A Guide on Choosing Exercise Equipment for Home Use

Choosing Exercise Equipment for Home

I personally find the gym to be noisy, crowded, smelly, stuffy, dirty, and just plain uncomfortable at times. Those reasons plus the fact that I have to spend time driving to and from the gym. Often makes me really dislike the idea of going to the gym to exercise.

If you are not one of those gym types and prefer to workout at home. You might think that you would have to spend a ton of money to get a full home gym up and running. That is not true.

 There is no sense in going out and spending a bunch of money on super expensive home fitness exercise equipment (especially if you are just starting off a new exercise regime).

Choosing Exercise Equipment for Home

In this post, I’ll go over some effective and yet low-cost exercise equipment for home use. Choosing Exercise Equipment for Home will help you get a full-body workout at home without breaking the bank.

1. Open space

Okay, I cheated here. I know open space is not equipment, but I wanted to stress how important it is. Space is absolutely necessary and the more space you have, the more varying your exercise routines can be.

In the open space, you can do so many exercises such as running, walking jogging. You can also consider the best treadmill for your effective running, jogging and walking exercise. But when you run outside it feels you more energies as you get fresh air that feels you stress-free.

2. Fitness Ball

You can get a great full-body workout with the fitness ball. Go ahead and search YouTube for “fitness ball exercises” and you’ll get tons of high-quality fitness ball exercises. That will keep you busy for a really long time. If you can only afford to buy one item on this list, buy the fitness ball.

The most interesting thing that I personally like about fitness balls is you can make yourself fit by playing with this ball. So if you like to play with the ball can want to keep fit by playing with the ball. Then you can consider it in your daily fitness routine.

3. Resistance Bands Set

I consider resistance bands as the cheap alternative to dumbbells. Although bands can’t do some things dumbbells can, dumbbells can’t do some things a band can either. Once you get your hands on some resistance bands, start with finding the best video related to resistance bands use on youtube and following the video for a great set of band exercises. If you get tired, check out YouTube again for more videos on resistance bands.

4. Pilates/Yoga Mat

Some exercise routines such as Pilates and Yoga are not meant to be done without a mat (as you can slip and seriously hurt yourself). I use my mat to do many things including yoga and the P90X Ab Ripper routine. I recommend that you get a semi-thick pad as those are more versatile and can be used to save pain when laying on hard surfaces.

If you sweat a lot when you do yoga/pilates, I also recommend getting a yoga mat towel to place over your mat during your workout to prevent slipping. For getting the know-how to actually exercise or yoga by the yoga mat. You can search on youtube about it. And watch the video can get and apply the steps in your daily workout journey.

What’s the Damage?

The total cost of all these very versatile exercise equipment should run you around ~$65. You only need ~$65 to get a full-body workout at home. As I said earlier, there are tons of exercise videos on YouTube so be sure to head there if you get bored with these exercises! If you have a favourite cheap home exercise equipment, not on this list, feel free to let us know in the comments section on the Gedgetsworld website.

Final Words or Conclusion

In this article, we have finally gone through some of the exercise equipment for your home use. As I have already shared my personal choice or recommendation. That is fitness ball. The reason for choosing this is simple. Because it keeps you fit while playing. That means you can play with this along with doing exercise.

I am sharing here, the well researched point or article based upon my research for many days or reading the expert reviews. However, if you got any question to ask then feel free to comment us

Also if you find this is a valuable article then do share it with others so that they can also get benefits of this exercise equipments.

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