Must-Do Things During Maldives Vacay To Embrace the Best of Maldives Honeymoon

Maldives Honeymoon
Maldives Honeymoon

Sometimes, we all get busy with our lives that we almost forget to take some time off for ourselves and our loved ones. And nothing could be better than a refreshing vacation in the Maldives with your soulmate, right? If you’re also looking forward to picking the Maldives honeymoon packages for your vacay, then this article might just be the end of your search!

What Does A Trip to Maldives Mean Exactly?

Imagine yourself waking up with the stretched views of the majestic Indian Ocean, and your private butler brings your favorite food in your private island resort stay! This is what a trip to the Maldives exactly looks like. From pampering spa treatments to refreshing yoga & meditation seasons at the beach, the Maldives island is known for its breathtaking landscapes, luxury in abundance, and pampered in bulk.

Pick Underwater Dinner Experience

The Maldives is full of luxury and surprise at the same time, and this you’ll realize when you’ll take your sweetheart to the Ithaa Restaurant, which is settled at the Conrad Maldives in AlifDhaal Atoll. This restaurant is an underwater restaurant where you can dine or breakfast with the corals swaying around while witnessing the colorful marine life. Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is situated 5 m below the surface of the Ocean, which makes it the most amazing romantic spot in the Maldives.

Boat Cruising in Maldives

The Maldives has many local and private island resorts to get around with your soulmate. If you want to witness the best of local life in the Maldives, then you can’t miss the island-hopping tours. Pick an ideal Maldives honeymoon package and make sure it includes a luxury cruise boat ride or a private boat equipped private lunchtime. Couples on an island-hopping tour can avail of romantic photography sessions on the cruise.


The very first look of islands in the Maldives will take your breath away! The islands have aquamarine blue waters, turquoise lagoons, and heaps of adventure sports to test your adrenaline.

Things You Need to Take Care for Planning Perfect Maldives Honeymoon Vacay!

Pick the Right Island

With around 1100+ islands under its belt, most of the Maldives islands are the place for locals to stay, and some of them are converted into private island resorts to increase Tourism in the Maldives. You can explore the Male island, the capital of Maldives, which has some best affordable staying options, plus, it also has luxurious staying options and sightseeing places to cover.

However, local islands in the Maldives are prohibited from wearing bikinis and drinking wine. So, if you want to party like an animal and romance like a beast, then you must make your stay at the private island resort like Baros, Vaadhoo Island, Maafushi, and more. Remember that private island resorts have water pool villas and spa centers inside it.

All About Sea Planes

You have to take the seaplane ride if you select to stay in a private island resort on your Maldives honeymoon vacay! It’s the fastest way of travel to reach the far located islands, and most of the private island resorts are located approxone-hour distance from Male, the capital. Make sure that you asked your Maldives vacay planner to quote you the inclusive price of seaplane ride in your Maldives tour package.

Advice – you can’t book a ride to seaplane as the seaplane rides are booked by the private island resorts itself for their guests. The average cost of seaplane transfer starts @ $400 per person return.

Speedboat Transfer

The best affordable way to get around the Maldives is speedboat. Island hopping is best done on speedboats since it’s the most affordable way! Speedboats can be booked online at an approx cost of $20-$25 per person.

How to Plan A Romantic Date in Maldives?

Only at private island resorts, a romantic date is best executed. Most private island resorts have their dining restaurants and bars set up on the beach, and you, as a couple, can ask your resort to arrange a splendid romantic evening amidst the sea breeze on the beach. This experience is something which you’ll never forget even after your 50+ years of marriage!

So, make some new memories and enjoy the euphoric ambiance of the Maldives with your dear one!

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