Men’s Business-Casuals

How to Pick Men’s Business-Casuals for Work when it’s Snowing

Business attire trends for men evolve constantly and new designs make a splash every other day. While most clothing choices are personal, external factors like the climate of the area, popular designs, and prices also affect a person’s selection. But despite influential factors, a businessman’s work attire comprises suits, ties, and of course, formal shoes.

Needless to say, the shirts, trousers, shoes, and suits range across the world is designed to complement global fashion choices, which are influenced by factors like the surroundings of any particular location. The dress code for summer and winter is as different as it gets. For instance, you’d want to wear different attire in scorching heat and an entirely different one when it’s snowing!

But apart from that, there’s another distinction between the kinds of business clothes you wear to work. And that’s where business casual attire comes in.

What does Business Casual Attire mean? 

In-office working trends have evolved tremendously over the previous years. Today, employers make an effort to go the extra mile to make their workforce feel comfortable. And an integral part of that is allowing them to feel less constricted in their skin. 

Men’s Business-Casuals

Talking about feeling comfortable, more and more workplaces are offering their employees a switch to business casual attire, which is a more comfortable version of the normal suited-and-booted look. 

Don’t get us wrong here, it doesn’t mean you can just walk up in a pair of shorts and flip-flops to your office! What it basically means is that you can slightly dress down from the complete suit. Let go of the tie, maybe even have an open collar.

Sounds kinda interesting, right? Well, if you’re intrigued, stick around with us and we’ll let you in on a few popular trends for business casual clothing and shoes for men for this winter. This guide will cover the hottest dressing styles recommended by some of the most renowned designers from across the world.

Let’s get started.

Let’s start with picking the Right Clothes (Considering Winters/Snow)

When it comes to men’s business-casuals, you have a lot of options. You can pick from patterns and colors, different kinds of shirts, trousers, jackets, and whatnot. Here’s how you can make sure you strike the right chords with your business-casual attire:


Let go of the stiff, crisp business shirts. Instead, try out a checked collared shirt on top of a basic white t-shirt. The reason why we ask you to incorporate an unbuttoned shirt up is ‘cause wearing just the t-shirt makes you look casual than needed. Equipping with this attire, your favorite Figaro chain and wayfarers surely will speak your swag as you stride.

Pro Tip: If it’s too cold or snowy, you can also team up the basic white shirt with a dress shirt as the second layer and finish off the look with a light sweater or cardigan. The entire idea is to give off a casual yet modish look rather than a stiff vibe.

●  Trousers

When it comes to trousers, picking dark-color ones that extend to the top of your shoe is recommended. We believe grippy or over-loose trousers will flop the look. Moreover, ankle-length trousers are not needed as pants are good-to-go if you need a full cover. Make sure, your trousers fit you well and feel comfortable. Because, if you don’t feel relaxed in your clothes, then there’s no point in wearing them.

Pro Tip: Fashion predictions and experts are of the unanimous opinion that brown is the color for 2020. Though the exact tint can vary between hazels and brown, it’s a color everyone, especially working men and women, must include in their wardrobe. So, try out trousers in shades of brown this winter. P.S: Strictly avoid loud colors because you’ll be in the spotlight but not for vogue. 


Though you might not need them when you’re inside your office, if you’re having a business meeting outdoors and it’s too cold or snowing, you might want to try your hands at tie-waist jackets that come with a belt. These are for those especially cold days when a simple sweater won’t do.

Moreover, we’d suggest leather jackets than silk and linen. Yes, silk/linen jackets have various pattern options but they don’t work well for the weather. So, choosing a brown or black shade leather jacket not only makes you look appealing but also keeps you mellow. 

Pro Tip: Jackets are best suited with contrasting trousers/shoes. If it is for business purposes, try adding a formal shoe to your casual dress. You can also wear sneakers or boots, but we believe formal footwear will get the job done. They’ll keep your feet warm as well as keep you in moda form.

Full Coats:

Don’t be surprised, global business attire trends have changed a bit, especially when the weather isn’t on your side. If it’s too cold or snowing, opting for a full coat instead of a blazer, not only provides warmth but also is super trendy. As casual gradually becomes the new formal, you can pair up your basic shirts/sweaters with a full coat. This is highly recommended as it gives off a casual yet “I mean serious business” vibe without going overboard.

Pro Tip: In winter 2020, the traditional full coat has undergone a complete makeover to give way for shearlings, which are extremely soft and comfortable. Even though shearlings are thought to be a luxury purchase, they’re definitely worth the money spent. Full coats adorned with transparent sunglasses, a thick scarf, and a beanie will execute a casual vibe and look super chic. Try it for yourself.

Answering the most common question – Is Jeans acceptable?

We know if you’re a “jeans kinda guy” you’re probably wondering if you can put on a pair of jeans as part of business casuals; you know, team it up with a shirt and a blazer maybe. To be honest, that look won’t work. Jeans are not considered appropriate for business purposes, even when talking about business casuals. You could probably pull off a pair of khakis or even corduroys, but avoid jeans if you want to be taken seriously at your workplace. 

Mens Formal Attire

What about the pricing?

When it comes to clothes, answering that question is really difficult since there are so many brands out there offering extremely different price ranges. Plus, the entire ensemble includes everything from shirts to trousers and jackets or coats. So it’s really about what you pick.

Now that we’ve covered the clothing, let’s take a look at what kinds of shoes are perfect for business casuals and what would be the ideal choice for the winter season.

How to Pick the Right Shoes (Considering Winters/Snow)

The type of shoe being used depends on which part of the world you’re living in. If you’re braving the sun, you’d want something lightweight and airy. But come winters, and you’d need something that can keep your feet warm and dry. Plus, when it comes to teaming up those shoes with business-casuals, things can get a little tricky.

But you have nothing to worry ‘coz we’re here to help you. We’ve consulted footwear experts from across the world and these are the shoes which according to them are best suited and most popular for winter 2020:

Huge boots:

Huge boots are much in demand this season. They’re the perfect companion for any outdoor event during the winter months, especially when it’s snowing. Boots are a must-have to move easily on snow-covered paths and get any sort of official work done. Plus, if such boots have a leather sole and a rubber patch on the sole, they can offer a great grip while walking so that you don’t slip.

Heavy-duty men’s lace-up boots look good with any attire like long coats and oversized jackets, so when you head out for work in extreme winters and have to brave a lot of snow, boots are what you should definitely consider.

Chukka boots & Jodhpur boots

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style, warmth, and comfort this winter, you don’t need to look further than the men’s chukka boots. These sleek boots are extremely foot-friendly and come in a whole array of colors to complement practically any attire. Chukka boots are often confused with Jodhpur boots that are very similar, but the difference lies in the height of both pairs.

While Chukkas are mostly ankle-high, Jodhpurs are slightly higher and usually sport a leather ankle strap and buckle. Keeping the consideration of winters aside for a moment, a good pair of Chukka boots and one of good quality Oxford shoes are all that any professional man would need for a complete shoe wardrobe.

Desert boots:

Don’t get confused by their name. Desert boots are not what you think. These are just another kind of dress shoes that are strong enough to withstand any type of weather, be it sand or snow. These shoes can help you easily move through deep snow even during heavy snow days. So, if you’re planning to venture out during heavy snowfall for your official work, make sure you pack your desert boots.

Plus, they’ll look very good with your best suit. In fact, you must definitely try this combination if you’re headed for a big meeting. Desert boots will help you leave the best first impression on your client.

Bean boots

While choosing shoes for the coming winter, try something different like bean boots. Though they’re not your usual winter boots, they’re quite popular in cold zones like the US and Canada. More and more people are turning to bean boots for comfort in the outdoors. These shoes offer a chic and classy look and also serve the purpose of keeping your feet warm and dry.

Colder weather calls for footwear that can withstand the harsh elements and doesn’t expose your feet to the icy cold temperature. But this doesn’t mean such shoes have to be stiff or made with hard feeling materials. Winter suitable shoes from comfort-conscious brands make sure your feet stay safe while not compromising on flexibility for your feet.

The unchallenged winner among business-casual shoes – Dress Shoes!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to buy ten different pairs of shoes for ten different purposes, you can just close your eyes and pick up a nice pair of dress shoes. Dress shoes have unanimously been voted as the ideal choice for practically any purpose.

Not just winters, dress shoes work great in hot and humid weather too! They’re lightweight and comfortable and that makes them ideally suited to any climate, hot or cold. And the best thing is that they’re readily available in the market at reasonable prices. For this reason, every man should have at least one pair of dress shoes in his wardrobe.

What about the pricing?

While it again depends on which brand you’re purchasing your winter shoes from, you can easily get your hands on a good pair of Oxford shoes, Chukka boots, dress shoes, or lace-up boots for a price range of $100 to $500.

Fashion Tips for Complete Business-Casual Attire in winter

Now that you know the basics, here’s something we thought you’d enjoy. Like every year, 2020 has also brought along the latest winter trends for men’s business-casual attire. Some of the hot-n-happening trends for the cold months ahead include:

Brown is this season’s color

While shopping in the coming months, be sure to include camel-colored cashmere, beige and sepia-colored shirts and suits, and of course, hazel coats/jackets. As blue sits pretty with brown, you can mix and match a blue shirt and brown trousers for the complete official look.

Go casual:

The trend this fall is to go casual, both outside and inside the workplace. So working people need not always be suited and booted. A casual workplace wardrobe is what one should be preparing for. This look can have many options like:

  • The complete checked look
  • Leather layers
  • Turtlenecks 
  • Tucked in t-shirts 

This list is endless as the choices are unending.


Working professionals can try out the mix and match combinations of their suits, jackets, shirts, pants, and shoes to come up with unique and different looks. Leather Boots, which are easy to navigate in the sun or snow, are a must-have in such a situation.

●   Revisit the 90s

This fall/winter, take a trip down memory lane and revisit the nostalgia of the 90s. With all the major clothes and shoe brands bringing back the patterns of the 90s, office goers can pamper themselves with some memories of the earlier times. Stepping out in 90’s style will not only make you feel young, but you’ll also stand out at professional as well as personal spaces for your signature attire.

Opt for suave, light-colored shoes

While looking for men’s shoes for the approaching winter, give priority to light colors like beige and brown. These colors sit pretty with all types of office attire and you can pair them with different colored coats like black and dark brown, among others. You can also wear them with dark denim on weekend workdays and even pair them up with wool trousers.

While fashion trends may come and go depending on the demands in the clothing and shoe markets, certain things will remain constant. And consistency is what makes any brand, whether it’s a suiting or shoe label, stand out.

To sum it up

Choosing business-casual attire for the winter season is extremely challenging as it involves a lot of looking around, trying out different brands, and getting to know their pros and cons to finally arrive at an ensemble you like. But with the right help (which we hope this guide was able to offer), you can hit the bull’s eye and make the right impression. So the next time you’re planning to step out for work during winters or snow, don’t forget to consult this guide for tips!

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