Types of Architects

Know The Different Types of Architects

Architects are licensed professionals who create the overall aesthetics of the building structures. Many people know that architects are design experts, but only a few of them know that there are different types of architects. Every person needs to know about the kinds of architects because it helps him hire the right architect. For example, if you plan to build a new home on land in the Bay Area, you must hire a residential housing architect.

Types of Architects

This blog will let you know the different types of architects to select the right one as per the type of your project.

Residential Architects

As the name implies, these architects are involved in residential housing architecture planning. Their work includes collaborating with the homeowners to improve their existing homes or create a new design for their families. They also work with home builders and developers. For instance, if the developer wants to make a large subdivision, these architects’ role is to design the different types of houses.

If you hire architects for residential housing architecture in San Francisco, you will also support the functional and spatial requirements of your building’s design. The architects also help clients in planning the estimated cost of the project. The clients also get support in selecting the building materials from the architects.

Commercial Architects

Commercial architects are responsible for handling the larger-scale projects and work with different private and public enterprises. Their work includes developing the designs for buildings like public libraries, factories, government facilities, shopping malls, etc. They create beautiful building designs that please the mass public.

Like the residential architects, the commercial architects’ work is also not simple because they have to create building designs that look beautiful and meet all the clients’ expectations. Also, they have to take care that their design should handle the high traffic.

Besides this, commercial architects also require the knowledge of different building codes and a few engineering fundamentals.

Restoration Architects

The restoration architects’ job includes maintaining, repairing, and extending the historic and protective structures’ life. Therefore these architects require legislative knowledge in addition to planning of the structure. In short, the restoration architect’s role is to preserve the structure instead of enhancing its beauty.

Landscape Architects

Clear from the name, these are the architects who focus on developing and designing the outdoor spaces where people can enjoy—these structures include parks, college campuses, garden areas, etc. If you want to build a garden area outside of your home, in addition to residential housing architecture in San Francisco, you also need to hire landscape architects.

Interior Designers

You all are aware of the term interior designing. The work of interior designers includes designing the internal structure of different structures like homes, offices, etc. They have an in-depth understanding of interior design concepts like fabrics, materials, colors, furniture design, etc. They also know how to get most of the living spaces and create the most space-friendly designs for their clients.

While residential housing architects create the most beautiful exterior building designs, the interior designer architects create eye-catching interior designs of the buildings.

Green Design Architects

When the term green connects with the term architecture, it means creating eco-friendly designs. Therefore, these architects take care of all environmental factors while creating a layout. They are also responsible for creating such strategies that promote sustainable development and reduce future energy costs for the clients.

Industrial Architects

Industrial architects have expertise in creating different designs for industries. Some industrial buildings include factories, warehouses, storage buildings, transport hubs, terminals, etc. The main aim of industrial architects is to create such designs for industries that streamline industrial operations.

Research Architects

These are the architects who focus on studying and analyzing different architectural concepts. They also write research books on various concepts of architectural design. Their books help other architects in planning and design. They also make other architects about the multiple technologies they can use in their respective fields.

Urban Designers

Urban designers or architects are involved in city planning architecture. They focus on the whole area rather than an individual building. For example, the Bay Area residential architects focus on a particular structure. In contrast, urban designers or architects focus on city planning in the Bay Area, San Francisco.

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