Top 10 Elements Of A Good Play School

Elements of a Good Play School
Elements of a Good Play School

Children are the most delicate human beings. While young, they tend to explore everything that comes before them. As a parent, reading stories for vacations and buying them many is one thing but enrolling them in a playschool is another.

Playschools are the first steps for children to learn and enhance social development. They are lively and fun ways of introducing children to various activities. Before taking your child to a playschool, you need the elements to land you into a good play school. Let’s check them out.

Now let us look at the things that make for a good play school! 

1) The Classroom Environment

As said earlier, children are delicate creatures. They need total care every minute that’s why the school environment is an essential element of a good playschool. Additionally, the classroom atmosphere should be conducive, friendly, and joyful with areas that offer different activities.


  • Playing equipment such as building toys, child arts on the wall, Sizeable table, and chairs.
  • Delineated Areas like mini-library. 
  • Books and art supplies.

Furthermore, you can ask the teachers about the amount of time spent in centres and group activities.

2) Safety

Safety plays a vital role in playschool to protect the children. It should not pose physical risks to the children. Before settling for a particular playschool, check on the risky things like chemicals stored in cabinets, a display of fire safety station, a professional process of entering and exiting the premise, Tall furniture on walls, basic standards of cleanliness, and lastly, open water bodies such as pools and full bathtubs. Additionally, look for CCTV cameras to ensure no unauthorised persons are entering the school. 

3) Academics

Academics are essential for a child; it can be risky at an early age. At this primitive age, academics should be administered through creative activities and discoveries. The right school should provide academic skills by creating and explaining patterns, playing with building materials, playing games that require counting, prompting students to predict, minimal use of learning, and explore an idea.

As a parent, find out the curriculum – remember a Montessori curriculum will help children become more inquisitive than other playschool curricula. 

4) Social Development and Discipline

Social development has a vital role in a child. They help children interact efficiently with their peers and also socialize with other peers. A right preschool should have charted on the walls to help kids familiarize themselves with feelings, a calm place for upset children to relax and unwind.


  • No corporal punishment
  • Dealing with misbehaviours without shouting to the children
  • Punishment using minimal exclusive tactics.

5) Teachers

A teacher’s work guides academics and provides tools for dealing with strong feelings and classroom behaviour. A good playschool should have a teacher observing students while they watch and open-ended questions. Students are getting busy, and teachers prompting students to resolve disputes by settling their differences.


  • A teacher asking open-ended questions
  • Children being offered gestures by reaching out to them through hugs.
  • Teacher maintaining on eye-level while talking to kids

6) Good Reputation

Good playschool should have a positive reputation. A school with a good reputation should be trusted with the kids left behind. In case of doubt, ask for a recommendation from family, friends, or colleagues.

7) Hygiene and Cleanliness

Hygiene and cleanliness are among the critical elements of a good playschool. A right playschool should not expose kids to health risks. When children are exposed to a new environment different from their home, they can get exposed to infections.

To ensure that the school focuses on cleanliness and hygiene, visit the school to determine if the school facilities are clean.

8) Transport

Another element of a good playschool is the mode of transport. While some schools provide transport to and from, others require students to cater to their transportation. A right school should encourage parents to teach their children the basic road rule.

9) Facilities 

The joy and comfort of learning are possible only with enough facilities and the right environment. Therefore, children love colourful and exciting things, a play school that has the right tools for teaching and learning.

10) Life-compatible Logistics

The right play school should meet the needs of your lifestyle if you have any. Ensure that it has an affordable tuition fee, transport fees, operating hours, the school calendar concerning your schedule. This will free you from the stress of expenses and give you time to work on other things concerning life.

Early childhood education has benefits that bring a lot of great positive feedback. There are many types of playschools running in the city. But choosing a better one for your toddler can be challenging and difficult. If you are finding it hard to find the right playschool in Bangalore for your child, don’t panic. Consider the elements mentioned above to assist you in identifying the right school.

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