How to Rebrand Your Business in a Simple Way?

Rebrand Your Business

Rebranding can do wonders to your business when it’s done right with proper planning, business goals, and having a clear vision of doing it. There are several reasons why a company needs to rebrand its identity. If you are also planning to rebrand your company or you just want to know more about this transition, we have got you covered.

In this article, we will have a look at how to rebrand your business in the simplest way possible and make the transition smoother for every associated entity. Follow these simple checkpoints to get started with rebranding.

Rebrand Your Business

Why a company needs to rebrand

There could be many reasons behind a company performing a rebranding and the most common reason is declining sales & traction. As new companies enter the business domain with more aggressive pricing, services, or marketing plans, then it is pivotal to think of rebranding and outperform everyone.

Rebranding the company not only helps the business owners to attract both new and existing customers but it also helps companies to enter new domains. The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you are planning for a rebrand? The answer to this question will help you gain more clarity over transforming your brand for your customers and employees; On this note, let’s have a look at important steps to get started:

Determining the current identity and problem set

The first and the most important step, to begin with, is determining your current business identity and what are the issues that you are facing with it. Are the sales declining or there is no coordination among teams or you are making very thin profits as compared to your competitors?

Make a list of all your goals that are associated with the rebranding step. You also need to future out those special and different goals that you want to achieve after the transformation. What makes your current branding insufficient to achieve those business goals? All these questions are important, you need to figure out the answers for them. 

Prepare the change audit documents

Once you figure out your business goals and future-vision linked with rebranding, you need to keep track of the changes that you are making. It’s recommended to set up a small team within your employees who can help you in the rebranding. Jot down all the required changes and what are the things that will replace the old ones.

The changes may include, logo modification, social media accounts improvisation, your business listings might change, your visiting cards, and more. All these small things matter a lot and that is it’s important to note everything and audit them step by step. Divide your audit based on multiple important things like social media changes, official document changes, listing changes, and more.

Customer research

Before you make your changes live, or start the process, do complete and in-depth research on the new customer set and who are those customers. Research for the demographics, geographical data, read market reports to get more insights about the current market trends.

It’s very much critical that you keep in mind your existing customer base while planning the rebranding process. And, it’s always a good practice to inform your existing customer earlier about the transition that you are planning. Deep dive into your analytics and check what are the existing most profit-making processes or services and check how the rebranding process will affect it.

For having better clarity, you can also conduct a small survey in your office and ask for anonymous feedback as your team will be able to give more descriptive suggestions.

Create excitement among the team

It’s time to make your company’s employees your brand ambassadors and make them feel excited about them. Go for some cool t-shirts, badges, stickers, or even mobile covers for your team so that they can flaunt the new brand everywhere they go. The more people will know about your new brand, the more they will search for it online.

Make the changes live

When the changes are about to go live, first, you need to communicate the new changes everywhere. Be it social media, Press Releases, paper ads, social media, PPC ads, or any other preferred format. Make the changes, and start the marketing campaigns for your brand. There are very high chances that more people would be interested in knowing more about the rebranding story. This time is the best for your company to offer more quality services and products to your new and existing customers.

Rebranding can bring a lot of good and profitable returns to your brand when you make sure everything will go as per the plan and you know why you are doing it. You can also take the help of a professional digital marketing company to streamline the process.

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