Choosing Best Hairstyles For Wedding

Hairstyles For Wedding
Hairstyles For Wedding

If you have this Big Day ahead of you and you are wondering how to style your hair, we have a gallery with fashionable hairstyles for your wedding. In addition, ideas for hairstyles for guests and hairstyles for the girls’ wedding. This theme comes back every year and is hot every year. Hairstyles for the wedding... Fashionable, elegant, but also those that will last all night. For long and short hair. There is no denying that the hairstyle is a very important part of the whole wedding style.

The wedding is one of the most important days in life and every bride wants to look phenomenal then. We choose a fabulous dress, pay a lot of attention to makeup or nail styling. The whole thing is of course complemented by the hairstyle. If you’re thinking about styling for the wedding, I prepared for you a gallery with hairstyles for the wedding. At the beginning there are nice long hairstyles for the wedding.


Ponytail for the wedding is a great idea. I suggest higher ponytails with wavy hair. Slight teasing and placing the hair at the base will optically increase the volume of the whole hairstyle. You can add some extras (e.g. diadem, glowing pins) to the ponytail. You might as well opt for a more toned down look and a smoother hairstyle. It is worth pulling out a few strands of hair around your face.

Long Hairstyles

Another idea for wedding long hairstyles are various braids. They can be as fancy as those shown in the photographs. Braids and other braids will fit perfectly into the boho style – but not only.

If you have long hair and like braids, think about the cheated braid too. In the gallery you will find various ideas for a cheated braid and instructions on how to make it.

Lightly pinned up hair is a classic wedding hairstyle. It is elegant, faceted and beautifully exposes the neckline of the dress, earrings and wedding hair decorations. Which hairstyle to choose? Romantic chignon, which looks like a wind-blown or smooth minimalist updo? See our suggestions and choose your favorite one.

Elegant and minimalist

Smooth bun can look stunning. Hailey Bieber, among others, has chosen this hairstyle for a reason. Such a hairstyle is beautifully composed with a simple, classic wedding dress and elegant princesses. If you think that such a hairstyle is too “polite” for you, let a few strands of hair out of your face. This is how Princess Meghan, for example, did it.

Romantic wedding updos

A definite favourite in this year’s trends! This is actually the most universal hairstyle, which will blend beautifully with both eclectic, boho dresses as well as lace or elegant creations. Romantic updos add girly charm but also sex appeal. And the loose strands of hair slip the face wonderfully.

Pearl wedding updos

The biggest jewelry trend of this season will help conjure up a beautiful hairstyle in almost every style. Because the brides can put on pearl chains woven into their hair, elegant girls will be delighted with single pearls pinned to their strands, and romantics with classic armbands and very modern clips.

Wedding braids

Not from today it is known that braids give women a girly, natural charm. And in your wedding updo you can use them in many ways. You can attach such a braid, try on a crown or decide on a chignon made of … chosen braid.

Wedding braids – updos

Invariably for years, these different updos have been referred to as the most fashionable hairstyles for a wedding. While in the past, updos used to be worn with high chignons and heavily teased hair (to gain volume), today they are more ephemeral. They often form a duo with shiny accessories or braids.

It is worth letting go of a few strands near your face, so the hairstyle is very romantic. It is also worth noting that these updos are rather low set. You can also bet on more structured updos – as in the second and third photo. Such chignons for the wedding will surely also draw guests’ attention.

Hairstyles for a wedding short hair

I also prepared proposals for nice wedding hairstyles with short hair. After all, not every bride has long strands. And she doesn’t have to, because short hairstyles also look fabulous. In case of short hair it is worth betting on some characteristic decoration. It can be a garland, an armband or a hairpin. Hair can be styled “smoothly”. (as in the first photo), comb back and shine gently (the second proposal) or put on a characteristic pixie cut and slightly tousled hair (as in the third photo).

The same is true for shoulder to shoulder hairstyles for a wedding. Here, too, such accessories as garlands or decorative pins are leading the way. It is worth curling your hair a bit and getting the effect of romantic waves. Such waves look lovely and extremely girly, emphasizing the delicacy of the bride.

Definitely the brides choose slightly curly hairstyles with accessories. Curls for a wedding (also for shoulder hair) are a great idea. In the third photo you can also see that really short hair can also be interestingly styled for a wedding. In this case, the hair is straightened (the hairstyle is already characteristic enough and there is no need to add a claw). An interesting accent is the side braid, which “softens” the whole image. And a fashionable color with a delicate pink glow. See the trendiest hair colors for spring 2019.

If you want to have beautiful hair at your wedding, it is worth taking care of it. Don’t you have long hair? Maybe it is worth deciding on an extension? Viola Hair store offer hair extension pliers, tape in hair extensions and u-tip hair extensions.

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