How To Prevent Pests In Your Home

Are you the owner of a beautiful home? Then you face many challenges. Prominent among them is the arrival of unwanted unwelcome guests in your home. Did you guess what we talked about? It is a pest. How would you feel if woken in the middle of the night by a flying cockroach? Yikes? Did the thought send a shiver up the spine? Did you search on the internet for preventing pests in your home and landed on this page? Then please read this article fully on how to prevent pests in your home.

If the summer is getting to the last days, you can be sure of a pest infestation. Now let us look into some facts on how to prevent pests in your home.

1.Keep The Recipes and Foods In Tight Lid Jars

pieces of food

Ants and cockroaches love left-over foods, crumbs, and recipes. It is better to store food right in jars or containers which have rubber seals. When we say leftover foods, do you know the real meaning? Please note, that the words do not mean that the areas are dirty, it just says about pieces of food that are attached in the appliances. If you do not wash the dishes after dinner and leave them in the washbasin, it becomes the best attraction for pests. Now, since the kitchen is the heart of a home, and the food is prepared in the same space, having pests can create health issues for your family members.

Dangerous bacteria such as E Coli and Salmonella can spread in kitchen surfaces in the urine and droppings. So, food can get contaminated. It is vital to have the appliances clean. This is one best method on how to prevent pests in your home.

2.Keeping the Trash Can Clean

every two weeks to cleanIt is mandatory to have space around the trash can clean. You need to empty the container at least every two days. And as we have already mentioned, pests get easily attracted to the area where they can find food and shelter. Ensure that it is not the place where the trash can is kept. You should also clean the trash can every two weeks to clean it of any residue or food stains. This is another method on how to prevent pests in your home.

3.Holes or Cracks in Walls

prevent cockroaches

Do you have holes, cracks in the home walls? Or do you have vents by which the insects can enter your home? Ensure that you seal them. By this method, you can prevent cockroaches and other pests from entering the home. Okay, you feel that the home is a fortress and there can be no cracks in the wall. Let us give an idea. There may be space beneath the doors, and in the spaces where drains, pipes and wires pass through. Yes, a bandicoot cannot get inside your home, but what about the tiny insects and ants from the garden? It is mandatory to seal cracks in the walls of your home. This is one of the best methods suggested by home improvement experts on how to prevent pests in your home.

4. Garden


Do you have a garden in your home? Is it a showstopper for your home? Then ensure that the leaves and plants are situated at a safe distance from your home. The pests can easily get the way to your home. So ensure you take the right precautions.

5.Leaking Pipes/Appliances/Standing Water

many home pestsDo you know standing water can be a lifesaver for many home pests? One example, a cockroach can stay without food for a week, but it needs water to survive. Also, if the dishwasher has suffered a leak, then the food particles serve as the main attraction for rats and mice. Now coming to standing water, mosquitoes need them to breed. If you have placed on the terrace where water becomes a standing fixture, then it is hard to keep the mosquitoes at bay. By sealing the leaks, you know the best possible method on how to prevent pests in your home. In the latter part of the article, we will discuss with a special topic on how to prevent mosquitoes from growing too large numbers in your home/near your home.

6.What About The Windows?

Does one of your family members close all the windows in his room, because of fear of pests? Yes, then ensure that the screens are fixed on them. So, the fresh air can make an entry and the pests will not be able to come inside. Please note, you need to install a mesh to prevent the tiny insects or they will just squeeze their way through the holes.


always give sleeplessThe one pest which can always give sleepless nights to any homeowner. You can prevent a termite infestation with difficulty. But if any of the wooden structures get infected, then you have to spend more money to get the entire place clean. The best way to prevent termites is to prevent wood clutters near your home. The more clutter you have in the home, the easier you are making termites attack your home.

8.Wood Piles

the wood piles

It is not only termites, but space can also become the favorite breeding ground for many pests such as mice and ants. The wily creatures they are, the mice prefer dark and damp places for making their nest. And if garbage bins are nearby, it becomes very easy to make a living. They have got their home and you are serving food on a plate via the uncleaned trash can. You can make use of sticky papers, pepper sprays, and zappers to prevent the pests from coming to the place. And yes, you need to move the wood piles away from your home.


Do you have pets in the home? Dogs? Are they hairy? Then ensure that their fur stays free from fleas. The reason, once the fleas enter a home, they can easily spread. You need to vacuum the floor of the home regularly to avoid pest infestation.

How To Prevent Pests In Your Home – Mosquitoes

If there is one pest that can be found in many countries in the globe, and a headache for every family member, it is mosquitoes. They become a nuisance in the cool season and multiply in summer. If proper steps are not taken for control, they can multiply by the thousands and can become the source for many health problems such as malaria.

How many times have you cursed the pest, mosquito, when it used the wings to wake you up from a deep sleep? And yes, the bites. They are itchy and can sometimes cause rashes. If you have a new-born baby at home, then it is mandatory to ensure the safety from mosquito bites.

        1.The Best Prevention Tips Against Mosquitoes

How do the mosquitoes multiply? By their eggs. And they lay eggs in standing water. If you remove the source, then it is an effective method to prevent mosquitoes in the yard. Also, only the female mosquitoes feed on blood. The males feed on plant juice. And so, if you ensure that the male mosquitoes do not stray on fruit trees or any other source near the household, then the female counterparts may also follow.

         2. Drainage System

There are many who take pride in the fact, the leaks and cracks have become fixed. But little do they know, the pests use water from the gutter to give rise to large numbers. So just check the drainage system. Does the water remain stagnant due to leaves and other debris blocking the pipe? Then it is an issue for concern.

         3. Outside Water Sources

Do you keep water outside for the birds and squirrels? Then please ensure to change the water every day. So, the mosquito breeding comes to a halt.

         4. Swimming Pools

Have a personal swimming pond in your home? Then ensure to follow the schedule as per the Government agencies. If you have a pond or lake nearby the home, consider adding the fishes to eat mosquito larvae.

         5. Outdoor Lighting

Do you know about the special type of light bulbs called as bug lights? The wavelength emitted by these bugs is not attractive to insects. So space will have very few mosquitoes.

Have You Tried Every Method In The Book And Still …………

There are times when every trick and method you have tried has failed. So, what is the next step? Call the professionals. They will know the right measures to identify the root source and eradicate the mosquitoes from your home environment.

How To Prevent Pests The Right Way

Yes, the DIY method is easy, but it can become costly. And then there are the regulations. You should follow certain principles to keep the pests away from home. Let us look into the regulations you need to follow on how to prevent pests in your home.

Usage of Pesticides

  1. You need to ensure that children and pets are kept at a safe distance from the places where pesticides have been applied. This is the first step of defense on how to prevent pests in your home.
  2. If the pests have overridden the first line of defense, then make use of baits. This is against rodents and mice.
  3. The pesticide for a specific trouble monger insect or reptile should be sprayed only at a specific spot and not over the entire room.
  4. Ensure that you have proper information about the pesticide. If it is a powder, then your family members must not suffer from any allergy. There are some pest chemicals which should not be used indoors.
  5. If the pest problem has been solved, know the proper steps to dispose of pesticide containers. Usage of pesticide powder in a large amount can spoil the health of your family members and children.
  6. Do not use the empty pesticide containers for storing food or any other item.
  7. Do not forget to read the labels properly. The reason, labels give instructions on how to use the product
  • In safe mode
  • Storing the pesticide safely
  • Instruction on usage
  • Phone numbers to call, if in need, for an emergency.

Conclusion – How To Prevent Pests In Your Home

In Indian society, maintaining the home clean is an important part of the culture. But you, staying in urban cities, may have little time for yourself. So, it is very rare that you can immediately identify a pest infestation unless you have elders in the home. As per a normal household, you go to the office so does your spouse. And the children to school or other educational institutions. Okay, so let us assume a situation. Let us imagine, you are in Mumbai, and have a home on the outskirts of the city. You usually go to a place every month. During one such stay, you notice that the termites have slowly started creating a space for themselves. Your next step? To contact the company which provides the best termite or pest control services in Mumbai. But how will you do it? In recent times, it is very easy.

You can download the app for home services company and hire the best pest control company within five minutes. The concerned company team will come to your home, conduct an inspection and then give a detailed account of the cost and treatment involved. You can discuss with your family members and then go for the treatment. Please note that the treatment is offered at affordable rates. You can put a tight stop to any kind of pest attack by this method. So, there ends the article on how to prevent pests in your home.

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