Trendy Cruises Around the World

Top 7 Trendy Cruises Around the World

Are you ready to board the cruise ship and see the world? You’ll gain a completely new perspective of wonderful destinations from the deck of the ship. Cruises are places where romantic, group or family adventures begin. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the wonders of the world in a completely new way!

Do you already have an idea where you’d like to go? If not, don’t worry. We’ve prepared the top 7 trendy cruises around the world that will make you stand and watch in awe. Make sure to check them all out, you won’t regret it!

Trendy Cruises Around the World

1. Cruise with Greek gods

Would you like to travel back in time and learn the interesting story about ancient Greek gods that are described in so many myths across the world? Filled with architectural wonders and gorgeous beaches, Greece is one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world!

Wherever you decide to go to Greece, you won’t make a mistake. Every city, town and destination have their unique charm that attracts many tourists, especially during the summer. Known for its whitewashed towns, Santorini is definitely the most popular place you’ll see. 

2. The eighth wonder of the world

Even though a lot of the world’s destinations are known as the eighth wonder of the world, they are usually not as impressive as this one. Rudyard Kipling also known as Milford sounds was discovered by Maori people over 1000 years ago! What makes it so impressive is the ethereal beauty you can’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Ideal for landscape lovers and romantic couples, this cruise will provide you with a magical experience in South Island’s Fjordland National Park. Sailing through the steep, glacier-carved ships to fabulous waterfalls, you’ll see the New Zealander nature at its finest. Don’t forget to bring your camera to perpetuate these stunning sceneries.

3. Indulge in zoological wonderland

Have you always wanted to see unique wildlife in person? Then choose the cruise that takes you to the heart of the Malay Archipelago where the third largest island in the world awaits to be explored. Borneo is a magical cruise for all adventurists who can’t wait to set their foot in the ancient rain forest and take photographs of interesting wildlife. 

On this 10-day cruise, you’ll make unforgettable memories with your entire family. This trip is perfect for your teens as it brings novelty and adventure into their lives. When traveling with teens make sure to be flexible and check out all the things that might interest them, such as funny orangutans or diverse marine life with colorful corals.

4. Explore the land down under

We can agree that traveling around the globe on a cruise can be a bit tiring if you can’t choose what you’ll like to see. However, one of the Australian biggest cities- Sydney, has to offer you a comprehensive experience where you get to choose the type of cruise you’d like to go on!

From fantastic lunch and dinner cruises, over discovery and party ones to the whale watching experience, you can try them all! Sydney cruises are suitable for families with children, corporations, couples and friends. Hop on and experience an unforgettable adventure while learning something new about this extraordinary city and its surrounding.

5. Tropical paradise

If you don’t like commercial cruises such as Hawaii and Maldives, you definitely need to check out one of Africa’s most renowned islands- Madagascar. Sailing through the Indian ocean and approaching this magnificent island, you’ll be greeted by dense forests and awe-spiring volcanos. Beware! Some of the volcanos are still active!

Madagascar is one of the rare places where European, Middle Eastern and African cultures collide into one divergent and unique civilisation of distinctive cuisine, fashion and language. It’s one of the best tropical destinations in the world. You can sunbathe on pristine beaches, swim amongst the vibrant corals, or explore the forests and get to know their famous habitats- lemurs!

6. Relish your inner peace

It’s time to rest your body and soul in the Norwegian wonderland. Sailing by the cascading waterfalls and majestical rolling mountains, Norwegian Fjords are ideal for bringing back your inner peace and calming your mind from the stressful world. This all-year-round cruise has to offer a brand-new world to its guests.

During the summer, you’ll listen to the peaceful gliding of your ship through deep, clear water while looking at the picturesque fisherman’s villages as you cruise past. Greenery and fresh air will truly create magnificent memories on this unhurried cruise. On the other hand, during the winter you’ll get a chance to see majestic and otherworldly northern lights. What a unique experience!

7. The land of rising Sun

You may be surprised that Japan is in this top 7 lists, but it’s extremely trendy and popular amongst people from all over the world. Famous for its original culture and delicious food, Japan is definitely worth visiting. So, what will you see?

You’ll rarely find a more versatile cruise. From scenic countryside to mesmerizing crowds of Tokyo, you’ll get to taste a little bit of everything, especially sushi! Don’t miss the cherry trees blossom season and don’t forget to visit magnificent temples, lakes and mountain retreats. This extraordinary country will leave you breathless and yearning for more!


These are the top 7 must-go cruises around the world. Which one is your favorite? Don’t waste time and see the world by hopping on trendy and luxurious cruise ships that will take you to some of the most magnificent places in the world!

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