking through the forests along the valley is one of the best experiences a solo traveler can have. You can find many places for camping and fishing activities. 

Recently, the adventure activity of Rafting and Paragliding has also attracted many tourists from all over India. Due to this, Pabbar Valley has become popular among adventure travelers as well. 

The Pabbar Valley area may be going to attract a lot of tourists and more commercial projects might end up ruining the raw beauty of the landscape. This year could be the best time to visit Pabbar Valley and truly experience nature’s best destination.

  • Nearest Airport: Dehradun (Jolly Grant) Airport & Shimla Airport
  • Best time to visit: Summer months of March until June
  • Activities: Trekking, Camping, and Fishing

4. Karsog Valley (Chindi)

karsog valley

Karsog Valley, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Chindi is another hidden gem in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This place is particularly inspiriting for creative individuals because of its serene beauty that attracts many solo travelers from all over India. 

Karsog Valley is situated at a distance of around 112 kilometers away from the Shimla Airport. There are cabs available directly from the Shimla airport to Karsog Valley. The Shimla Railway station is also located in Shimla if you are traveling by train.

The peaceful Karsor Valley is an ideal destination to help you relax away from the city’s noise and pollution. It is one of the best places to truly enjoy trekking through the lush green forests with the beautiful background of the mountains. During the Spring season, Karsog valley is a particularly beautiful destination to visit. 

Also, there are many temples and religious sites to explore nearby. The popular temples include Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple and Someshwar Mahadev Temple. The other activities that you can enjoy are mountain biking and camping. The place is beautiful to enjoy these activities as you can completely relax amidst natural surroundings.

As a solo traveler, it is a great place to engage yourself in some creative reflection or any creative endeavor such as Writing, Painting or Photography, etc. Karsog is still quite an off-beat destination ideal for people planning a solo trip to Himachal.

  • Nearest Airport: Shimla Airport
  • Best time to visit: February to July
  • Activities: Trekking, Camping, Temple visiting, and Mountain Biking

5. Daranghati


Rare Butterfly in Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Daranghati is located near the Daran Village which is located in the district of Shimla. Daranghati is one of the best kept secret destinations of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for the Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary which is located nearby.

Undoubtedly, Daranghati is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Himachal Pradesh because of its rich bio-diverse landscapes and breath-taking views of the mountains. During the spring season, this destination is blooming with life and is a great source of inspiration for the travelers on the solo trip to Himachal. 

One thing to note before traveling here is that there are not many accommodation facilities available for the tourists. It is usually considered a day-trip destination for many travelers. However, you can find places to camp nearby and maybe ask a few travel operators to arrange for a camping site.

Driving here could be challenging due to the road conditions, however, it is worth the effort to behold the beauty that is unique to this area of Himachal Pradesh. The nearest destination is Sarahan which is sort of a gateway to Kinnaur Valley.

  • Nearest Airport: Shimla Airport
  • Best time to visit: March to June
  • Activities: Trekking and Camping

6. Jibhi


A view of Banjar Valley from Jibhi (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jibhi can be reached if you travel towards Banjar Valley and then take a road to Jalori Pass. This hidden treasure of a destination is a great place to visit for solo travelers because of its beauty alone. This peaceful destination is not known to many regular tourists and because of this reason, there is an uncorrupted beauty about this place. 

It is a great experience to stay at one of the homestays in the local village and experience the local Himachali culture. You can get to taste the locally home-made food in various places in the village. There are several attractions to enjoy nearby. 

As a solo traveler, you can cherish the natural beauty and majesty of the Tirthan River and Shringi Vatika which is a popular homestay for tourists. This place will make you lose the sense of time and give you enough space to completely relax. 

There are also some official campsites at Jalori Pass where you can experience the calm and peaceful surroundings. For solo travelers, it is an amazing destination for relaxation. Being away from the city in a peaceful place can give you a perspective towards your life and maybe help you re-prioritize some things in your life.

  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh Airport
  • Best time to visit: March to July
  • Activities: Trekking and Camping

These were the destinations that are lesser-known and are the best places for solo travelers who wish to experience a little bit of solitude away from the crowd. Traveling alone can be scary sometimes, but the experience of traveling on your own can change you from within in a very positive way. Socializing with new people will give you an understanding of a different culture.

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