How to Prepare for Salesforce Certification Exams

Salesforce Certification Exams

An increasing number of recruiters are looking for suitable candidates with Salesforce Certification on their resume. The reason is simple. From being a simple automated sales service provider about two decades earlier, Salesforce technologies have been massively adopted by multiple companies and industries across the world today.

As a one-of-its-kind Cloud-based Customer Relations Platform, Salesforce has greatly revolutionized corporate work culture, especially with its customer-centric solutions. If you are thinking of enrolling for a holistic Salesforce Course to achieve Salesforce Certification in your area of expertise, you are definitely paving your path for an outstanding career.

Salesforce Certification Exams

Types of Salesforce Certification Exams

There are different types of Salesforce Certification based on various categories and levels of job functions. Here is an overview of each category:

Salesforce CertificationCategories and LevelsDescription
Salesforce Administrator Certification Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced AdministratorAdministrators focus on user-requirements and extracting maximum from the platform’s capabilities to assist users in all aspects.
Salesforce Developer CertificationSalesforce Certified Platform Application Builder, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 2, Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer, Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer  For software developers keen to specialize in the development and integration of various Salesforce Applications and Platforms. Knowledge of Data Models, User Interface, Business Modules, and Application Security is the minimum requirement. Furthermore specializations include the ability to develop, design, test, and launch various Salesforce Solutions.
Salesforce Architect CertificationSalesforce Integration Architecture Designer, Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer, Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer, Salesforce Platform Application BuilderFor those who possess the required skills, knowledge, and technical acumen for building and designing scalable, secure, and high-performance technological solutions for multi-faceted Salesforce Platforms.
Salesforce Marketer CertificationSalesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email SpecialistFrom configuring marketing cloud products, conducting advanced market segmentation, data configuration, reporting and analytics, to creating streamlined marketing workflows and strategic email marketing campaigns.
Salesforce Consultant CertificationSalesforce Community Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Education Cloud ConsultantIntended for specialists in designated cloud-based services, especially for resolving platform issues, troubleshooting, facilitating smooth implementation, and working on field service operations.

Important Points to Consider for Salesforce Certification

  • You should be willing to put in hard work. Since it is a much-coveted certification, Salesforce has stringent assessment guidelines. A lot of studying, revision, and practice is required.
  • Choosing the right Salesforce Course or Specialization is essential. Seeking professional guidance to prepare for this Salesforce Certification is necessary. Don’t just select any tutorial based on the low Salesforce Certification Cost. Opt for a holistic course that provides proper learning solutions, ample guidance, and good facilities.
  • To climb up the Salesforce Ladder, appearing for maintenance exams is equally important. These are conducted routinely for those who have qualified for the entry-level. The reason is to keep you updated with the fast-evolving platform.
  • Be ready to work on real-world projects, especially in Salesforce Admin Certification and all other certifications pertaining to Customer Service Solutions.
  • To choose the right Salesforce Certification Module, do study the roles and responsibilities of various Salesforce designations first and decide which one you will be adept at.

Tips to Ace the Salesforce Certification Exam

  • Make sure that you go through the study guide thoroughly. It is the basic requirement, which will help you streamline your learning efforts and schedule from the very outset.
  • Opt for an online tutorial or Salesforce course modules that not only provide academic inputs but insightful resources such as video interviews of candidates who have successfully obtained the certification in your area of interest.
  • To adjudge your preparation levels and boost your confidence, ensure that you take at least two to three mock tests before appearing for the exam.
  • Study the exam format thoroughly to understand the type and number of questions, scoring pattern, and presentation requirements, if any.
  • Following a guided learning path is important. Many keen learners tend to get intimidated by the voluminous syllabus. Make use of online learning resources and inputs from like-minded community members.

Benefits of Salesforce Certification

  • Helps you acquire mastery over rapidly expanding, in-demand skill-sets
  • A strategic career move to bag a promotion, pay-hike, or transition to a more lucrative job
  • Heightens your prospects of landing a job overseas
  • Enhances your employability in a highly competitive recruitment scenario
  • Polishes your technical skills and gives you hands-on experience to face new professional challenges confidently
  • High level of versatility/flexibility in choosing roles/designations as per your skills and aptitude


From customized solutions for smarter sales, apps development, and fast business growth assistance to digitally engaging customers, market automation, and delivering world-class customer services from remote locations, Salesforce has indeed transcended global benchmarks of efficiency and excellence. With Salesforce Certification added to your list of qualifications, your professional growth, employment prospects and remuneration package are all bound to soar high!

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