What is The Essence of Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

After a long and serious illness or in case of mental development disorders, a person often needs a long time to recover and return to normal life. It happens, for example, that as a result of an accident, a person loses his hand. Then his life is literally turned upside down: he thinks that now he will no longer have a full life, and he will not be able to do what he knew how to do before.

For such a person, against the background of a psychological problem, other difficulties also arise: cooking dinner, ironing clothes, or going to the store to shop. It is in such cases that doctors recommend occupational therapy as restoration and treatment. This process will help a person learn to live anew and do the usual actions in a new state for him.

Occupational therapy refers to a person’s labor activity aimed at treating him from any disease or as an accompanying rehabilitation measure in the main treatment. This kind of therapy has recently become very popular in the treatment of people suffering from mental illness and there are a lot of occupational therapy volunteer opportunities San Gabriel Valley.

As part of occupational therapy, patients are offered feasible loads that the doctor selects individually for each patient. The assembly of simple appliances, sewing, gluing envelopes or cardboard products, gardening or specially equipped workshops, knitting, weaving, working with ceramics, sculpting, typewriting, working on machines and much more is used in occupational therapy. It is important that the type of activity was pleasant to the patient, and the load corresponded to his capabilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of occupational therapy

In addition to the fact that this type of treatment and rehabilitation brings real benefits in the form of manufactured items, a well-kept garden, etc., it also helps the patient to escape from negative thoughts about the disease. Occupational therapy sets a goal for the patient, which he is trying to achieve: to make a pot of clay or sweep the platform. Performing any work, a person understands its specific needs, and also makes a certain physical effort to achieve a result. Feasible physical activity is very useful for humans. During occupational therapy, he encounters difficulties that he learns to overcome, finds solutions to problems, fosters patience, attention and the ability to concentrate.

What kind of squash game?

As a rule, occupational therapy is used for a group of patients, therefore, it also teaches to build relationships in the team. One of the main advantages of therapy is to receive positive emotions from the process and the result of work.

Among the shortcomings can be called the possible inverse effect of occupational therapy in case of improper distribution of load or type of work for the patient. All such work is carried out under the supervision of medical staff and in compliance with safety regulations.

All ages are submissive to work

For older people who move a little, explaining this by poor health, it is especially important to keep yourself in good shape and do the hard work every day, move. After all, the absence of moderate stress leads sooner or later to muscle atrophy.

Occupational therapy is used for a variety of neurological, orthopedic, mental illnesses. The most effective treatment with labor takes place in combination with massage and physiotherapy.

Types of occupational therapy:

Restorative (tonic)

It is a means of increasing the overall vitality of the patient and creates psychological prerequisites for readaptation;

Self-service training (domestic rehabilitation)

This species can be started as early as possible since its goal is to eliminate the patient’s helplessness;

Recovery (functional)

The goal – the impact on the damaged part of the body, organ or system to restore the function impaired by the pathological process through appropriately selected types of labor activity;

Entertaining (employment therapy)

Its purpose is to reduce the severity of aggravating factors caused by a pronounced prolonged stay in bed or in a medical institution;


It is aimed at restoring production skills and preparing (training) a new profession;

Art therapy is an active corrective effect through various forms of art, primarily on the emotional status of patients. The method is used both independently and in a complex rehabilitation program. Art therapy is well combined with music therapy, aromatherapy. 

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