Unforgettable Farewell Gifts For Your Colleague For A Memorable Goodbye

Farewell Gifts For Your Colleague
Farewell Gifts For Your Colleague

So, someone has finally dropped a resignation letter from your office group? I know it hurts, it hurts really bad. All the flashbacks start coming to your mind like the day they first came to the office, or the day you two became friends. But now it’s like a full stop to the fun, laughs and while the other person moves on, you are left with memories only.

Well, we all are aware of the fact that nothing is permanent in this constantly changing world, especially in the professional world. One has to leave someday or the other. In the name of career. So, all you can do is bid them adieu, though with a heavy heart but with lots of best wishes and some gifts that will remind them of you no matter where they go in the world. 

You know you cannot go anywhere they go, nor can you stop them from going. The only thing that you can do is give them memories that they can carry everywhere in the form of gifts. Gifts are special because they are ideal for any type of occasion or let’s just say situation. Of course, you share a professional relationship with your colleague and may not be able to show all your emotions, your gifts will do it for you.

Plus, presenting gifts is a sign of a good gesture. Keeping in mind what colleagues can mean to you sometimes and still being professional, I have listed down some unforgettable gift ideas that will help you say goodbye to this person in the most memorable way. Pick up your notepad to jot down the ideas to order online gifts for her or him.  

Memory book

Let’s start something that is solely memories and nothing else. I’m talking about a memory book. What is a memory book? It is nothing new, it’s the same scrapbook that you used to prepare as fifth graders. I know I know you are grown up now, but have you stopped clicking pictures? No, right? So, why should putting them in a scrapbook should ever stop? It is just a way of storing memories.

I’m sure during their tenure, you people must have clicked a lot of random, or maybe funny pictures. Time to put them together in a book. Your colleague will love to see to all the great times that he or she had in this office. Also, if you can, pen down a message against each picture to make the book extra special. 

Personalised mug

Another amazing gift that will remind them of you every morning, it’s a personalized mug. They are just changing their office, not their habits. I’m sure they will still sip in their morning tea or coffee. Every time they sip coffee, they will be reminded of you because the coffee will be served in a mug that is personalized.

Now, since you have an open option to get the mug customized, you have an endless number of options to choose from. You can get a picture printed, a picture of you two, or an inspirational quote, or maybe an emotion that describes how much they will be missed. As I said that the gift can say hundreds of emotions that you may not be comfortable saying to them on their face. 

Inspirational sticky notes

Since you want some unforgettable gifts for this favorite colleague, you can give something that will stay up on their new office desk. For that, I would list down the idea of inspirational sticky notes. These sticky notes will stay right there in front of them all day on their office desk, how will they ever forget you.

So, prepare a box of sticky notes which have inspiration notes on them. Also, this gift will keep them motivated in the new office and help them do better in the new work environment. So, get ready to pen down some inspiration because your coworker is going to need some motivation on their new way. 

Zen garden

Another amazing gift that they can easily keep on their new desk, is a zen garden. This mini zen garden is a cute compact gift that is enough to make sure they never forget you.

These are some memorable gifts for an unforgettable goodbye to your fellow colleague. 

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