Super Cool 5 DIY Birthday Decor Ideas

Birthday Decor Ideas

Do you want to save your time and effort on Birthday decorations? Are you Interested in knowing a way that is easy to handle plus budget-friendly? If yes, then you are in the right place. The DIY Birthday decor idea is the perfect option that you can opt for. 

You can also use DIY to make your cake look awesome. The cake provider will send cakes to your doorstep, and then you can add any DIY to make it more presentable and increase its aesthetics.

When it comes to Birthdays, we all know how much time-consuming the decorations are in real. At the party, even till the last time, one remains engaged in the decorations. But that much involvement in decor can make you give little time to other activities like making the guest list, choosing catering services, making cake, etc. 

In this post, 5 DIY Birthday decor ideas are rounded up for you to make Birthday decorations way too easy to handle. But firstly, let us see what DIY its benefits are.

What is DIY?

DIY is the acronym for Do it Yourself. As the name shows, DIY ideas require you to make the decor items by yourself. You can make, repair or modify any object and can use it for decor under DIY. It is so easy to do and does not take much time & effort.

The benefits of DIY are-

  • The decoration becomes elegant and beautiful.
  • Waste or not so useful things are reused. Hence DIY is environmentally conscious.
  • DIY offers personalized and customizable decor.

What are 5 DIY Birthday decor ideas? 

1. Decor with confetti glasses 

Either you want to decor the tables or the corner of your home, the best way to do this is by confetti glasses. The glasses having glitters and a candle inside will provide the Birthday venue a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Whatever guests will come, they will compliment you for the decor a hundred and ten percent. But one needs to keep in mind that they do not use the required item overly. A balanced decor will be enough to lighten and brighten the Birthday party vibes.

2. Make the birthday candles unique.

Decorating the candles that you will put on the cake will change the unique look of your cake. If you are familiar with cake making process, then you can make it by yourself. But if you do not know, you can opt to order cake online. The service provider will send cakes online.

But before choosing a reliable cake provider, do check their authority and previous works. Ordering anyone to send cakes is not feasible. Thereby, when choosing someone’s service, get an idea about them.

For candle decoration, you can do bordering of it with any glitters and jewels. Keeping candles bare makes the cake look simple. But a little DIY will make the cake elegant and exquisite. As the proverb says, look makes a difference. In the same way, the cake with styled candles will look more attractive and tasty.

3. Make balloons glittery

At the Birthday party, using balloons for decoration are normal. The balloons make the decor look more stylish and customized.

But you can make the balloons more interesting. Want to know how? Well, by adding the glitters inside the Balloons. The glitters will instantly glorify the balloon’s look and will brighten the whole Birthday venue.

4. Use ribbon Chandelier decor.

In the Birthday venue, you can make every nook and cranny more exquisite. Ribbon Chandelier can help you with this. You can take some ribbons of different colors and can hang them on any object or, with the help of glue, make them stick to the walls.

The ribbons will create a wonderful look, making the space more colorful and vibrant.

5. Colored water-based glass decor

One can use glass and water to create a welcoming mood. You only need to take a glass, and fill it with water. But make sure you fill the glass half. In the half-filled glass, add some coloring.

You can create a 3 by 3 pattern, like add three different colors in three glasses, making a blue, pink, and green configuration. Then again repeat, blue, pink, and green. Give a final touch by adding some flowers to the glasses.

Final note

By using these DIY ideas, you can make the Birthday party look great. One does not need to do everything DIY. You can pick up the required DIY ideas that are suitable for you. You can ask the cake provider for candle decor if he can do that and send cakes  in time.

A small DIY regarding the “Thank You card” will also be great. Take cards and write a Thank You note on them and provide them to guests when leaving. It will bring smiles to everyone’s faces and make the Birthday lifetime memorable.

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