Amazing Places to visit in Jamaica, Nations of the Caribbean

Places to visit in Jamaica

located in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica is a country of magnificent mountains and high cliffs. It gives a spectacular never-to-be-forgotten experience by Cliffs and Mountains in Jamaica. That lasts in tourists’ hearts forever. Rainfall, high mountains with cliffs, full of green trees, water flows like a diamond in the river, river’ stones look like pearls. It gives tourists an unforgettable experience.

Those who are fond of traveling will find here the true definition of nature. Jamaica is a perfect place and there are many more things to do in Jamaica. You can ride here in the forest to see animals and can dive from the mountains.  You can enjoy the paragliding and bungee jump too on the ‘cliffs and mountains in Jamaica’.  

Jamaica is also known for its best resorts such as Moon Palace Jamaica, GoldenEye, Zoetry Montego Bay Jamaica, and so on. Some resorts are situated on the best Seashores in Europe which are attractive and attractive for the tourist. Here you can visit historical places, some of which have been standing for 200 years.

Additionally, you can stay in one of the most amazing resorts in the world that stand in the middle of the water. The best resort is ‘Strawberry Hill’. It is located on top of the mountains and gives its tourists a perfect and calm view. Bob Marley is the Jamaican singer known for his music and pioneers of reggae.

There are so many places, historical buildings, and resorts to visit in Jamaica.

  1. Bamboo River Rafting For Couples in the Martha Brae.
  2. Seven Mile Beach
  3. Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park
  4. Dunn’s River Falls
  5. Luminous Lagoon Experience
  6. Heart-shaped Overwater Resorts.
  7. Mystic Mountain
Places to visit in Jamaica

Let’s talk about them one by one. Here we go!

1.       Bamboo River Rafting For Couple in the Martha Brae-

It is one of the best adventures in the forest with your bestie in the diamond-like water. This is located in Clerk Avenué Montego Bay, 21 miles from Montego Bay, about 4 miles from the city, the birthplace of former Jamaican Prime Minister Hugh Shearer. It offers a full ride of entertainment.

Which includes shops, hotels, swimming pool attractions, and restrooms. Before going on a tour, you can also get a guide that will double your adventure. You can find out about Miss Martha’s history by visiting Herb Gardens. Rafting on Martha Bray over forty years complements veteran fleet captains.       

2.       Seven Mile Beach-

It is one of the most eminent beaches in the Caribbean Sea that attracts tourists a lot and known as Negril Beach. You can enjoy a restful sleep by lying on the white sand here. This beach looks great during the sunset and gives tourists a perfect view of nature. Some resorts are also established here with high cliff views.

3.       Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park-

It is a well-known National park in the world. Many species of plants and animals are found here whom you may not even have heard of. To visit the park without guide and safety features is prohibited. The world’s second-largest butterfly is found in this park.

Roads and tracks are not wide and in rain, it gets so tough to ride any type of vehicle here.  As I told you it is known for its ‘cliffs and mountain in Jamaica’.From the top of the peak, you can explore the road of mountains and cliffs.

4.       Dunn’s river fall-

This waterfall itself is a wonderful creation of nature. It is known for its amazing rides which pass through villages, towns, forests. River tubing adventure is a part of its ride too. During the ride, you will explore some rapid rides that will give you goosebumps. People enjoy here by jumping from cliffs and get full enjoyment.

5.       Luminous Lagoon Experience-

Luminous lagoon tour adventure is one of the best in Jamaica. It starts at night. You will see the amazing things in this ride that nature really wants to tell us. This ride will make your friendship with nature. If you are thinking of visiting Jamaica so don’t miss this otherwise you will not be able to know about the wonderful things related to nature. 

6.       Heart-shaped Overwater Bungalows-

The bungalows above water were only seen in Maldives, Bora-Bora but now you will find them in Jamaica too. They are located in Sandals South Coast and Sandals Royal Caribbean locations. These Heart-Shaped Overwater Bungalows had been opened in December 2017.

These are the best heart-shaped designed bungalows for a honeymoon package. They provide excellent service to their customers who are on vacation there. If you want to eat something at midnight, no problem, the service 24/7 is available there.

7.       Mystic mountain-

Do you want to ride in the mountains? Yes, you got it right. There is Mystic Mountain in Jamaica which has a riding facility among the mountains and forest, just like you enjoy on a roller coaster. The only difference is you will ride here on a roller coaster among the mountains that will give you goosebumps. It will be an unforgettable journey.

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