Electric Scooter Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Before making a decision to purchase an item, it is necessary to know accurately how that thing works. Having said that, you need to understand how an electric scooter works. An electric scooter is powered by battery that is charged and it doesn’t require fuel to move it. The battery is charged by plugging it on electric scooter and this saves on cash you would have used on fuel.

The electric scooter has numerous components such as brakes, tires, batteries, and handlebars. It is necessary that you understand each and every component of the scooter so that you can get the best out of it. This article explores various factors you require to consider when purchasing an electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Buying Guide

6 Factors to Consider while buying an Electric Scooter

The Electric Scooter Tires

Tires are an essential part of an electric scooter. The two common tires include inflated air tires and rubberized solid tires.

Rubberized solid tires are those tires that don’t need air to move. They’re constructed using solid rubber and this makes them to have less absorbent features. Thus, this type of tires doesn’t absorb in bumpy and hard surfaces. The advantage of the tires is that they never go flat. Also, they’re water and explosion proof.

Inflated air tires are also constructed using rubber. Nonetheless, it has an inner tube that is filled with air. They apply the concept that is similar to that of bicycle and motorcycle. The benefit of rubber tires is that they can absorb any form of pressure very fast. They’re perfect for off-roads and basically any form of terrains. The disadvantage of the tires is that they can get flat and you will need to mend the tube to continue with the journey. The pneumatic tires or inflatable air tires are preferable and we would advise you to buy such.


Most people would prefer to buy the best electric scooters for commuting for urban use. Thus, speed is a major factor while deciding on what electric scooter to use. There are diverse electric scooter models that are available in the market and they come with diverse speed range. An electric scooter for kids has a maximum speed limit of up to 10-12 miles per hour. While looking for an adult electric scooter, you can select one with about 25 miles per hour.


Common electric scooters come fitted with lead-acid batteries that help to power the scooter. However, high-end models of electric scooter significantly rely on lithium ion battery tech that is very superior in diverse ways. We recommend that you buy electric scooters that are fitted with lithium ion battery because it’s lightweight and charges faster. The lead-acid batteries on the other hand are heavy and take longer time period to ensure it is fully charged.

Maximum Range

The range of an electric scooter is an efficient feature when buying your motorized scooter. The way a scooter is used greatly determines its performance. An electric scooter that carries carry heavy weight will cover lesser range as compared to one that caries less weight.

Most adult electric scooters can cover a range of 7-12 miles on a single charge whilst that for a kid can covers about 5-8 miles per charge. Additionally, there are other aspects that can persuade the range of an electric scooter. They include height, weight, terrain, hills, and the number of stops you make determines the overall range.


The weight of your electric scooter is an essential factor to consider when buying an electric scooter. It is important that you consider the weight of your scooter as it has influence on the general range it can cover. Larger sized electric scooter needs a lot of skill to maneuver compared to light ones. However, they are powerful and have high performance making you to enjoy the ride. We suggest that you buy a scooter that you can be able to fold and carry.

Breaking Structure

Riding your electric scooter needs maximum safety and this can be guaranteed with superior braking system. Imagine riding at top speed of maximum 40mph and the brakes don’t function well. Will you not fall and injure yourself if confronted with danger? Also, ensure that you wear a helmet and other protective feature before you go out to ride your electric scooter. It is vital that you consider an electric scooter with both front and back brakes. Preferably, find one with disc brakes that are more reliable.

Final Thought

Safety is paramount as you ride on your electric scooter. Ensure that you buy yourself a helmet and other protective gears to stay safe all the time. Also, follow this guide and ensure that the electric scooter that you purchase has all the important features that we have explored in this article.

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