Reasons to Consider Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

Working in Saudi Arabia

The foremost reasons to relocate or start a fresh career in Saudi Arabia are salaried packages and career aspects. Besides the advantage of working in a foreign company, the country is very friendly and welcoming for all people. Here are some amazing reasons to consider living in Saudi Arabia. 

Working in Saudi Arabia


This is the number one reason many people decide to move to Saudi Arabia is the opportunities for financial growth. Don’t have to pay taxes on the salary, this is the greatest advantage because most countries charge up to 40-50% taxes on the earnings. Savings are easy here as salaries are higher than the many countries in the world. 


Starting your career in Saudi Arabia can be tough but it is worth rewarding. Having different overseas experience in Arabic CV shows your ability to work in different countries and new environments. 


It is mostly sunny in Saudi Arabia. In summers it is next to impossible to step out of the home for three to four months, air conditioners are the real savior here.  But it’s very pleasant in the remaining months, you can enjoy leisure time doing swimming on beaches and pool. 


The standard of living in Saudi is far better than the other parts of the world because the cost of living is very low. Hiring workers for help like drivers, maid, gardeners, etc. are very common here. Mostly these things depend on one choice and likes, people enjoy their lifestyle in Saudi.


It lies in the center of the many amazing travel destinations. The busiest airport is merely at two hours flight from Riyadh. Saudi has its own Saudi Airlines, offering top-class comfort and safety. 


Malls are inaugurated daily here, offering world-class brands and a modern luxury experience. E.g. The Mall at Kingdom Centre, built-in Riyadh, offers a substantial shopping experience. 

Food & Drinks

You can experience a fine dining experience and the best quality cuisines. In Saudi, eating out is considered a traditional and cultural experience and it is made available from budget to luxurious range. Arabic food has its style and flavor. An authentic Arabic experience includes shisha and mint tea. 


Apart from having fun and learning about local culture and Arabic hospitality, one will quickly observe that how friendly and welcoming the people of Saudi can be. Saudi Arabia has some amazing landscapes, golden sand like desert forts and mountains and fishes and coral life. 

If you are looking to start a career in Saudi Arabia, start looking for jobs available in Saudi and use your Saudi CV to directly apply for the designation. Many job consultants can help you in getting through all the processes that might be hard for you to understand. 

Recently TCS had opened an all-women Business Process Services. The aim was to generate employment for women in Saudi Arabia. Started with 20 Saudi women and now 500 employees from a variety of nations and still counting.

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