List of 7 Best Personal Safety Apps in 2021

Personal Safety Apps

While all the safety apps on the list are introduced to provide personal safety, some are better than others for particular situations. Below is a list of some of the most common emergencies we run into in our daily lives. It’s worth considering which emergency situation you’re most likely to meet and then finding an app that works for that situation.

Personal Safety Apps

1. Bsafe

Your safety isn’t black and white, it is grey. You might be on a date that might make you feel slightly unsafe, or at a business party where you get that constant nagging feeling in your tummy. Bsafe is a nice bonus that can create fake calls to provide you with an excuse to get up from the seat and leave an uncomfortable position. If you’ve permitted your location services and invitations to your friends who would be tracking your movements.

2. Circle of 6

Circle of 6 was made with college and school students in mind. With a welcoming and easy-to-use interface, this app will help you or your kids escape complicated situations by informing 6 friends of your choice. A few taps will send out 3 saved text messages to your friends. The app can also plan a fake interruption in the form of a call in case you are stuck on a creepy date. The app covers pre-programmed national helpline numbers and local numbers so you can customize campus security, police or 911.

3. Kitestring

If you don’t want to install an actual app, Kitestring works by sending you a normal text message every time you’re in a business meeting, a walk, or any sort of meeting. If you don’t reply, it will automatically send your contacts a personalized alert message. There is no need for a smartphone to sign up.

4. Watch over me

One of the first aspects to consider when selecting a personal safety app is which app is going to be the simplest to use in a possible emergency. The personal safety app Watch Over Me functions by setting a simple timer in any kind of situation you feel nervous about.

In this time your GPS will be tracked and if you do not hit the button ‘’I’m Safe’’ once the timer is up, an alert message is sent to your emergency contacts comprising your exact location. In the occurrence of an active emergency, an alert is set off by just shaking your phone. The alert contacts all your emergency contacts, an alarm is set off and the app will immediately start video recording.

5. First aid – American Red Cross 

Whether you have a health condition or are attempting out on a hike, you could barely do worse than the American Red Cross for help and assistance. The First Aid app offers several features designed to assist you in the event of a medical emergency: you can contact people directly through the app, as well as watch hundreds of video tutorials, stepwise first-aid tips, and get all the pre-loaded safety information that helps even when you don’t have WiFi.

6. SafetyScope

SafetyScope is introducing an emergency video recording app that offers complete safety to the users. Share location, video recording, video sharing, audio call, stealth mode, and much more to protect you from any kinds of emergency. This app will protect you by being in your pocket. Created by experts to offer you complete security in your palm. A complete safety package for you, your friends and family members. The app is made especially for people who are more prone to criminal activities. An easy user interface will help kids quickly act during an emergency. GPS will update you about real-time locations as well.

7. React Mobile

We know how much you love our smartphones, there are times you will be without them, and it’s significant that in times of emergency there is a method to call for help outside our trusty phones. The app React Mobile has a clever key-ring device that connects with an app on your phone via Bluetooth, this way you can get help faster if your phone is locked or out of your reach when there is a need for help. During an emergency, you can press the button on the device which directly alerts your emergency contacts.


Now that you are aware of the 7 best apps for personal safety, you can freely roam around and attend meetings or events. We believe safety is the most important thing in our life and any person’s safety is the responsibility of the whole society. Let’s come together to protect everyone with the help of the latest technology. A combined effort will bring back peace in our world and everyone will be safe around us. Let’s pledge to protect everyone.

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