Natural Lighting Tips For Wedding Photoshoot

Lighting Tips For Wedding Photoshoot
Lighting Tips For Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding photography is one of the constantly growing businesses in the world. Indian marriages are an amalgamation of colors, festivities, and fun. The marriage functions in Kerala, as well as, other regions in the country are witnessing constant changes, with couples introducing new ideas to make their marriage different. Wedding photography became a challenging task, with the escalation of competition among professional photographers. Besides directives from the couples for innovative concepts that will distinguish their wedding photoshoot from others.

Professionals use natural lighting and flashlights to capture the image in the right tone. And to add a touch of elegance to each of the photos. Exploration of out-of-the-box concepts would help one to use the possibilities of natural lighting, to get distinctive results. Needless to say, natural lighting has a grace and vibrancy that can never be claimed by artificial lights. Experiment with the natural lighting tips before trying it out during the wedding photoshoots. It will be helpful in evaluating the efficiency of each shot and deciding upon using those at the function.

1. Explore the Possibilities of the Available Light

Golden hour photoshoot is the most advisable thing when you consider natural lighting. Nevertheless, it won’t be possible to shoot all the pictures at the same time. The photographer has to understand the characteristics of the natural light, vis-à-vis, the position of the subject.  Most essentially, one should evaluate the intensity of the light before planning the wedding. Direct light on the subject (bride, groom, or both) will not be a desirable position, as it can impact the detailing of the image. It will be better if you could diffuse the light or use reflectors to lighten up the shaded/less-lighted area.

2. Indoor Photography Using Natural Light

Large, open, windows are one of the ideal spots to get some catchy images indoors.  Timing of the photoshoot and the availability of sunlight are vital to obtaining brilliant images. You can make use of reflectors if you want some additional effect. Ask the bride/ groom/ both to pose sideways beside the window. The natural side-lighting will brighten the image and make it distinctive. The windows can also be used for capturing silhouette images.

3. A Dramatic Image with Natural Light

Light peeping out through clouds, funneling through trees,  or light shafting through gaps in an artificial construction could be utilized to dramatize wedding photography. Place subject (s) at the focal point of the channelized light. The light will reflect on them and will deliver a magical luminescence.  Creativity along with technical perfection is vital for making this type of photo work.

4. Appealing Images in Soft Light

Low contrast lights, or diffused sunlight, may not be available during summers. A wedding photoshoot planned on an overcast day or in a large shade could get you soft light images. Such photos will have neither shadows nor sharp edges. A talented professional photographer can choose beautiful wedding couple poses that suit the lighting.

5. Perfect Balancing of Flashlight with Natural Light

Balancing flashlights with natural light perfectly is the ability of expert and experienced professionals. Else, you may not receive the intended results. The shutter speed has to be regulated to allow only a permissible amount of natural lighting. Those who are not experienced enough to experiment with this may practice it before trying it out on the clients.

6. Plan the Photos According to the Time of the Day

Wedding photoshoots need to be choreographed, planned, and organized to make the album outstanding and a cut above the rest. The poses, positioning of subjects, placement of properties etcetera must be finalized considering the time of the day. The images will be exceptional if you can evaluate the availability of light and the best way to use it.

7. Decide the Lighting Style in Advance

Rather than mixing up lights and causing an ambiguous style, fix a lighting pattern beforehand. Once you have finalized the lighting style, the same could be continued for the entire photoshoot. Thus offering a seamless flow of images. Otherwise, the photos may not offer a fluidity. And it may affect the beauty of the photoshoot. You can consult and discuss with the clients in advance. You may also show them examples of different photographic styles, for them to choose the right one.


Nowadays, technology plays a significant role in wedding photoshoots. We have modern digital accessories and software to enhance the photos. Even at this juncture, the thing that differentiates an excellent photoshoot from a normal one is the imaginative concepts, talent, and experience of the wedding photographer. This underscores the importance to hire a proven candid wedding photographer for pre-wedding, save the date, and post-wedding photoshoots.  It would be advisable to hire a single agency for the entire photoshoot requirements. It will render a fluidity in the images captured.

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