Human Resources: Top 5 Most Common Challenges HR Face

Human Resources

Every business and every job responsibility comes with challenges that are sure to emerge. It’s crucial to experience these challenges since they give us the motivation to learn more and sharpen our skills. The Human Resources department has greatly shown how they face these challenges on an everyday basis, recognizing it as one of the toughest corporate positions. 

The obstacles that HR staff face every day are different which make them better professionals. These can include new hires, company norms, and employee grievances. But among these many hurdles, certain HR challenges are more distinct 

With that being said, here are some of the most common HR challenges together with solutions you can immediately in your company. 

1. Complying with government rules 

Human Resources

The HR department must be well-versed with rules and regulations, especially when it comes to compliance with government rules. In this busy business space, the only constant thing are the changes. Thus, a company must be in complete accordance with it. 

If a business fails to comply, it can result in hefty fees and penalties. Aside from the extra expenses, it will only destroy the company’s reputation. This will eventually impact the hiring and maintaining the workforce. Make sure you are always one with these rules and regulations and check the company if they are following them. 

In order to approach this, if you’re the HR manager or supervisor, you must make sure that all HR teams must continuously follow the governing corporate rules in their respective country. However, this depends in every country. For instance, if you’re in the US, you need to verify with the US Department of Labour for updated regulations. 

2. Change in the management 

There can be management changes when a business grows. When this happens, its structure, strategies, and internal processes develop with it. There are some employees who are having a tough time adjusting with these changes. This is why during this time of change, many companies experiences reduced morale and productivity. 

To get through this challenge, if you are the owner of the company, you need to pay attention to communicating the benefits of the change for all of your employees. You may conduct daily staff meetings which is a great place to start. If your team gets to understand the reason and answer to how, why, and when of the change they’ll be more likely to get on board. 

3. Hiring the suited employees 

Human Resources

Hiring is definitely the first thing that comes to the mind of everyone when they think about human resources.  Although this is not the only thing, there is no doubt that it’s an essential facet of the work. For a company to be successful, the HR support must have the best hiring strategies. 

It’s important for the HR department to have the best hiring techniques at play to employ the best people. However, the challenge here is the HR should also focus on other things and not only on competency, including persona, career goals, cultural fit, etc.

To hire the best ones, the human resource management should do many essential things, such as doing skill tests, knowing the future goals of the applicants, employee persona, and past work experiences, etc. When implementing these, you may want to consider investing in various recruitment tools to help you. 

The business world is a fast-paced world, this is why it’s not unusual for HR professionals to employ a third party in this process. The third parties are experts in staffing a particular company with permanent or temporary hires in companies whenever it’s needed. 

4. Training and development of lower-level employees

Businesses are expected to provide training and development of lower-level positions. However, this one of the common HR problems and several businesses have difficulty the resources to do so. Employees working front lines are some of your hardest workers, and possibly not given the time to undergo a training course. 

You don’t actually need a lot of time or money when providing training and development. A cheaper option you can is to recruit senior leadership and managers to mentor their subordinate employees. Aside from that, employees can be provided with online training courses which can happen at their own pace. If you want to have a productive and loyal team, it’s proper to invest in your workforce. 

 5. Retaining the employees 

Human Resources

Lastly, one of the HR’s common challenges is employee retention. It is a critical problem because as hard it is to make a hire, it’s also similar to retaining one. Since there’s plenty of different employment options out there, employees today have a lot of opportunities available today. 

So, if the employees are not treated well, there are a lot of other options out there that can do that. This is why employees resign or attrition is turning to a real danger to companies everywhere. This turnover not only destroys the working environment and productivity but also increases costs as well. 

The correct way to approach this, remember that the first few days of onboarding in retention is a critical part because it’s true that the first impression is the final impression. Research says that hires who experienced the correct and appropriate onboarding process will most likely serve up to 3 years than ones that don’t. 

Moreover, it’s important to provide proper processes in the first several days of the hire such as providing the right job description, structured plan, designation playbook with duties, feedback, and mentor matching.

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