Pros and Cons of Hair Extensions For Your Hairs

Hair Extensions

One of the easiest ways to give you a quick and drastic change with your look is to use hair extensions in your hair. Is using the hair extension a new challenge for you?

Hair Extensions For Your hair

Before committing to extensions, you will definitely want to learn the pros and cons of hair extensions. This tutorial is because of providing actually information.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can consist of either human or synthetic hair. They can also be made from a combination of both synthetic and human hair, and also from animal hair.

Human hair extensions are the most sought after. They are added to your own hair by one of several means: braiding, bonding, weaving, or strand-by-stand.

Typically the process is performed by a skilled hairstylist in a salon, however, many people will put extensions in while in the comfort of their own home.

If applied correctly, many extensions will last up to four months – at this point, the glued bond will begin to loosen.

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The Pros

Hair extensions can definitely be fun and can give a drastic change to your existing look. There are many pros to having extensions. Get the benefits of having long hair without having to grow out your own for years.

You aren’t committed to hair extensions forever- you can change this look whenever you choose. You can work beading and other things into the hair for a different look without damaging your own hair.

Hair extensions aren’t too bad to care for if you know how to properly do so. Extensions can be fairly versatile- you can also style extensions and cut them as if they were your own hair.

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The Cons

There are several cons to having hair extensions, ones that you should consider seriously before committing to them. The most important one to consider is that hair extensions can do considerable damage to your real hair.

When the glue is applied to attach the extensions to your hair, it can burn and split the ends of your hair. When removing them, you will have to cut the ends of your natural hair to cut the extensions and the burnt hair out.

Hair extensions can also cause thinning to your natural hair. Long heavy extensions will apply pressure to your scalp, which can thin your growing hair.

In the case of heavy extensions, you may also experience headaches from the strain of the hair. You may even react to the bonding glue that is used to apply for the extensions.

If your plan is to grow your hair out, and you’re thinking of using extensions in the meantime, consider how the extensions are going to damage your hair that you are trying to grow.

The cost of hair extensions is also a deterrent, as they can be very pricey to have put in- partly because of the price of the extension, and partly because of the time involved in paying someone to put them in.

The most important thing to consider when placing hair extensions is to have a QUALIFIED professional put them in for you. You’ll want to avoid any damage to your natural hair and have proper instruction on how to care for them.


If you’re considering hair extensions, you need to seriously think about the pros and cons before going through with it and whether you need to invest in a hair extension kit.

Although extensions aren’t permanent, they are costly and will do some damage to your hair. It is best to find an expert who is very familiar with the process and upkeep and ask for their advice. If you do decide to have extensions put in, have fun with your new look!


Using a comfortable hair extension is not only gives you a better look but also maintains your hair for a long time. Most women like to make ponytails, and this is a great property of hair extension.

In fact, some women also like to open hair for a long time but due to the high level of pollution outside, unable to do it well. Again this extension is such a wonderful good to fulfill the desire.

In the last, we have covered most of the advantages and disadvantages in this post. If you have any queries then feel free to comment to us. Cheer up!

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