Tips To Select The Best Garden Turf

garden turf
garden turf

While choosing a turf for a home lawn, several factors come into play. A garden turf is much different from a one used for bowling or sports. The market has a wide variety of garden turfs. With so many different options available, people tend to get confused about which one to buy. Here is a brief description of the popular types of turf preferred for a garden to make it easier for the buyers.

The Types Of Garden Turf

There is no single ‘best’ garden turf that one can point at. Based on the customer’s budget, preference, and mowing habit, they can select a turf that would best fulfil their needs.

Garden lawn turf

This type of turf is best for customers who are on a budget. It is available at pocket-friendly rates. Once it is established, it is low-maintenance too. It does not require a strict lawn care regime. There are only two things to take care of – regular feeding and not removing more than 1/3rd of the length in one cut. It is preferred by families who are active lawn users – little kids, pet dogs, etc. The garden lawn turf can withstand heavy usage and does not wear down quickly.

In the event that you can’t cut double seven days in spring and summer, pick a turf that will be content with a more easygoing consideration system (know however, that grass care truly has a drawn out impact on your yard’s appearance. In the event that the grass is pushed and loses condition it might take a little while for it to re-visitation of its previous greatness)

Jubilee turf

The highlight of this type of turf is the aesthetic look it carries. Customers who focus on getting an immaculate look generally go for the jubilee turf. One must religiously follow a lawn care regime for the turf to last for years. Home gardeners love to use the jubilee turf for their manicured gardens.

It’s especially attractive and yet, it’s hardwearing enough to adapt to typical ordinary use. Ideal for manicured gardens where the grass sets off the tasteful of the entire property.

With a reasonable grass care system, your set up Jubilee Turf will look awesome for a long time to come.

Species-rich turf

For those looking for a low maintenance turf must opt for this one. It is suitable for both gardens and kids’ play. A lawn made with species-rich turf would require regular mowing – a few times per month is recommended.

How to choose Garden Turf?

Apart from knowing the varieties of garden turf available, one must also consider the following factors before proceeding to buy one.

A high-quality luxury turf would be the best choice for people who have the time and interest to tend to their turf. One must also never select a bowling or sports turf for a residential space as maintenance would be almost impossible. Stick to the types of turf specially made for home gardens. The primary factors to consider include – budget, the time necessary for maintenance, the purpose of paving the lawn (ornamental look, rough and tough use)

A few best practices

Irrespective of the type of garden turf that a customer chooses, some best practices are to incorporate while getting a new lawn. As a potential customer

it is a good idea to be aware of these practices:

  • Prepare the soil

Anything can last long only when it is laid out on a strong foundation. In this case, the soil serves as a foundation. Make sure that the soil is even and smooth before the turf is laid out.

  • Do not disturb the lawn.

Walking on the turf as soon as it is laid out will not give enough time to root well. Thus, any disturbance must be avoided.

  • Keep it hydrated

A newly laid-out turf should not be allowed to go dry. Supply enough water to the lawn for support during the rooting period.

  • Mow gradually

Do not mow the grass down to the desired height in the first mow itself. Keep a fairly good height for the first few rounds and gradually decrease the subsequent mows’ height.

Things to remember

Even a low-maintenance lawn needs some care and upkeep. Therefore, one cannot ignore maintenance and expect it to last long. The first few weeks when the lawn is new are the most important. People generally invest a lot in their garden turf. Thus, it would be good to include best practices to maintain garden turf well.

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