Best Shoe Shopping Guide for Women

Shoe Shopping Guide for Women
Shoe Shopping Guide for Women

They say “Shoe love is true love”. Well, can anything be more correct? Shoes are not just something to cover and protect your feet, they are a style statement. Shoes are the soul of any attire. Whatever be the outfit, if your shoe game is on point then you can rock your outfit. And then there’s one more thing- there is no such thing as too many shoes.

We all are always searching for that perfect shoe that shouts out our personality perfectly but sometimes we have to make peace with the next best thing. In order to prevent that from happening, you must follow a proper guideline to select your type of footwear. There are certain parameters that lead to getting that oh-so-perfect pair.

We are in luck as there are large numbers of shoes available. From flats, sneakers, mules to pumps, stilettos, and high heeled boots, you can choose whatever goes ideally with your outfit. Of course, before going for the style you should have a look at your feet. The tips that you should consider before going shoe shopping are:

Check out your size

This is, without a doubt, the most important thing. An improper fitting would not only make it uncomfortable for you to wear your shoes but it may also result in certain injury or shoe bites. Every time you go shopping you should have your feet measured, it is advisable to wear socks or tights while measuring to ensure that the shoe will fit properly. If you are shopping online then for measurement place your feet on a white paper, mark the big toe and the heel part on the paper and then measure using a scale.

Check the distance

For offline shopping, when you put on a shoe for trial make sure that there is a little room between your largest toe and the shoe’s front part. Ideally, there should be a space of about the width of your thumb. This will make thing easier for you.

Check the grip

Again one of the important things is to check the grip of your shoes. Everybody’s feet are different; some have narrow feet while some have broad feet, according to the width you should choose which one fits satisfactorily. You should walk around the store in your new pair to make sure that it won’t slip away.

Check the heel

While opting for a well fitting heel you should check the grip of the soul. It should not be too slippery while you are walking. Find a pair of heels that fit you best, there is no need to go for stilettos strictly. Thanks to the fashion industry, there are various heels like kitten heels, wedge heel, platform heels, block heels, peep toe heels, court heels, pumps, cone heels etc. Also, the heel height should be of the sort that you can easily carry. The actress may be able to pull that 6-inch heel pair but it doesn’t mean you should too. Always try to make things easier.

After selecting your ideal fit and heel type the next thing to consider is the type of shoes. The shoe world is filled with various beautiful designs and styles to suit your outfits. But we may get confused as to which style goes with which outfit? In order to answer that mindboggling question, please go through these guidelines on designs:


These are our next best to flip-flops. The comfortable and easy going design keeps our worries at bay. Sneakers can be paired with your everyday jeans and sweats. You can do it with some casual dress or dungarees. The latest trend suggests that they can be worn with maxi dresses or slit dresses, they give you a chic look.

Ankle boots

These are a must-have for every girl; you can never go wrong with a pair of ankle boots and a mini dress or skirts. They suit flawlessly down wait for length jackets or blazers. Skinny jeans and leggings are incomplete without these boots. They give you a sexy look and also make your legs look beautiful.


These are the latest trend in footwear. These have an open back and are often pointed towards the toes. They could be heeled or flat. They are made to cover the instep and usually are strapless. Mules are really a go-to statement for every woman. They can be worn with any attire, but it is advised to wear them during the warm Embellished or embroidered mules make a beautiful pair for the party and various occasions.


This pair is a must-have for summers. All those easy and free to wear dresses find their best companion in gladiator sandals. These are strappy footwear which binds your feet easily and looks absolutely gorgeous. You can choose ankle length or calf length depending on your preference. And you can always play with the colors don’t just stick to brown or black.


If you are looking for a bit of formal design for your daily office wear then you can go for a sleek pair of loafers. These are laceless shoes which have a vamp the covers your toe area. They are usually rounded in the front but you can go for a pointed toe design. These are best for long hours because they are flat and have a comfortable sole. They will go bang on with the trousers and blazers.

Heeled sandals

You can never go wrong with a right pair of heels. They are the style statements in the industry of footwear. You have options like pumps, open-toed heels or stilettos to suit the dress. They go perfectly with almost everything, like banded dresses, party dresses, pencil skirts, jeans or skinny fit trousers, skirts, palazzo, and traditional wear. But you must select the heel height according to your posture and fitting.

So, these were certain recommendations to pick that perfect pair next time you look for it. Make sure to be patient and try different styles before buying the proper one.

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