Healthy Grilling Barbecuing Tips for This Summer

Healthy Grilling Barbecuing Tips
Healthy Grilling Barbecuing Tips

Summertime is perfect for outdoor activities like sports in nature, chilling with friends, and a good barbecue. The advantage is a good time you spend with your friends or family but certain disadvantages include a not-so-healthy diet and also over-processed food that will not compliment your belly and waistline. Bad quality meat, especially when it’s grilled at very high temperatures can cause cancer or colon issues. Could there be healthy ways of making delicious barbecue meat and enjoying a nice day with friends? 

Clean your grill properly 

Dried out and piled up rests of food or dirt are neither healthy nor tasty so make sure you follow some of these steps to make sure your grill is clean before putting some fresh meat on it. The best thing is to have a good habit of cleaning the grill after using it, but in case you haven’t done that, do it before using it next time. Canola oil can be good for this purpose. Spray it on the grates while they’re still cold and heat them later. Brush any leftover dirt with a stiff wire brush. You can use soap and damp cloth as well in case there is any dirt that won’t go away easily. 

Marinating the meat

There is a way for having a tastier and healthier meat diet and it’s done by marinating the meat before grilling it. It is proven that this prevents the cancerogenic from developing on such high heat. You can use plenty of sauces and ingredients you can use like Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, honey, mustard, or lime. The Internet is full of recipes and you can even try out something exotic like Asian cuisine advice and recipes to prepare meat

Choose well

Opt for meat cuts that don’t contain that much fat. Chicken breast cuts are an excellent choice, and make sure you remove the extra skin since it has a lot of fat under it. There is plenty of choices when it comes to meat, just make sure you choose tasty and good quality meat cuts

If you’re looking for what to grill, it is recommendable white fish such as plaice, halibut, cod, and haddock, pork tenderloin, skinless chicken breasts, or lean cuts of steak like flank steak, tenderloin, or sirloin. Stay away from cuts of steak that have heavy marbling such as a New York strip or rib-eye, which will be much fattier and thus less healthy. If you’re grilling in summer, make use of a large quantity of fresh, seasonal produce. Vegetables are a must and they are excellent on the grill as well. Also, try grilled fruit because the heat makes them sweeter. 

The side dishes 

Grilling doesn’t have to be all about meat. It was mentioned that fruits and vegetables are grill-friendly as well. Make them your side dishes along with a good meat cut and you will enjoy a great quality lunch. Use beets with olive oil stemmed edamame or artichokes. Make sure you don’t overdo them since vegetables shouldn’t be crispy but juicy. Fruit gets crunchy, caramelized, and sweet when grilled.

Although it contains sugar it’s still more healthy than products you buy at the supermarket. Some fruits are surprisingly delicious on the grill like watermelon, peaches drizzled with a little oil, nectarines, bananas, cherries, pineapple, pears, grapefruits, mangos, etc. Some of them can be served with a mascarpone dressing or other types of cheese. 

If you want to completely enjoy the time spent in the countryside, then a good barbecue is an ideal activity for your friends and you. Bear in mind that there should be a small procedure you should follow. A little bit of responsibility for cleaning the mess and preventing the dirty grill harm your meat and health. Make sure you choose an excellent piece of meat since it’s much healthier and tastier. Forget the burgers and hot dogs.

The following step is the side dish where you have plenty of seasonal vegetables to choose from and grill as well. Last but not least is the fruit that should be served as a dessert. Don’t forget to clean once again after grilling so you will have it all set for the next time. Enjoy your healthy meal. 

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