Sources of Air Pollution Inside Your Home

Air Pollution Inside Your Home
Air Pollution Inside Your Home

Home is, usually, where the heart is. It’s supposed to be your happy place and a safe space. But it can become rather toxic if your indoor air quality is poor due to certain things which are essential sources of air pollution. What are these sources, and how can you improve your indoor air quality?

Let’s find out below: 

Pet peeve 

Animal hair or dander can be an irritant. It may aggravate allergies and cause itchy skin or eyes. Also, it’s a rather unpleasant feeling when this little hair is all over the place and end up in your food.

PVC pipes and appliances can emit toxic fumes or particles which can be harmful to your health and indoor air quality. It helps to choose wisely the materials for your appliances.

Fragrances and candles 

Air fresheners, deodorants contain aerosols which are one of the ingredients of poor indoor air quality. Also, strong cleaning agents can let out fumes that can be toxic over a period of time. Clothes and yourself. One of the easiest ways of getting rid of this is investing in a good quality home air purifier, to improve your indoor air quality.

en aromatic candles that are not organic contribute to indoor air pollution. Replace these with natural variants so that you can breathe healthily. 

Not so magical carpet

 Rugs and carpets collect dust over a period of time. They require regular cleaning or vacuuming. Furniture with suede upholstery also tends to collect dust which can be hard to clean. This dust causes itching in the eyes and skin. Having a good home air purifier can do wonders with regard to improving your indoor air quality.

What’s cooking?

Kitchens that are poorly ventilated can be a source of air pollution. More so if there is the use of woodfire. The carbon monoxide from the burning of fuel can be toxic and cause lung infections. There is also the risk of radon emitting from granite countertops. To prevent these effects, it helps to keep the cooking space ventilated and invest in air filters to purify the air of harmful gases.

Bleaches and more

Cleaning liquids, bleaches can let out toxic gases. Chlorine when mixed with acids like vinegar can let out chlorine gas, which may cause serious health problems. Toilet cleaners when not used sparingly is one of the main sources of air pollution.  

Not so colorful

Paints with chemicals such as lead can be harmful to humans and children. It helps to choose paints that have minimal chemicals and don’t let out pollutants. However, if you don’t have much choice in that regard a home air purifier can come to the rescue. 

In order to improve your indoor air quality, you could always install air filters and clean or change them regularly. You could also clean dander off the furniture and other spaces as much as possible.

Choose organic or natural products for cleaning. Keep a check on the mold and radon in your kitchen and home. With these few simple steps, you can dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

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