Top 5 Ingenious Inventions for Disabled People

inventions for disabled

Most of the tech companies create products by considering the needs and requirements of the customers ranging from items such as smartphones, operating systems, applications, tablets for specific market demand. While on the other hand, now several companies are focusing on the people living with disabilities. They are trying to create adaptive devices so they can live a better life. Such technology is known as assistive technology. The list of the products can be anything that makes the task of an individual with a disability easier.

A wide number of cool technical pieces are available in the market. There are some pragmatic inventions such as cars that are designed for wheelchair users, some gadgets designed for the science fiction, robotic vacuum cleaners and so on. 

Have a look at these technologies that will make you and your family members’ life easier who are disabled.

1.    Electric car

inventions for disabled

Though wheelchair users are driving cars for several years every year, several modifications and adaptations have been done for more accessibility. But there is a big advantage to this. Wheelchair users have to collapse their wheelchairs to transfer them into the vehicle which is very time-consuming as well as difficult for the disabled person. 

But having spent the whole life on the wheelchair is daunting, this electric car offers them the independence to go out and to see the world on their own. It offers them independence in this busy world where no one has time for each other.

A small electric car can go up to 25 miles per hour therefore, a disable person can go around in the town and can enjoy outdoor activities but still, it is not a good option to take this on the busy highways.

2.     Smart keyboards

inventions for disabled

Now people who are limited to use their hands can also operate a computer or a keyboard. There is a laser pointer on his glasses or headband that selects the keys on the custom stand-up keyboard. It allows people with disabilities to commute while lessening fatigue. Several smart keyboard types for disabled people are available.

3.    Mobility scooters

inventions for disabled

Mobility scooters are lifesavers for all the disable peoples who can’t walk at long distances. Mobility scooters are not like other medical devices making it great fun for outdoor toys. Now, disabled people can enjoy outdoor shopping as well as outdoor events. It has brought new excitement to the lives of the disable people offering independence to all the disable people once again. Now they can become independent and can go out without the help of their friends, family members or neighbors. It is a great invention for all the disabled people so that they can start a new life once again.

4.    The piano can be played with eyes

inventions for disabled people

A piano is available that can be played using eyes so people with the hand disability can enjoy playing piano without using their hands or arms. There is an eye-tracking device mounted on the head of the disabled person that allows them to select the keys to produce a specific sound. They can also play the piano using their eyesight, head movements or the blinking of the keys. The piano contains sensors that sense the movements and produce sounds according to the movements.

5.    Several mobile applications

There are several mobile applications are present for disable persons to make their daily life easier and better. Some apps are life-changing apps for disabled people. Like assistive apps give voice to the people who can’t speak therefore they can express themselves in a better and in an effective way. It allows people to participate in conversations. These applications feature word predictions to make the typing fast.

There are also smart applications present that help people suffering from autism. These apps help them to maintain eye contact with the parent and the guardian so they can know their emotions towards them.

Apart from these, several applications have been developed by several companies to make the life of disabled people easier. Other devices are also available there that makes the life of the disabled people easier such as there is a device that can teach the tongue to hear sounds and so on. All you have to do is just search the right tool and technique that will overcome your disability and will make your life easier. Some devices can be used by both the disable as well as normal people to complete their everyday tasks such as robotic vacuum cleaners. 

At last, tech companies want to give a better, easier as well as normal life to disable persons so they can live just like all other normal people. With each passing day, new and innovations are made by the companies to help disabled people. So check out the above given tools and make your life easier.

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