Difference‌ ‌Between‌ ‌B2B‌ ‌Lead‌ ‌Generation‌ ‌& ‌B2B‌ Lead‌ ‌Nurturing?‌

B2B‌ ‌Lead‌ ‌Generation‌
B2B‌ ‌Lead‌ ‌Generation‌

In the B2B Marketing world, the terms ‘lead generation’ and ‘lead nurturing’ is used regularly. However, usually, individuals commit an error in understanding the distinction and think that these terms are substitutes to each other.

Lead generation and lead nurturing are a primary part of any inbound marketing methodology. Truth be told, without a lead generation methodology, your business won’t have the option to fight in the present intense market.

Thus, we should clear this up! Here’s a crisp and straightforward definition for each term:

Lead Generation

It is the process of getting new leads from different online marketing processes like – Content Marketing, Emails, Pay-Per-Click, Website Design, Social Media, and SEO handled to entice and bring potential buyers. Lead generation concentrates on obtaining new leads.

Lead Nurturing

This is the method of truly establishing healthy relationships with individual buyers with the purpose of converting them into loyal, paying clients. Lead nurturing thus concentrates more on qualified leads – people who have already demonstrated an engagement in your business. Businesses use various b2B prospecting tools to follow-up with their leads.

As it is obvious, the two terms are moderately comparable; anyway, lead generation is the primary bar on the B2B sales methodology, while lead nurturing is the second one. The objective of lead generation is to find or discover individuals who are truly keen on your business. Then again, lead nurturing (like the title recommends) is the place where you endeavor to guide and persuade somebody through the purchasing cycle.

What is the importance of Lead Nurturing and Lead Generation?

The method of B2B lead generation and B2b lead nurturing is an excellent chance to produce and share engaging online content. Businesses can allow their clients some kind of relevant, intriguing content to get their loyalty and trust. The content could be anything from social media posts, blogs, offers, to other online resources such as eBooks or checklist template.

Moreover, making content with the end goal of lead generation is a great method to improve your business’ Google positioning. The more high-quality, completely advanced links you have on the web the more prominent the chance of your site being hailed in the search results for specific keywords.

Lead generation followed by lead nurturing is perhaps the best technique for really advancing your business to accomplish more sales. Sharing your content online with intrigued individuals, and afterward following up those leads, will help you in achieving your goal of yearly sales. Also, if your new clients like your services they will remain with you and ideally refer your brand to their friends and loved ones.

What are the problems with Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing?

In, B2B sales practices, Lead generation, and lead nurturing isn’t an easy process. There are many cases when it takes months to turn a visitor into a lead, and then into a loyal customer. That is why lead generation can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you’re targeting highly niche people. Although, when done in the right manner the benefits of obtaining a new lead and leading them throughout the buying process will far surpass the issue of waiting. You should know that patience is a virtue!

It also needs to be told that lead generation and sustaining can be costly, particularly when the consequences of the campaign aren’t what you wanted. A few organizations spend a dreadful amount of cash on lead generation with the expectation that it will draw in countless possible clients.

Consequently, it’s very substantial that organizations should focus on their key performance indicators (KPIs) to assist them in deciding whether a specific strategy is working or not. 

KPIs incorporate what number of individuals have you reached in a certain timescale? Are those individuals really intrigued by your products or services? What number of those leads would you say you were ready to contact? Subsequent to reaching them, were they actually inspired by what you are providing? You can utilize this data to decide whether your lead generation and nurturing are worth your business’ time, struggle, and cash.


So, lead generation and lead nurturing are interrelated and interdependent. You can say that lead nurturing holds more importance because this is the time period where you truly concentrate on the consumers that have enough potential, rather than trying to contact someone who doesn’t seem very excited.

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