Free Icons and Vectors: Definitive Guide To Finding Free Vector Images

Free Vector Icons
Free Vector Icons

Do you have your list of image and video providers but every time you need to design a logo you go crazy? Are you a web designer and do not have graphic resources to illustrate that specific page that the client has requested? You don’t know what the hell a vector is but you have to present several proposals?

You are in luck, what we are going to tell you is going to interest you! (paired tooooma). 

Starting at the beginning

What is a vector?

A vector, vectorized or vectorized image is a digital image, made up of geometric objects such as polygons, segments … So that we understand each other, these types of images are not made up of pixels. They are flexible files with an impeccable image quality and although they are used by experienced designers, they are especially useful for amateurs, since they allow to have a very professional-looking website without the need for their own designs .

A very common use of vectors is that of corporate logos or icons on a web page, that is, they are used to represent concepts clearly and visually.

More graphic, impossible

What can vectors be used for?

  • Social networks and blogs: To differentiate yourself with a personal design.
  • Web design: Optimize the user experience, provide confidence, visually display a list of services …
  • PowerPoint presentations: To entertain and energize.
  • Infographics and downloadable ebooks or guides … Any lead magnet (a resource that they give you in exchange for your data) can be made with icons and vectors to be more educational and fun.
  • Digital marketing resources or for printing ( Media kits, Press releases, posters, cards, flyers …): To obtain good quality. 

What are the advantages of using vectors on a web page?

In the first point I have given you a hint … The main advantage is that the vectors do not lose quality no matter how much you enlarge them. Not a pixel hear!

Although the thing does not stop there: 

  1. Converting vectors to PNG, GIF, or JPG images is a very simple task.
  2. Vectors can be edited, resized, or scaled without losing quality.
  3. Vector images have good resolution and are very sharp.
  4. Clearly convey concepts or ideas at a glance.
  5. They provide dynamism in presentations, enumerations, etc. 
  6. In addition, if you know how to optimize them correctly, they should not slow down your page, one of the factors that Google penalizes the most in web positioning.

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Can you make your own vectors yourself?

Yeah sure. You could create your own vectors if you had enough knowledge of graphic design and with a program like Adobe Illustrator: they would be unique and singular …

But creating a good vector requires time and experience, and if you’re starting with your website, you probably don’t have one or the other… The good news is that the internet is full of specific pages where you can download free vectors .

An advice! Your logo must always be a vector, in order to be able to use it flexibly at any time and space. The normal thing is that the logo is ordered in vector file format (EPS, AI, SVG …) from a graphic designer, as well as other own resources destined to marketing actions. But if you have a low budget, you can always create your logo from a resource available on one of the royalty-free vector image websites that I recommend or try designing with these tools for beginners . 

The best websites to download vectors and icons


It is the reference website for downloading vectors and other graphic resources that you need, both for personal and commercial use. Of course, if you do not want to pay, you must attribute the author of the image. In addition, it also offers a lot of good quality free photos and images.


This website surprised me a lot and I have it in my bookmarks bar. In addition to having more than a million free vectors, created by a community of graphic designers, they have templates for any theme you can think of. 


They have not eaten much of the coconut with the name, but with how practical it is to find free vectors. Of course, you better do the searches in English. It will return you more accurate results. 


We have already told you about this free and collaborative image bank, and it is one of the ones we use the most at the agency due to its versatility. As for vectors, they have more than 100,000 of all kinds.


The thing is about icons! On this popular website you have a lot to choose from. More than 3 million (yes, yes, millions) of icons in various formats (and editable, of course) PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD AND BASE 64 free to use but also paid.  


This website has 6,500 icons and vectors of its own design. They come in packs separated by themes and searches must be done in English. Of course, you have to make attribution when publishing them.

Do not be fooled by the little current aspect of the page, it has more than 73,000 free vectors ready to download and it’s cool that you can filter by format and color. This saves you time searching for the vector you need. 


Others who have not eaten the jar. Direct and practical. Almost 5 million icons in SVG format. They are not free, although the basic plan, with 10 downloads a month, is quite inexpensive and they always have a little discount active. 

Public Domain Vectors

Download free vectors and royalty-free without registration.

* Most of the vectors that you can download from these pages are free resources, royalty free and do not need attribution. When it comes to payment vectors, you will see it clearly indicated, as well as the need to cite the author or create a link to the page that provides the resource (attribution).

Although we normally design the vector images that we need for the development of the web projects that come our way, sometimes we need to look for some extra resources, such as royalty-free images or royalty-free videos to get exactly the corporate image we need to that very specific web design that the client has requested. And you do you think? Have we been left with any web in the inkwell? Where do you get graphic resources when you need them?

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